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The Elder.sorry, no spoilers for secret areas!.Treasures:1. Therapy Ring (you probably took this one already)2. Dragon Helm3. Illusion Shield (Boss)4. Magical Hat5.

Dancer's RingOnce you enter, use the vanishing stone on the doppleganger. Proceed through a teleport/sphere maze and you will come across a save point and a chest with the Dragon Helm. Proceed through another maze and you will come to a room with three paths; regardless of which one you go one the first two will always break. Fausta is very strong and very difficult to hit; if you have Legendary Helm the fight should not be as bad - just make sure you are fighting with people that have good magic defense, equip everyone with their respective DR armor and have plenty of healing/status items. Dragoon attacks have no effect on real effect on him so don't bother. Just go at it!

Fort Magrad.sorry - no spoilers for secret areas!. Treasures 1.

Lloyd is the main villain of The Legend of Dragoon series. Also known as the Man in the Hood, Lloyd was the primary antagonist throughout most of The Legend of Dragoon game itself. He is in fact the last Wingly to carry a dark name but not the last of his kind. A Village in Flames. Treasures: 1. Burn Out (2) One from boss battle 2. Heal Potion (2) Two from winning the first battle inside the town.

Midnight Terror 2. Faint Hammer 3. Poison Needle 4. Soul Eater (Boss) 5. Smoke Ball (Boss) 6.

Ignite Armor 7. Panic Bell This area is straight forward; check the chests and see the CGI; save your game and then you'll have to fight a suit of armor, a sword, and a helm. Have someone equipped with a Talisman. The sword is strong physcially and can cause some major hurting; plus, when it's dead, it will hit one last time with instant deat to whoever hit it so make sure the last hit is from whoever has the Talisman. The helm can cast mute on someone for 3 rounds but the armor is pretty tough attack-wise. It can hit everyone for damage and for effect. Take the armor out, then the sword and finally the helm.

You'll be able to reach the last two chests after you beat them. Seven Towers.sorry - no spoilers for secret sections!. Treasures: 1. Thunder Gem (Boss) 2. Earth Gem (Boss) 3.

Sea Gem (Boss) 4. Green Gem (Boss) All you really have to do here is go through four towers and kill the remaining dragoon spirits. The only one who would really be trouble is the Thunder Dragoon; just keep a good stock of healing items with you and as usual the Legendary Helm. After every battle the boss will give you their respective Gem.

This area is one of the more revelaing areas of the game's story.For feedback or questions, e-mail IGNguides at:.

Contents.Dart. Big talkers are usually weak.

What a stream!. It was a journey for revenge. It was a journey to find the guy who deprived me of something precious, and kill him. What I found on the ground was only this. It's a memento, the only thing my father carried around all the time. There are those in the forest. Nocturnal owls are hooting.

It's the proof that nobody is in the forest. Old classic pong equipment. Shana, you have something only you can do, right? You don't need to pretend to be strong. Besides, you can rely on me more. Like in the old days.Rose. I should be thanked, so why do I have to be yelled at?. You 'deserve' to rule Dragons.

This light shows the true evidence. From the time the Dragoon Spirit starts to shine, you have to accept your fate as a Dragoon. Just like me. When Dragoons meet blood will flow, and as they leave time does slow.

War is not in human nature. Humans fight by making themselves enter Insanity. This is a tool to amplify that Insanity. Everything is turning out just as Zieg wished. The seal of the moon was broken, and the terribly disastrous plan laid by Soa finally has started. Those Virages are mere advance guards for the primary Virage Embryo.

It seems the birth of the God of Destruction will only be a matter of time. Does the Divine Tree, which gave birth to all the species, want this as well?. I feel naked without my sword. Those who flaunt their power disappear when the truly strong appear. I've been waiting for this moment.Lavitz.

I am Lavitz Slambert! I am the head of the First Knighthood of the Kingdom of Basil!

Well, it seems we don't have time for introductions!. You can celebrate later. We are still deep in the belly of the enemy. Besides, it's too damp to have a party, isn't it?. She grew up.

She was alone in such a hell like place. If she was a regular woman, she wouldn't have been able to survive. Of course, there are not that many fools who would come here to save her. You'll make a good wife one day.

Well, you have been away from each other for five years. It's natural to not know about each other. Wait, my mom and I aren't like that. Every time I go back to Bale, she welcomes me with the same smile. Did I say something wrong?.

This is what I saw everyday when I was young. I grew up thinking.' I'll be an admired knight just like my father and I'll protect this country!Albert.

I thought we stepped into the moon. I believe love is the only entity that doesn't change over time.Meru. Are you really okay!? Your eyes are kind of watery.Lloyd. Death gives birth to tears, tears give birth to anger, when anger turns to rancor, it opens the path for war. That is not of your concern. This is enough information for you.

Those of you who do not grasp the value should just do what the orders say. It doesn't matter. Everything is going just as I planned. They don't know they are in the palm of my hand.Fruguel. You bastard! Don't let them out alive!! I almost forgot the most important thing, don't kill the girl.

IT's an order from His Majesty Doel!Commander. Shana.

Don't worry about her. She must be receiving the courtesies of Hellena Prison by now.Noish.

As if they were gods, Winglies ruled over all living creatures, and used them as slaves. The enslaved suffered a terrible domination and injustice. Their anger turned to a flame of fury; then, a gust of wind blew throughout the lands, spreading the flame to a blazing fire. The wind was Emperor Diaz. Seven incarnations Dragons served the emperor.

Their bravery inspired people to take up arms. Thus began the Dragon Campaign. It was a harsh war. Both people and Winglies suffered countless injuries and fatalities. After a long period of suffering, it was the humans who aquired the future.

The age of humans had begun.Savan. The courage to pursue your love will change even fate.Intro. When the clash of swords echo,. The journey chasing the past ends and. The journey to know today begins. One soul seeks another and. Pledges their sworn friendship to another.

One mystery begets the next and. The doors of fate are opened. You are free to sever the chains of fate that bind you.Dialogue Lavitz: I am a bit concerned. ' Shana: Wha, What?!

Lavitz's mother gave me a compliment! Lavitz: I guess it may be edible. Shana: I don't like what Lavitz said. Dart: I can enjoy and eat any food.

Just make a lot. Shana: I don't like what Dart said so much either. Kaiser: I don't care about the taste.

Edible is enough. Just salt is enough for flavor! Shana: Even Mr. About The Legend of Dragoon. When we began this project, there wasn't any plans to include any movies at first. I mean, the characters themselves are all in polygons. We all thought that there would be a gap would appear between when we go from polygons to movies.

But then again, Movies are very cool to watch so in the end, we decided to put them in whenever a significant event takes place. There is a race that can use magic, but these characters, like our human selves, cannot use it. You lose the sense of a real world if everyone can do everything. However, you will be able to use Magic while you are transformed as Dragoons.

It sorta seems lonely to put in only the Additonal system. And if characters are just normal, they can't use magic. Thats why they'll be many items that will have the same effect as attack magic., RPGFan. The Main theme behind the movies in which we see Dragon Fights was to give a sense of being in the air, which is impossible to do if you treat it as just another CG Movie. Since we wanted to show the things on the surface as well, it added to our problems. Since this game revolves around war, we wanted to show destroyed structures and smoke coming out the buildings.

So in the end,we ended up with a lot of smoke.laughs. That was the first time our CG team had to deal with Smoke.The Other would be the lighting. We set our goals to have lighting like in the Movies and I think we've succeeded in our goal. What often happens with CGs is that the developers want to show off their skills so much that they end up using too much lighting.

However this time, we've taken account on what parts we want the user's eye to catch and used lighting accordingly. We think that thats the best way to show the part of the scene that a user shold be focused on. Of course, you might end up missing a lot of the visuals on the side., RPGFanExternal links.