Tales Of Xillia 2 Ultimate Weapons

Tales of Xillia 2 Guide. The Blaze Claw has two devastating attacks to watch out for: the first is Assault Claw. Question: I have the ultimate secret weapon!

Tales of Xillia 2, a JRPG sequel on the Playstation 3, has brought players hours of enjoyment in a whole new world filled with familiar faces from the original entry. Like the other games in the Tales entries, there are plenty of cheats and secrets available for players to discover. Power up your characters, get more trophies, and explore side quests by finding all these hidden secrets in the newest Tales entry.DLC CostumesThere are several different DLC costumes available for players to download and use on their characters. There is a Classic Tales of Costume DLC which includes Yuri, Asbel, and Emil costumes from previous Tales entries. This is available by purchasing the Collector's Edition of the game.

Jacket-Off OutfitThe very rare Jacket-off outfit is only available as you pay off your debt in the game. Game dev story how to make consoles. The total amount you'll need to pay off is a whopping 20 million gald! Luckily, the costume pieces start unlocking as you pay down the debt.

Tales of xillia 2

You'll receive Jude and Milla's costumes last. To pick up the costumes you unlocked, go the Triglav Hotel and head to the right side of the first floor. Check out the mail slot to get them! JobsJobs are an excellent way to make Gald in order to pay off your debt.

There are three types of jobs – monster jobs, collection jobs, and delivery jobs. In monster jobs, you need to fight and kill some certain types of monsters. Collection jobs involve finding a certain item and then returning with the right amount of the item.

In delivery jobs, you will need to deliver a unique item to another NPC. To accept jobs, visit the job board found in the marketplace of the city. Kitty DispatchAfter chapter 3, you can start doing the mini-game Kitty Dispatch. This game allows you to send cats out into the world in order to find special items. There are some rare items that you can only obtain through Kitty Dispatch! You can also obtain some unique titles by finding cats and doing the Kitty Dispatch mini-game.

The more cats you get, the more missions you can have going on at once. Unsealing WeaponsCameo weapons are very powerful, and you can only find them after you finish the game. After you beat the end battle and view the last cutscenes, make sure you finished the coliseum on elite as well. Then, go the Nor Fire Cavern and find the secret weapon shopkeeper. You can craft unique weapons here, including the Cameo weapons. Each weapon must be unsealed in a specific order.