Yakuza 4 Trophy Guide

Our Yakuza 4 Trophies guide lists every Trophy for this and PS3 open-world action game and tells you how to get them. PLAYSTATION 3 TROPHIES LIST Earn Bronze (33), Silver (6), Gold (9) or Platinum (1) Trophies to increase your Gamer Level. History Buff (Bronze) – View all Reminiscences from YAKUZA to YAKUZA 3. Yakuza 4 Trophy Guide. Difficulty:. A third-person action title in an open-world and a direct sequel to the 2009 Yakuza 3. While three full playthroughs are required, the lack of a mini-game completion trophy marks this Platinum as slightly easier than its predecessor.

Step 2: Finish all Side Missions, find all Collectibles (Secrets Collector Skill)After you finish the main story you gain access to some more side missions, and can go around to each district completing the activities in whichever order you wish as they’re made available to you. For working on collectibles it would be highly advised to unlock the “Secrets Collector” skill under the Mind tree as soon as you are able, as this marks every collectible on the minimap and makes getting them much easier. Do this before you finish all side missions.

The side missions will take you back through basically every area again multiple times, so you can combine them with grabbing the collectibles. Step 3: Clean up Miscellaneous Trophies, grind Weapon Kills and MoneyOnce you have all side missions completed and have found all collectibles the only remaining thing for you to do will be to clean up various miscellaneous trophies, and the lengthy task of grinding a large number of kills for weapon masteries, far past what you would get through regular play. You also need a very large amount of money to purchase all improved weapon upgrades on top of the kills with each. Once you have finally finished these you will have earned the platinum.

Info about Collectibles and “Secrets Collector” abilityCollectibles for the game all need to be picked up for trophies, and there are a total of 277 across the 6 different categories. They are all tracked in the “Collectibles” tab of the touchpad menu.

They are each numbered and divided by area, but they aren’t always in an obvious order per area so you can’t explicitely use the order to find the ones you’ve missed in relation to progression in an area. They do say which area each is in though when they haven’t been picked up and you have been to that area, so they are easy to cleanup.“Secrets Collecter” is an ability you can buy from the Mind skill tree once you reach level 30 and have purchased the prior skills in the tree. This makes every collectible item appear on the map as the below example:Collectibles for trophies are marked with the Star icon. Supply Crates which are marked with the Crate icon. Each icon displays regardless of how far away vertically you are from it in the area, and they display an arrow showing whether they are above or below you.

This along with the above collectible tracking make cleaning these all up very easy, so a collectible guide is not needed for this game. You will have to go through each area multiple times for side missions, so it would be recommended to buy the “Secrets Collector” ability as soon as you can so you don’t need to run around searching for these after doing all side missions. You will be awarded this trophy during the cutscene that plays after you make your way through Lab X.Plain sightEnter the Lab X.Story related and cannot be missed.After completing the three Brother location raids some story stuff will happen, then you’ll be tasked with getting into Lab X. You go back through Riverside, to a large gate, then are taken to the area Siegturm Plaza. Once you go through the hidden entrance to an elevator into the lab you are awarded this trophy.World’s best DadMeet up with your father.Story related and cannot be missed.You’ll make your way through Lab X until you get to the room where you have to kill two commanders for computer keys. Once you kill them, two more large robots will spawn into the room along with a large number of other enemies.


Defeat them all and go through the door with the keys, then you’ll earn this trophy.Among friendsLink up with the resistance.Story related and cannot be missed.This trophy is unlocked when you complete the second story mission and reach the catacombs.Airship downDefeat Winkler.Story related and cannot be missed.This trophy is unlocked when you complete the first story mission after killing General Winkler.ExplorerOpen 200 supply crates.Supply crates are the Yellow crates with White or Black highlights that can be found all over the environment. They give you either 50 or 100 silver coins respectively, along with XP when you open them.

If you have the Secrets Collector ability to have collectibles appear on the minimap they will be marked with a crate symbol if they are currently unopened. There might not be 200 total through the whole game, BUT they reset to being closed and able to be opened again after 24 hours, so you are able to open them multiple times. There isn’t a way to track how many you have opened, so you just need to continually open these until you earn the trophy.Expert explorerOpen all red supply crates.Red Supply crates are what actually give you the “Concepts” collectible shown in the collectible menu. These crates have a keypad on them, and to open them you must first find a floppy disk in the current area, then decode it to learn what the passcode for the crates are.

There are 25 total of these throughout the game, and they are marked with a star on the minimap with the “Secrets Collector” ability, unlike the supply crates which are marked with the crate icon.TributeObtain the souvenir from Dunwall.This is a unique easter egg collectible that is only found in one location in the game. To get it, go to the Victory Boulevard after you have obtained the Dieselkraftwerk weapon, because you need it to open the door. From the starting metro spot in this area head forward and into the building in front of you, then up the stairs to the top floor. Proceed forward here, then on your left there will be a door to blow open with the Dieselkraftwerk. On a table in this room you’ll find the Dishonored Rune, which awards the trophy. AudiophileFind all Cassette Tapes.Cassette Tapes are a collectible that look like various colors of 3 spool cassettes. There are 41 total of these throughout the game to find, and they are marked on the minimap with a star when you have the “Secrets Collector” ability.LibrarianFind all Readables.Readables are a collectible that can look like a folded newspaper, a notepad, a book, or a letter.

There are 80 total of these throughout the game to find, and they are marked on the minimap with a star when you have the “Secrets Collector” ability.HackerFind all Floppy Disks.Floppy Disks are a collectible that you find through the game that look like a large 3.5″ Floppy Disk. These are then placed into Floppy Terminals to learn useful information such as codes to unlock the Red Crates. There are 34 total of these throughout the game to find, and they are marked on the minimap with a star when you have the “Secrets Collector” ability.3-DFind all 3D glasses.3D Glasses are a collectible that you find throughout the game that look like a standard pair of red and blue lensed 3D glasses.

There are 72 total of these throughout the game to find, and they are marked on the minimap with a star when you have the “Secrets Collector” ability. Note that some of the ones in the Catacombs area won’t appear until you reach specific points in the story, so you can’t get these all immediately.BankerFind 60,000 coins.Silver Coins are the currency used to buy weapons upgrades and suit and weapon skins. You gain them by picking them up off the ground, from defeating enemies, opening crates, and from finishing missions. 60,000 is a lot of coins, but you need more than this to buy all weapon upgrades.

You can view your total number of coins collected so far under the General heading in the STATISTICS menu.Dark DaysEnter all Undergrounds.Undergrounds are side areas attached to the main areas, that either connect them to different areas (such as the ones between the main districts and the brother districts) or are just for side missions and loop back on themselves. While completing all missions for Partisan you will have to go in every Underground area, so you don’t need to specifically go out of your way for this.CinephileFind all UVK Covers.UVK Covers are a collectible that looks like an old plastic VHS case.

There are 25 total of these throughout the game to find, and they are marked on the minimap with a star when you have the “Secrets Collector” ability.One woman armyAchieve mastery level 10 with all weapons.Mastery level is basically a level you attain with each weapon based on the number of kills you perform with each weapon. Each level gives a damage bonus, then you need to reach a new kill total for the next level. These totals are cumulative though so you don’t start over each level. For example level 1 is 40 kills, then level 2 is 80, but it still counts the first 40 kills into that total of 80. You can view your current mastery level with each weapon along with the kills needed to reach the next level in the Weapons menu. This trophy requires 5450 kills total from all weapons to achieve, and will likely be the last thing you do along with all weapon upgrades.The best way to grind most weapons is either running around in the Little Berlin district over and over, or replaying the first story mission as that mision is basically all unarmored human enemies.GunslingerAchieve mastery level 10 with the Pistole.The Pistole is one of the weapons you start outwith, it’s a basic pistol that can be dual wielded once you have the skill for that.

It can be fitted with a suppressor so is good if you are trying to be stealthy while working through an area. For mastery levels each level takes 40 kills, for a total of 400 to reach level 10.ChopperAchieve mastery level 10 with the Sturmgewehr.The Sturmgewehr is one of the two primary weapons you can start with. It’s the basic assault rifle, good against most enemies and with plentiful ammo around for it. For mastery levels each level takes 60 kills, for a total of 600 to reach level 10.A cloud of leadAchieve mastery level 10 with the Kugelgewehr.The Kugelgewehr is one of the two primary weapons you can start with. It’s the basic shotgun, good for taking out lightly armored enemies quickly, but not good in this game for heavy enemies for the most part.

For mastery levels each level takes 60 kills, for a total of 600 to reach level 10.Electric feelAchieve mastery level 10 with the Elektrokraftwerk.The Elektrokraftwerk is obtained inside the laboratory area in Brother 3. There is a locked room with large windows you are told to get into to obtain it. To do this jump up on the structure just beside and go into the vent to enter this room.The gun by default shoots a continuous stream of electricity that can chain between enemies. For mastery levels each level takes 40 kills, for a total of 400 to reach level 10.Dust to dustAchieve mastery level 10 with the Laserkraftwerk.The Laserkraftwerk is obtained inside the prison area in Brother 1. The easy way to get it is just having the skill to hold on to Heavy weapons, then shooting the door leading to it with a Laserhammer. If you don’t have that yet you have to take the long way around by jumping on to the light, then up to the scaffold above and going through the vent. Unbelievable, I solved it!

But I don’t understand how it is possible OoI hope my English is okSoFirst of all I always killed the “laser-supersoldaten” enemy in the area just outside the “Political Detention Area 4, South Side” subway.Second thing: it counted me the killing only if the enemy was just at the beginning, this only happens when the playing area appears BEFORE the loading percentage exceeds 97%, if it reaches 98 or 99 it doesn’t work. So I opened the game application and re-opened it.Third thing: spam R3 for the whole animation of the kill.Fourth thing: No one ever saw me DURING the killing animation.If one of these things doesn’t happen, the killing didn’t count me.I hope I don’t have problems with 100% or I break everything 🙂.SilentLuIIaby says. Partisan is NOT completely glitched. I was able to get the trophy on my second playthrough. I played offline all the time and did not talk to Abby for challenges. What i believe happens is that the quests have a checkpoint system (Like Fallout games) and if you skipped one but still completed the quest it will not count as.complete. For example, while going to one of the brothers there is a side mission that asks you to collect something right before the gate to the brother.

The first time i grabbed it, went to catacombs and turned it in. When going back to said brother I DID NOT go through the underground, because i hated the underground’s darkness and instead went through the main brother’s door. Now the quest shows that i copleted it but in reality that check box for going through the underground’s gate is still blank. Same thing might happen to online people if someone has completed parts of the quest before they join they may be missing those check boxes when the quest is completed.

On my second playthrough i clicked a quest from the catacombs and saw it completed step by step all the way through and went back to the catacombs to choose another when the one i was working one was completed. End game quest is still there, i am missing one tutorial (from the stage you can’t replay by yourself) and collectibles are not all 100% yet and the trophy still popped as soon as i turned in my last side quest. Hopefully after patch 1.0.5 getting the platinum will be a little easier.In our 1.0.5 update, we are working to address a host of game difficulty and progression issues based on your feedback. This includes:. Additional checkpoints. Difficulty adjustments across the board, especially in boss fights. Addressing the feeling some players have expressed that some enemies feel like “bullet sponges”.

Yakuza 4 Trophy Guide

Adding additional ammo throughout the game. An option to toggle enemy health bars on/off. Making it easier to get 100% game completion. I know I’m super late on playing this, but just wanted to point out to anyone other noobs that it seems that the “See my vest” trophy ONLY applies to actual armor suit skins, not helmets. So you’d have to buy the first/cheapest four suit skins, as your starting skin counts towards the 5. The trophy detail above says you can buy two of each, which did not work for me.

I’m not expecting an edit 2 1/2 months later, just wanted to make any new readers aware before they think it’s glitched.Every other trophy has come exactly as stated. Thanks for the guide, as always.