Viewtiful Joe Gamecube Iso

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Viewtiful joe ps2 iso
  • Publisher:
  • US, EU, JP
  • Genre:
  • 7th Oct 2003 (USA)
    24th Oct 2003 (UK/EU)
    26th Jun 2003 (JPN)

Known as a side-scrolling game set by Gamecube, the “Viewtiful Joe” game offers players a unique series of traditional 2D platform sets with 3D cel-shaded graphics. Step into the game “Viewtiful Joe” players will discover the mysterious stories around the character Joe, whom you will be incarnated to complete the game missions. You will be given a special V-watch system to turn into a tokusatsu character and 10 hearts to show your life to fight the Jadow villain in Movieland. Your task is to fight the enemies arranged in the play area to be able to rescue Silvia. In parallel with the process of destroying the enemy, you also have to collect in-game items to solve platform puzzles.

Players will have limited use of the Morphine lifeline. If triggered, a cutscene will play out where the hospitalized Violette convulses and is administered a dose of morphine by a military nurse. Velvet assassin walkthrough. Once returning to the game, the game world will temporarily freeze, giving the player the opportunity to execute any remaining enemies.

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