Trouble In The Manor Church

The church was the main part of everyone's life. The church made all the people in the manor come together no matter what their wealth or power. Everyone no matter what they would have to do that day would go to the church. The peasants would have one day (the sacred day) and the other holy days off of work and they would go to church. A group of people had an Easter service in an unlikely place Sunday. A gentleman's club in Guelph called The Manor. A few months ago Jack Ninaber and his wife Sharon decided they would host a.

The aptly-named Corpsewood Manor belonged to Dr. Scudder and Joseph Odom before they were murdered and accused of devil worshipping in 1982Other photographs show Corpsewood Manor before it was destroyed by a fire, as well as crime scene photos from the brutal murders.The urban exploration shots were taken in the hills of Chattooga County, Georgia by a photographer known asThe manor was the former home of Dr. Charles Scudder and Joseph Odom, who purchased a 40-acre plot built their dream home themselves.' When they arrived, Dr. Scudder and Joseph Odom saw the bare, hauntingly beautiful trees around them and named their new home: Corpsewood Manor,' the photographer wrote on their website.

ShareThey lived there quietly with two English Mastiff dogs, often opening up their land to local hunters who would knock on the door and ask permission.According to Abandoned Southeast, that is how the couple met Avery Brock, a neighbor who had hunted on their land numerous times.' The lifestyle the couple enjoyed led Avery Brock to speculate Dr. Scudder and Joseph Odom were millionaires, when actually they had spent most of their savings on building their secluded homestead,' the photographer wrote.' Avery Brock told his friend, 30-year-old Tony West, a story about 'queer devil-worshipers' who, he believed, were hiding a fortune in their home.'

'The pair planned to rob the couple and put their plan into motion on the night of December 12, 1982.' Tony West (left) is serving his time Augusta State Medical Prison while Avery Brock (right) is in Georgia State Prison. Both have been denied paroleBoth have been denied parole multiple times.As Abandoned Southeast explained, the eerie feeling around this property doesn't end with the murders.' While investigating the murders, the police found two human skulls, three vials allegedly filled with LSD, a small occult library, numerous occult tools, a large general academic and literature library, and homosexual pornography,' they said.Also inside the house was a painting by Scudder, completed months earlier, that depicted him bound in a chair with five gunshot wounds to the head.The sheriff's office in Chattooga County also labelled Scudder and Odom 'devil worshippers' and a neighbor told reporters that Scudder had joined the Church of Satan.

What to Expect We have two Sunday Service Options 9 & 10:30AM Our address 530 Central Manor Rd. Lancaster, PA 17603 ( ) Visiting a new place isn't always easy.

Visiting a new church might even be intimidating. So we want to make the experience easy for you by answering some questions you may have. What will happen when I arrive?When you come into the lobby, you will find people wearing name tags that can direct you to where we gather for services or where kids can get involved.

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There is free coffee!During the service, we will sing and a pastor will share a real-to-life, inspiring message from the Bible. You might see a video or a drama.

You will be honored and respected, and you won’t be put on the spot.What about my kids?We love kids! If you don’t want to be away from your kids, they are welcome to stay with you in the service. We offer dynamic children’s services for kids birth through 4th grade during both Sunday services. During the 9:00 service only, special programs for kids 5th-6th grade and students 7th-12th grade are available. This is a great chance for kids and students to make friends or connections, have fun, and learn about God.

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