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Genre(s)Strategy, Combat, Wargaming

Vega Conflict is an online multiplayer game developed by Kixeye.


Upgraded Base Plates based on the Altairian's Resonant Armor. Runescape 3 ge. ” — In-Game Description.

Vega Conflict is an online MMORTS set in space. The player can choose to fight NPC or real players to gain resources and blueprints.[1] The XP is used to rank up on the leader board. The game includes a variety of classes, such as frigates, corvettes, cruisers, destroyers, battleships, cutters, and specialists. 8 tiers of factions are in the game, each with their different ship classes. Galaxies are the dividing blocks in Vega Conflict since fleets are unable to warp between them. However, the outpost can be relocated between galaxies every 24 hours. Some events will periodically occur in which players can participate for prizes.


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Contents.Dealing Damage What deals damage?In VEGA Conflict, the vast majority of damage is dealt. These can be mounted on a hull or a base module. If you want to understand how weapons work, there is an entire article dedicated to it.The secondary damage source includes squadrons and wings, for hulls and base modules respectively. These are arguably also classified as weapons. However, squadrons/wings are more than just weapon projectiles: they are basically mini-ships. Each squadron/wing has its own health and fuel bar, and can deal damage over time as long as it is active.

The DPS (Damage Per Second) dealt during combat is equal toCombat DPS = Listed DPS. Current Health / Max.

Era of celestials warrior guide list

HealthOnce the squadron/wing uses up all its fuel or is destroyed, it returns to the hangar and is discharged again after a brief period.The tertiary damage source is damage fields. As of current, only and other minefields produce such a damage field. When an enemy enters this field, it starts taking damage over time equal to the DPS of the field.The final damage source is one-off damage dealers. Upon the destruction of any base module, a fixed amount of is dealt to nearby structures. Also meet the, which deals splash damage upon the death of a ship. The used by inflicts moderate damage with a large AoE when certain health percentages are reached.Damage Types Damage is usually prefixed with its, which classifies the damage source.

For example, 'Alien Damage' refers to damage with a Damage Type of 'Alien'.Calculations Damage can be expressed in two ways, each with different calculations.Damage. Damage Modifiers Damage and Damage Per Second are both subject to modifiers which may increase or decrease the overall damage.