Super Street Fighter 4 Characters

The Characters pages include the basics, notable moves for each character, some introductory 'bread and butter' combos to help you hit the. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition has a whopping 39 characters in the game. It contains the previous 35 characters that was in Super Street Fighter IV, while introducing four new characters.

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Contents GameplaySuper Street Fighter IV is rebalanced, with many top-tier characters having their abilities slightly 'nerfed' and low-tier characters receiving upgrades. There are several new game modes. Team Battle Mode - 1-4 players can take on another 1-4 online. The first players on each team face off, and the winner faces the next player on the opposing team, until all players from a team have been eliminated. Endless Battle Mode - players queue to challenge the current 'King of the Hill', with losers being sent to the back of the queue, resembling the 'I Got Next' system that operates in the typical local arcade.

Players who are not currently playing can comment on the match in progress. The Replay Channel differs from the old Replay Mode, allowing anyone to save up to 150 replays and share them with friends online, as well as upload them to the leaderboard if their Battle Points (BP) are high enough. Players can then watch replays of matches from around the world, even being able to see the inputs as the players pressed them. Replays saved to the hard drive can also be viewed in slow motion. Replays are categorized according to the characters fighting, the categories being 'Originals', 'Alpha', 'Turbo and III', 'Newcomers' and 'Boss'. Bonus Stages in Single-Player Arcade Mode, where the player races against the clock to destroy a car, or attempts to destroy falling barrels. The player can choose to skip these by turning them off in options; they can also challenge them outside of Arcade Mode.

Reworked Tournament Mode similar to that in the original SF4, which was released as downloadable content. The mode supports upcoming 'Capcom Cup' tournament events.Every character are now able to select between two Ultra Combos. All 25 original characters are able to choose from three outfits: their default, their old DLC costumes, and a brand-new DLC outfit released later on.

New characters have a default costume and one DLC outfit. 6 of the original 25 fighters (C. Viper, Cammy, Chun-Li, Guile, Ryu, and Seth) all have second rivals, in addition to their first rival. The player is able to select which rival they wish to face by whether or not they press all three kick buttons when the 'Now!

Fight your rival!' Message appears. The other characters have only one rival. The new 10 characters also only have one rival.CharactersArtwork for SSFIV.Artwork for SSFIV.Artwork for USFIV. Returning CharactersAdditional Returning Characters( Ultra Street Fighter IV only)( Arcade Edition only)( Ultra Street Fighter IV only)( Ultra Street Fighter IV only)( Ultra Street Fighter IV only)( Arcade Edition only)( Arcade Edition only)New Characters( Ultra Street Fighter IV only)( Arcade Edition only)DevelopmentProof of Super Street Fighter IV was first made public accidentally when the German version of GamePro magazine took pictures of in which a game, supposedly Street Fighter IV, is seen featuring T. Hawk and a new logo with a big metallic S behind the logo, much like the logo.Capcom officially hinted at the game when they opened a teaser site in their official Japanese website.

An official announcement was made on September 28, 2009, along with a spring 2010 release date, for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Having been deemed as too large an update to be deployed as DLC, the game was made into a stand-alone title, but is intended to carry a price tag lower than that of a full retail game. Capcom also hinted at bonus features for people who already own Street Fighter IV.The game is planned to feature ten additional characters, as well as tweaks and changes to the existing ones, such as new ultra combos. Among the added characters are T. Hawk and Dee Jay, who were initially intended to be in the original Street Fighter IV but later dropped. Also revealed was Juri, an all new character, along with Adon from the original, and Cody and Guy from, characters who at that time were last featured in.

Dudley, Ibuki and Makoto from the games were revealed as playable characters via the February 16th issue of Famitsu.The game feature a few additional online modes, including Team Battle with up to 8 players, Replay Channel, which allows players to view and save replays from around the world, and Endless Battle, in which the winner plays against a rotating group of players. The game also sees the return of the Car and Barrel bonus stages from the games. A downloadable Tournament mode is also featured.Each character now has an additional alternate costume (plus the extra ones from the first game, totaling 3 costumes for characters in Street Fighter IV and 2 for the newly introduced), new rival battles and 2 Ultra Combos. The Ultra Combos are selectable, similar to the Super Arts of Street Fighter III.VersionsPromotional art for USFIV. Arcade EditionFour new characters were added to the arcade edition of Super Street Fighter IV; the twin brothers Yun and Yang (from the Street Fighter III games), and a new version of Akuma called. The extra characters are available as DLC.

It was originally going to be the final SFIV update, until Ultra Street Fighter IV was announced.3D EditionA 3D version was made for the Nintendo 3DS handheld. The new features include true 3D graphics, online play, anonymous local wireless play, and a 'Chance Encounter' feature. Graphical changes include the ability to play the game from an altered camera angle (for example, from the left-hand side). The touch screen can also be used for easy use of any attack the player chooses to map to one of four touchscreen buttons.

The game feature both expert and beginner input systems.Super Street Fighter IV: PachiSlot EditionSuper Street Fighter IV: PachiSlot Edition is a pachinko slot game version of Super Street Fighter IV released by Enterrise on April 2016 in Japan. The game was also released for mobile phones on June 2016.UltraUltra Street Fighter IV, the update of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, was the 4th update to the Street Fighter IV series overall. It features additional characters, stages, new modes and character tweaks based on community feedback. Ultra Street Fighter IV was first released to Japanese arcades via the NESICA system on April 18 2014 (however, the fifth new character, Decapre, was not playable at first, as Capcom was still fine-tuning the character. She would be added to the roster of the arcade version at a later date, via an update patch). Those who already owned Super Street Fighter IV or Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition were able to buy the game as an add-on for $14.99. It was released for the PlayStation Network in North America, June 3 and the Xbox Live Arcade in both North America and Europe, June 4.

It was later released as a standalone game for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC for $39.99 on August 2014.The additional characters not present in previous versions are, and, the last one making her fighting game debut.The game has six 'new' stages, all of which are from.There is also a preorder bonus that includes an alternate costume for each of the new playable characters.This title update also features brand new modes: Elimination and Online Training. Elimination is an improved Team Battle mode for online play, bearing great resemblance to the three-on-three survival style from series. Online Training makes its return from, allowing for players to train together online.Another addition is the 'Edition Select' feature. Taking a page from, players are able to choose which version of their character they would like to play. Under personal actions, the versions are labeled as SFIV, SSFIV, SSFIV AE, SSFIV AE R, USFIV and the 'OMEGA' mode (DLC only).The Omega mode is highly notable for introducing wholly unique moves and setups for every character, sometimes bringing back attacks from other games, or altering gameplay altogether. Billed as a for-fun mode without regard for balance, some abandoned changes originally planned for the Ultra update eventually made its way here. This mode is not tournament legal, with the Ultra mode declared as the defacto tournament standard.Downloadable ContentPreorders of Ultra Street Fighter IV included the '2014 Challengers Costume Pack', new costumes designed by for Decapre, Elena, Hugo, Poison and Rolento.A set of 'Summer Vacation' costumes, featuring as the name suggest summer vacation-themed costumes, was released on August 12th, 2014:.

Shoryuken Pack: Dan, Gouken, Ken, Akuma, Ryu. Femme Fatale Pack: Cammy, Rose, Sakura, C. Viper, Chun-Li. Shadaloo Pack: Sagat, Balrog, M. Bison, Seth, Vega. Challengers 1 Pack: Guy, Hakan, Dudley, Dee Jay, Makoto. Challengers Pack 1: Juri, Adon, Ibuki, T.

Hawk, Cody. Classic Pack: Blanka, Gen, Dhalsim, Fei Long, Guile. Brawler Pack: E. Honda, Rufus, Zangief, El Fuerte, Abel. Arcade Challengers Pack: Yang, Oni, Yun, Evil Ryu.

2014 Challengers Pack: Hugo, Rolento, Decapre, Elena, Poison'Wild Costumes' featured animal-themed alternate costumes. Shoryuken Wild Pack: Gouken, Ryu, Dan, Ken, Akuma. Femme Fatale Wild Pack: Chun-Li, Cammy, Sakura, C.

Viper, Rose. Challengers Wild Pack 1: Hakan, Dudley, Guy, Makoto, Dee Jay. Challengers Wild Pack 2: Ibuki, Cody, T. Hawk, Juri, Adon. Classic Wild Pack: Fei Long, Guile, Gen, Dhalsim, Blanka.

Brawler Wild Pack: Zangief, El Fuerte, Rufus, E. Honda, Abel.

Arcade Challengers Wild Pack: Evil Ryu, Yang, Oni, Yun. Shadaloo Wild Pack: M. Bison, Seth, Balrog, Vega, Sagat. 2014 Challengers Wild Pack: Elena, Poison, Decapre, Rolento, HugoFor Halloween, 'Horror Costumes' featured as the name suggest, horror-themed costumes for the characters and was released in 2015. Shoryuken Horror Pack: Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Gouken, Dan. Femme Fatale Horror Pack: Chun-Li, C. Viper, Sakura, Rose, Cammy,.

Brawler Horror Pack: Zangief, E. Honda, Rufus, Abel, El Fuerte. Shadaloo Horror Pack: M. Bison, Sagat, Balrog, Vega, Seth. Classic Horror Pack: Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Gen, Fei Long. Challengers Horror Pack 1: Hakan, Makoto, Guy, Dudley, Dee Jay. Challengers Horror Pack 2: Juri, Ibuki, Cody, Adon, T.

Hawk. Arcade Challengers Horror Pack: Yun, Yang, Evil Ryu, Oni.

2014 Challengers Horror Pack: Rolento, Elena, Poison, Hugo, DecarpeGallery Box Art.

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • February 9, 2010 at 12:11 a.m. PST
The Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 developers have posted a new entry discussing several of the character balance changes they're looking at with the upgraded title.
The team specifically mentions nerfing/tweaking Sagat, Zangief's Double Lariat and Ryu's Hard Punch Shoryuken. Again, a huge shout out goes to Azrael for translating this post.
Here's the whole shebang.
I really wanted to go to the 1st Kansai Regional Qualifiers.. It seems like the Kyushu Regional Qualifier last week was also incredible! This week it's the Chubu Qualifiers! Everyone, do your best! Hello, this is Tsukamoto!
This time, I'd like to talk about some things that all our players have been concerned about - move adjustments/tweaking and the alternate costumes. I'll be joined by director Mr. Okada, and the battle player Mr. Tamamura.
What kind of adjustments are being made this time around for Super Street Fighter 4?
First, we decided to stick with the idea of keeping whatever was possible in Street Fighter 4 intact. For balancing a fighting game, there are two different possibilities - make the moves of the stronger characters less effective (nerf) or to make the moves of the weaker characters more effective (buff). Going the route of buffing the weaker characters moves makes for more difficult adjustments, but as we didn't want our players to feel stressed out, we decided to go with buffing the weaker characters for Super Street Fighter 4.
Will we still be able to do combos and such that were possible in Street Fighter 4?
Yes. As long as leaving it in wasn't too dangerous, we've been making our adjustments while leaving in combos that were possible in Street Fighter 4. We had decided on this at the very beginning of development.
What kind of adjustments are being made for the characters who are said to be too strong?
If we're talking about strong characters, that would be Sagat right? Before making adjustments, we asked for the opinions of people who play Sagat. We found that, more than using him just because he was strong, that there were a lot of people who enjoyed playing the character. So we have been making adjustments while trying to preserve that sense of enjoyment. Sagat has the infamous Tiger Uppercut FADC Tiger Destruction Ultra combo, as well as many other powerful tools. So we're not trying to take away all of his powerful tools, but just look carefully look at what we can retain and then make adjustments from there. So that means that the feel of playing Sagat won't really change in Super Street Fighter 4?
To a point, it will be really close to how it was in Street Fighter 4. Of course, there will be adjustments made to his move's damage output and effectiveness, so it won't be exactly the same as Street Fighter 4. But it is our intention to keep as much as possible of the play of Sagat that players found fun and interesting.
Also, I don't think that there will be any instances where you feel that a move has become really nerfed from the previous game. Not just the moves, we are also looking at things like vitality and stun values.
Zangief was also pretty strong.
Okada: In Street Fighter 4, when Zangief did a Double Lariat against larger characters, really the only thing they could do was to block it. For example, maybe Abel players aren't too fond of the matchup against Zangief. So this time in Super Street Fighter 4, we're making adjustments to avoid things like that.
But if we're talking about strong characters..
If we just look at the effectiveness of his moves and his general abilities, Ryu was also considered to be pretty strong. We've made some general adjustments on Ryu as well, but probably the easiest to understand is that his Medium and Hard Shoryuken have been changed from Street Fighter 4 - they've gone from one hit to two. Those who have been playing Street Fighter games for a while probably already know this, but in Street Fighter II the Shoryuken was two hits. So now we feel as if we've come closer to the feel of that time.
How does the 2-Hit Shoryuken change things from the last game? Okada:
If he doesn't get the full 2 hits, if only 1 hit connects on his opponent, the damage output is less than what it was in Street Fighter 4.
Does this mean you've nerfed the damage on the Shoryuken?
I don't think you can really call it a nerfing. You can still use it as a poke/counter, and I think its easier to use in combos now, so we've adjusted it to make its proper use a bit easier.
What kind of adjustments have you made for the characters who are considered to be weak?
In general, our weak characters are thought to be Vega and Guile. So of course, we've been making adjustments to buff them up. To give a specific example, we've increased the amount of hits Vega can take before he loses his claw. His claw has a lot of priority, so in Street Fighter 4 in order to make it not too good we made it so that it came off fairly quick. But the players all responded that Vega was weak, and I think this is a big reason why. So this time, while also thinking about general balance, we've made the claw a lot more durable as compared to Street Fighter 4. And for Guile, in Street Fighter 4 I felt that we didn't really capture his 'footsies and normals' gameplay style, so we took a good look at that area and made adjustments.
If there have been any big changes for other characters, please tell us about it.
We had a lot of requests from Rose players who wanted to be able to grab an opponent with the Soul Throw after they've been launched by the Soul Reflect. So now you can. This wasn't something that she's been able to do before, but it certainly looks like she should be able to. So this time we've made it so that she can catch with the Soul Throw. We've made adjustments such as this, so please look forward to them. If you are making adjustments to all characters moves, then does that mean we have to re-memorize all our opponents combos from scratch?
We felt that we didn't want to make big changes to the combos, so we haven't for the most part. We have been balancing things so that players from Street Fighter 4 can make the transition to Super Street Fighter 4 with all their knowledge intact, and for new players to be able to pick up the game without feeling too much opposition.
How about the strength of the CPU opponents?
As we heard a lot of opinions from our players about this, we've also made adjustments to the CPU opponents.
We've widened the difference a little bit between EASIEST and HARDEST in Arcade Mode. So EASIEST is a bit easier, and HARDEST feels like it might be the toughest yet. So this will give you a different play experience from Street Fighter 4!
So here let's switch gears and talk about the alternate costumes. Tell us the details of adding the alternate costumes to all of the characters this time around.
First, our development staff had decided from the beginning that all of the new characters in Super Street Fighter 4 would have to have an alternate costume. But then we started thinking about how to give our fans even better service, and talks arose of giving the existing Street Fighter 4 characters another costume. As Super Street Fighter 4 is on a pretty tight schedule, originally Mr. Tsukamoto had said, 'That's not really possible is it?' But then Mr. Kamei said, 'I'll get it done even if I vomit blood!' and since he was willing to go that far, we decided to go ahead with the additions (laughs). So we really are grateful to the designer.
How do you decide on the look of the alternate costumes?
For the alternate costumes in Street Fighter 4, we looked at the character personality, and then what type of look they would have based on that. So we decided to stay faithful to the characters. So generally, we have a lot of stoic designs. For Super Street Fighter 4, producer Ono expressed a desire to bring out the more playful elements of the alternate costumes, so from that we have ones like the Mega Zangief F.
Were there any difficulties in creating the alternate costumes?
First, time! That's what we want the most when trying to make something good. During the draw-up period all we talked about was how and if we could make the costume that would be the coolest for the character.
The character it took the longest to decide on was Ryu.
Yeah. If we're talking about Ryu, he's martial arts clothes with a headband! .. But aside from that he doesn't really have a strong impression, so it was difficult to break that. For his alternate this time around, there were some opinions to just have him look casual, in a T-shirt and jeans. But we felt that Ryu is at his coolest while fighting, so he should be wearing something that shows his battle readiness. So that's how we arrived at his current alternate costume of the hakama pants. Were there any ideas that were dropped?
To go along with Mega Zangief F, we also had a Mega Blanka. When he does his Electric Thunder move there'd be these coils on his back that would light up. But then when we put Mega Zangief F and Mega Blanka together, it didn't really feel like a Street Fighter game anymore, so we eventually dropped it.
What are some of your personal favorite alternate costumes?
I like Mega Zangief F. When he jumps, he's got rocket boosters in his feet that light up and make you think that something's gonna pop out. Its a really intricately designed costume. Okada:
There are a lot of great things about Mega Zangief F! If you look closely, you can see the background is reflected in his various parts. Also, we made sound effects just for him (laughs). But personally, I like Balrog. He's got a nice wild look that's just really cool!
Do you have any final comments to the players looking forward to the game?
First, about adjustments, aside from just tweaking existing moves, we've also added new ultra combos, which is sure to increase the fighting styles of many characters. For all the players who have been giving it their all in Street Fighter 4, they can bring all their techniques over to Super Street Fighter 4 and also enjoy new ones. And of course for those who are just getting started with Super Street Fighter 4, we've made adjustments so that its easy to jump right into, so please look forward to it!
And about the alternate costumes, the work that goes into making one is almost the same as it would be to make a whole new character. There's a lot of detail in even the smallest areas, and it shows how hard the designers worked on it, so please take a good look at them. As Ms. Shiozawa mentioned on her blog last week, the alternate costumes for Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Gen, and Fei Long will be available from the start as a special feature. Give those a try, and if you like them then we'd be thrilled if you used the other alternate costumes as well!
Well, I hope you enjoyed this week's entry. We were able to get some details about the game balance and adjustments. If there's demand for it, I'd like to make another chance to talk a little bit more about adjustments.
Well then, see you next week!