Sub Rosa Game

Xiaolin showdown chase young. Title: sub rosa singer: zakuro? (team c).these songs are recorded directly from the game.i own nothing. i just wanna listen to these songs outside of the game but the officials won't.

CurrencyCurrent PriceConverted PriceLowest Recorded Price
U.S. Dollar$17.39 at -13%15,99€-8.05%14,70€$15.99 at -20%
British Pound£13.04 at -13%14,99€-13.74%13,79€£11.99 at -20%
Euro17,39€ at -13%Base Price15,99€15,99€ at -20%
Russian Ruble364 ₽ at -13%4,52€-73.99%4,16€335 ₽ at -20%
Brazilian RealR$ 32,18 at -13%5,65€-67.51%5,19€R$ 29,59 at -20%
Japanese Yen¥ 1722 at -13%14,72€-15.35%13,54€¥ 1584 at -20%
Indonesian RupiahRp 118319 at -13%7,04€-59.49%6,47€Rp 108799 at -20%
Malaysian RinggitRM33.06 at -13%6,95€-60.00%6,39€RM30.40 at -20%
Philippine Peso₱434.95 at -13%7,87€-54.73%7,23€₱399.96 at -20%
Singapore DollarS$17.40 at -13%11,25€-35.29%10,34€S$16.00 at -20%
Thai Baht฿321.03 at -13%9,07€-47.83%8,34€฿295.20 at -20%
Vietnamese Dong163500₫ at -13%6,44€-62.96%5,92€150500₫ at -20%
South Korean Won₩ 18270 at -13%13,81€-20.57%12,70€₩ 16800 at -20%
Turkish Lira₺26,97 at -13%3,57€-79.43%3,28€₺24,80 at -20%
Ukrainian Hryvnia242₴ at -13%8,22€-52.71%7,57€223₴ at -20%
Mexican PesoMex$ 156.59 at -13%6,07€-65.09%5,58€Mex$ 143.99 at -20%
Canadian DollarCDN$ 19.13 at -13%12,56€-27.75%11,55€CDN$ 17.59 at -20%
Australian DollarA$ 25.18 at -13%14,73€-15.28%13,55€A$ 23.16 at -20%
New Zealand DollarNZ$ 20.87 at -13%11,57€-33.42%10,64€NZ$ 19.19 at -20%
Norwegian Krone121,80 kr at -13%10,84€-37.65%9,97€112,00 kr at -20%
Polish Zloty62,63zł at -13%13,85€-20.31%12,74€57,59zł at -20%
Swiss FrancCHF 16.53 at -13%15,71€-9.65%14,44€CHF 15.20 at -20%
Chinese Yuan Renminbi¥ 59 at -13%7,67€-55.89%7,02€¥ 54 at -21%
Indian Rupee₹ 491 at -13%5,90€-66.06%5,43€₹ 452 at -20%
Chilean PesoCLP$ 8265 at -13%8,90€-48.78%8,18€CLP$ 7600 at -20%
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Colombian PesoCOL$ 34800 at -13%8,07€-53.57%7,42€COL$ 32000 at -20%
South African RandR 190.53 at -13%9,31€-46.41%8,57€R 175.20 at -20%
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Saudi Riyal48.72 SR at -13%11,92€-31.43%10,96€44.80 SR at -20%
U.A.E. Dirham53.94 AED at -13%13,50€-22.35%12,41€49.60 AED at -20%
Argentine PesoARS$ 195,74 at -13%2,73€-84.27%2,51€ARS$ 179,99 at -20%
Israeli New Shekel₪64.33 at -13%16,47€-5.25%15,15€₪59.16 at -20%
Kazakhstani Tenge2305₸ at -13%4,98€-71.33%4,58€2120₸ at -20%
Kuwaiti Dinar2.91 KD at -13%8,58€-50.66%7,90€2.68 KD at -20%
Qatari Riyal36.53 QR at -13%9,22€-46.95%8,48€33.59 QR at -20%
Costa Rican Colon₡7395 at -13%11,93€-31.38%10,97€₡6800 at -20%
Uruguayan Peso$U373 at -13%7,93€-54.40%7,29€$U343 at -20%
CIS - U.S. Dollar$10.95 at -13%10,06€-42.10%9,25€$10.07 at -20%
South Asia - U.S. Dollar$17.39 at -13%15,99€-8.05%14,70€$15.99 at -20%

Interaction AwardGunpoint is all about creative solutions. One of the most important aspects of any game is how the player interacts with the world around them and how that interaction rewards the player.

In gunpoint you play as a freelance spy taking jobs from clients that need you to break into high security buildings and steal sensitive data. To make it past security you have an interesting gadget called a crosslink, that allows you to wire together all manor of security devices opening up a world of mind bending possibilities.

Especially since, by the time Celica is acquired, people have had plenty of time to get Marth up to a much higher level.It is great that we get to have Celica and Lyn in Fire Emblem Warriors. I mean, any opportunity to have other installments in the series represented in this title is fantastic. Fire emblem warriors lyn broken armor. But whether or not people will use these two varies. This means some may find Marth the more effective of the two, since he tends to have higher skill and speed.

Wire a light switch to a trap door, distract a guard and toss him out a window. Creative emergent gameplay is what makes gunpoint special and thats why it wins this years Interaction award. Musicality AwardIn a game about roaming creepy dungeons the first music you might think of would slow drowning orchestral melodies of an ery nature.

Not Desktop Dungeons. From the music masterminds Danny Baranowsky and Grant Kirkhope Desktop Dungeons has a driving epic sound track that makes you want to move quickly to slay your next goblin or explore around that next corner.

Desktop Dungeons music gives you that feeling of epicness that goes oh so well for some fast paced combat and exploration. Its musical uniqueness definitely stands out. Worldy AwardFist Puncher holds nothing back in this action packed old school beat’em up with RPG elements it will take you back to the glory days of 80’s games and action flicks. With 15 playable characters, 100 collectibles is impressive its the 50 levels of insane mayhem the like’s of which we have ever seen.

Toss cows at a meat factory to defeat your enemies, or fight ruffians at a nude beach, bust out your baseball bat in this strange world of prison shivs and sledge hammers as you jump into a world of absurdity. Visuality AwardThe debate on if games are art seems like a silly question when you look at an indie title such as Ballpoint Universe. Every bit of the game has been drawn with a ballpoint pen to build immaculate environments. Ballpoint Universe is a side-scrolling shooter / platform adventure game about a doodle named Doodle. Explore doodle realms, meet intriguing, eccentric characters, get hints and items to aid your quest. Fight for the future of creativity itself in one of the most beautiful indie titles this year.

The Ressie 2013Simulator games are normally serious complicated affairs that can sometimes have more in common with on the job training than your average game. Surgeon’s have a deadly serious job filled with complex tasks and years of study. Surgeon Simulator 2013 mixes the two in a darkly humorous and often over the top bloody fashion.


Armed with only an arsenal of clumsy and inappropriate tools and a hand thats semi-controllable you try to save lives! The original prototype was developed in just 48 hours, but over time its become an odd but fun joy for gamers. Best UpcomingChasm is a 2D Platformer Action-RPG that takes the hack’nslash roguelike gameplay and marries it to a Metroidvania-style platformer. Its aim is to immerse you in its 2D fantasy world full of exciting treasure, deadly enemies and abundant secrets. You take on the roll of a soldier passing through a remote mining town on a journey home from a long war, the town’s miners have recently disappeared after breaching a long-forgotten temple far below the own. Can you defeat the reawakened ancient slumbering evil lurking in the dark? We here at IndieDB are so excited to explore Chasm, enough so to give it this award!