Sunken Secrets Tips

Oct 28, 2019  Sunken Secrets currently doesn’t have a way to restart the game from the beginning. However, we have a tool at Customer Support that can help. Please contact Customer Support with your in-game ID and we should be able to help out! Sunken Secrets S.O.S: Help, News, FAQ, and Videos. Sunken Secrets S.O.S: Help, News, FAQ, and Videos What’s New. Farming and magic just got a whole lot better! Your villagers have been hard at work building a castle on land and helping sea creatures under water, but did you know? There are tricks and treats that will be.

What’s New

Farming and magic just got a whole lot better! Your villagers have been hard at work building a castle on land and helping sea creatures under water, but did you know? Ultimate forest simulator salmon. There have been some exciting changes! Here’s a few things you can expect from your magical adventure:

  • Earn MORE amber, basalt, edaloot when you go on deep dives!
  • Save your magic! Now you can dive for as long as you want without losing your magic resources
  • The SECOND WING of the castle on land is here! Start building!
  • Have you seen a friendly seahorse? He helps with your underwater homes
  • Better balloons and better rewards!
  • Green runes are easier to earn, so complete those quests!
  • Restore the trade route frescos without magic stones!
  • Check out your Alchemist Bench and get recipes for changing your magic stones into others you may need

And, COMING SOON! There are tricks and treats that will be waiting for you on your island. Are you ready for the spooky season?! Stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m out of bricks! How do I get more?

A: You can create more bricks in your mine. Just tap on the brick icon, and drag it into an empty slot. As soon as production is complete, your bricks are ready. You can also get bricks from cleaning buildings once you’ve de-cursed them. If you’re in a hurry, you can also speed up production by tapping the lightning button.

Q: I need more magic, but I can’t seem to collect any. What’s up with that?

A: Here’s the secret: The more you restore the island, the more magic you’ll be able to collect! Leveling up also allows access better upgrades, and fulfilling islander requests on the request board increases your level! Just keep upgrading doors/windows/chimneys, or fixing broken walls and fences, and watch your magic limit rise uh, magically.

Q: I’m out of hard, cold gold. How do I get more?

A: The islanders will reward you if you help them and the more you restore, the more requests you’ll have. You can also earn gold by selling surplus goods in the Marketplace. And don’t forget to collect your Daily Reward – it’s another easy way to score gold and pearls!

Q: I’m out of storage, and I don’t have anywhere to put all the things! What should I do?

A: Watch for islanders unembarrassed to march around with a storage box icon above their heads. Completing those requests will result in an upgrade item.

Q: Friends are cool, but what’s in it for me?

A: Friends are super helpful. You can visit their marketplaces at any time and buy their items for sale. They can also speed up your production, banish Kroks, and restore frescos as well as speed up de-cursing of new areas and balloon delivery by 25%. Remember, after you’ve asked for help a few times you’ll have to wait for the help feature to recharge. And if you see a green exclamation point over your friend’s head, they need your help right away! When a friend accepts your help, you’ll get a reward. Speaking of friends, James’ Marketplace restocks every day. Visit his marketplace to buy useful items, such as blueprints and tools.

Stonies game. To him, it's a divine intervention. Accompany your prehistoric kin through the earliest eras of human history and lovingly guide them towards game-changing inventions and developments, from tools over agriculture to fire and metal smithing. Start out by helping a lone Stonie gather food and build a hut for himself.

Q: What’s the Wizard Tower?

A: The Wizard Tower is where wizards and archwizards live. They’ll create beautiful flowers and mushrooms if you first charge the tower with magic! You can either keep the flowers and mushrooms as decoration, or dissolve them for experience.


Q: What are Kroks, and how do I get rid of them?

A: Kroks are the pets of Ulla, the Sea Witch, and they aren’t cuddly! You’ll need magic to chase them away. Once they’re gone, you’ll be able to de-curse areas and objects.
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