Tokyo Ghoul Re Birth Fight

Dive into the world of Tokyo Ghoul again in Tokyo Ghoul :re birth, a game based on the world of the popular anime! Fight with the likes Ken Kaneki and Kisho Arima, as well as other popular characters! Go through the story mode or battle other players in a unique RPG experience! Tokyo Ghoul is one of the more popular anime franchises today. With a unique plot and premise, the franchise centers around Ken Kaneki and his ordeals in fighting ghouls which pose as humans haunt the streets of.well Tokyo.

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In Tokyo Ghoul re birth, you play as a human or ghoul(the affiliation process is automatic and your side(human/ghoul is assigned automatically each time the territory battle held). Tokyo Ghoul re birth is divided into two modes; story and territory. In the territory mode(incidents/dispatch/raid/strike), you play as a human or ghoul. SSRKohtaro Amon / Dual-Bladed Solo Fighter finally arrives and is featured in the ':re birth Festival'! Let's take a look at his powerful skills in this video! Not only does he inflict large damage on front row enemies and reduce their durability, he also increases his block rate by raising his Mastery level!

Though it has been an inspiration of numerous mobile games in the past, Tokyo Ghoul :re birth is arguably one one of the few titles that stand out. Featuring characters from across all seasons and an outstanding battle system, you would want to add it to your backlog, even if you’re not a fan of the franchise. Tokyo Ghoul :re birth mainly follows the story of Ken Kaneki, who is going under the alias and appearance of Haise Sasaki. Without diving deep into the plot and exposing ourselves to spoilers, you’ll be mainly be interacting with the latter who will teach you all about the game’s mechanics. With that said, the game does a good job in orienting you about its gameplay aspects, ranging from the gacha elements to it rather deep battle system. Its numerous game modes however are a bit convoluted which is why you have to have a great deal of patience while playing it.

It is a typical freemium game, with premium currency and login bonuses. You can summon different characters, each with different rarity tiers. Tokyo Ghoul :re birth’s battle system is mainly turn-based. You have an assigned turn wherein you can order your characters to attack and use their skills and your opponents will have their own opportunity to do the same. To execute attacks, all you have to do is tap on your characters’ portraits. Note that tapping fast in between the portraits is necessary, considering that doing so enables you to perform combos. When you fill up their skill gauge, you can execute powerful attacks or heal friendly units.

Tokyo Ghoul Re Birth Fight

Assembling the right team is a major part of Tokyo Ghoul :re birth. Characters have elemental affinities which can decide the flow of battle. This works like a rock-papers-scissors system, and you need to assemble a team which can counter opponents easily. Note that you can bring up to six in battle: three will stand in the front lines, while the three at the back can act as your alternates. In terms of presentation, Tokyo Ghoul :re birth doesn’t disappoint. Characters have outstanding 3D models and well-drawn character portraits, making it feel like a you’re watching a show instead of playing a game.

However, cutscenes are a little bareboned, but thankfully, the characters are voiced in Japanese dub which fully immerses you. The menus feel a little unintuitive (considering that there are a ton of them), but you’ll only need an hour or two to get used to the overall feel. Overall, Tokyo Ghoul :re birth is definitely an RPG worth playing. Though its gameplay elements seem a little similar when compared to other gacha games, its outstanding presentation and the fact that it is Tokyo Ghoul won’t disappoint you. Anyway, give it a shot, be a part of the CCG and take out the ghouls haunting the streets!

The massively popular anime series “Tokyo Ghoul” has been made into a smartphone game!Create teams of your favorite characters and join the battle of “Ghoul” vs.