Warlords Of Aternum Sky Arch

The game was previously called Warlords, but you won’t lose your account info or progression in the game with the update which brings new features and extra content. InnoGames bought the Warlords from Wonga studio in 2016, and only a year later they relaunched the game under the name Warlords of Aternum. InnoGames has more than 200 million registered players which makes it one of the biggest and leading developers worldwide.Warlords of Aternum is a game you can play when you feel like it, without being overly obsessed with it. However, it’s addictive, and you can easily start playing it for more than two hours in one sitting. Since evil conquered the land of Aternum, it is your task to build an army and save it. You start as the warlord of the city of Dewport and start building your army from there.

Download Warlords of Aternum App 0.85.4 for iPad & iPhone free online at AppPure. Get Warlords of Aternum for iOS - Turn-based strategy battles latest version. EPIC STRATEGY. Mar 12, 2020  DOWNLOAD APK MOD. Warlords of Aternum (MOD, Unlimited Money) Meet your enemies on the battlefield, and put your tactics to the test. Recruit, train and build your army to battle and conquer every opponent in this turn-based strategy game.

The goal is to destroy all the enemies that are on your land which involves fighting on the hexagonal maps and using a turn-based system. The colorful ensemble of charactersYou can choose between Dewport Guard which is led by Gillie the Cook and an experienced militia. Rough Riders under the command of Taras Arath are the fierce cavalry regiment once used to protect farms. Kaylinn Alloanor and her Savant Mages come straight from the Sky Arch to fight the vicious Orcs. However, you will also have powerful allies in the ogre Toom-Pah and his Bunch of Happy Ogres, as soon as you earn his trust and bit T’rut the Devious.On the other hand, Royal Pikes also offer heroes led by female warrior Pelagia that can defeat mounted enemies and take out targets that are a bit far reaching by swards. Another female warrior Lela leads archers all the way from western mountains to join the fight and defeat the Brigands.Of course, King’s Guard is still here although the king was lost and they are more determined than ever to fight for the people and protect them against evil under the command of their fearless leader Dagmund. Maiden’s Faeries decided to join the forces of good and come out of hiding so they can help the warriors with their healing magic.

Elite Archers are another regiment that is dedicated to protecting the people lead by the master thief with the bounty on her head Vivienne Delago of Caenfort.When it comes to Orcs, you are up against a dangerous bunch. Rebel galaxy console commands. T’rut the Devious’ Brigade is responsible for Orc attacks, but when you defeat him, you will find Shards. Grubak’s Horde is attacking the refugees escaping the destructions in Dunmar, so make sure you take him out to create safe passage for the people. Look for the Dark Shamans, since they’re responsible for mental and physical corruption in Dunmar.A simple yet fun gameWarlords of Aternum is free to download but you can also purchase items for real money in-game, although you can remove this feature in the settings. You can compete in PvP battles against other players from its vibrant community and even make it to the leaderboards.You will use strategy to defeat enemies, like planning attacks and managing units based on their attack power, the game is relatively simple to play.

Manor church toddler gym. Every group has specific damage it can withstand and cause, so although you will use math to calculate your moves, it won’t be anything too complicated or exhausting. And that is what makes this game so much fun and entertaining. While you expect that strategy MMORPG would be more demanding and give you a headache, Warlords of Aternum is a thrill to play.Your army will still depend on your choices just as in any strategy RPG, and sometimes you will think hard about the decisions you are about to make. But the game even considered that as though the developer didn’t want to burden the players inexperienced with this sort of genre and gameplay. Thus, you will build your army one step at a time and be able to observe your progression analytically. The city of Dewport needs youI enjoyed playing Warlords of Aternum and the thing that made this experience even better was that my dad could play it too. And this is why I would recommend this game to everyone even the people like my dad who still believe that Zuma is the ultimate game.

So, start playing today and let’s save those innocent people of Aternum from the evil that engulfed their land.

Warlords of Aternum (MOD, Unlimited Money) Meet your enemies on the battlefield, and put your tactics to the test. Recruit, train and build your army to battle and conquer every opponent in this turn-based strategy game.Collect and recruit dozens of units to turn your regiments from a handful of militia into a steeled fighting force. Equip and customize each unit, develop weapons and armor, and master game-changing abilities.Warlords of Aternum Strategy Game: Compete in intense PVP battles against the Warlords of Aternum community and climb to the top of the leaderboards.

Do you have what it takes to become a true WarlordWhat’s New:You can now use the new, improved Event Log!Instead of the old Battle Log, you can now see a much more information-rich Event Log! It will inform you about important occurrences, such as alliance changes (joining or leaving members), PvE updates (Sky Arch or Dewport being ready for collection), Invasions and more!We have discovered and fixed a problem that made entering the game impossible for some players.

Everything works as expected again!Happy liberating, Warlords!How to install:. Download the Warlords of Aternum Game File. Then Install the Apk Mod File. Have a nice play.