Stonies Game

Embark on the Adventure of a Lifetime

Rise to the challenges of prehistoric time. A Stone Age browser game, Stonies will whisk you away to the earliest era of human history. Slip into the role of a deity and secure the survival of your tribe. Complete captivating and entertaining tasks with the help of the Stonie men, women and children. Collect berries, catch fish, craft tools and weapons, go hunting with your tribe, take down wild boars and stags, construct ritual sites, build huts, and make sure to have your Stonies fall in love to make your village grow and secure the future of your tribe. Experience this extraordinary Stone Age browser game and clear the way into modernity for your Stonies!

This is the best game EVER!

In this exciting game app, you will teach your prehistoric kin to hunt, make fire, and build their own village with countless different buildings. Lead your Stonies through the undoubtedly most. This guide explains how to get Crystals in the game. Possibility #1 - Payments There are a number of ways to earn Crystals. Of course, the.

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Stonies - Discover the Stone Age Browser Game

Experience human history with the Stonies!

Fight for survival

Travel in time to the beginnings of human history. Discover the Stone Age and secure the survival of your Stonie tribe. Teach them to make fire, how to hunt and make the weapons they need to do it. Have them build religious ritual sites, expand your village, build huts and countless other buildings. Stonies is a multi-faceted browser game, which allows you to accompany a special group of men, women and children through human history. Master exciting tasks, let your tribe grow and flourish and accelerate the evolution of your kin. Previously only available for smartphones and tablets, you can now play the popular Stone Age game right on your computer. Create a free account at and begin your own adventure. Over the course of the game, you'll discover a multitude of strategies and customization options. Fell trees, shatter stones, collect berries and support your Stonies, so that they can face the perils of the rugged wilderness. Make carving stones and whittle wooden figurines, explore the wilds and experience an all-round extraordinary game with impressive 3D graphics. Intuitive game controls allow you to jump right in, while still allowing you a plethora of different types of tasks. Let yourself be surprised! Dive into the Stone Age and rise to the challenge. Prove your skill as a leader and hone your skills in one of the roughest eras of human history. Play the Stone Age browser game now!

Stonies – Become a Stone Age LeaderExperience the earliest era of human history and explore the Stone Age game Stonies. In this exciting game app, you will teach your prehistoric kin to hunt, make fire, and build their own village with countless different buildings.Lead your Stonies through the undoubtedly most fateful epoch of human history. Discover a world full of dangers, challenges, and gripping tasks. Help your Stone Age game people progress from primitive cavemen to settled villagers in this extraordinary life simulation. Fell trees, smash rocks, and harvest fruit.

Produce weapons, wooden figurines, carving rocks and other great items. Expand your village and build numerous huts and buildings. Experience a graphically unique Stone Age game with many original animationsExtraordinary Experiences in Prehistoric TimesCraft hunting weapons such as wooden spears and hunt down rabbits and deer to ensure the survival of your clan. Stonies is a one-of-a-kind life simulation for your smartphone or tablet.

An amazing tycoon game awaits you. Complete exciting missions with your tribe. Dive into the prehistoric times and explore the rugged wilderness with your cavemen. Teach them countless skills, such as working leather and wood, and expand your tribe’s primeval power in this Stone Age game.To the Stone Age!Play the gripping mix of life simulation and tycoon game now and accompany your Stonies through their prehistoric life.

Prove your skill as a Stone Age leader in Stonies. Bobofettechini, Ugh tutorial glitchSo, playing through tutorial and it shows me how to use power to harvest tufts of grass. Only problem is, I already figured that out and now it locks me out of doing anything until I can harvest more grass, but I harvested it all!!! So now I’m locked until more shows up. Either remove tutorial lock or allow people to ignore tutorial cuz it’s bs it locks you up if you already know what you’re doing.Been playing a full day now, still can’t get enough wood to finish the “task” to get wood although I’ve already built the hut. Wow, not even a day playing and already stuck and can’t even play other than collecting useless resources hoping a tree will respawn.

Developer Response,Hi Bobofettechini 🤗 We're sorry the game doesn't seem to work as intended for you 😭 We'd very much like to fix this issue for you 💪 Please be so kind and contact our support team who'll make sure to find a solution as soon as possible 🛠️You can contact our support team here: you 🙏. Mommabearnyc007, StoniesI have been playing this game for a while. I like it a lot. But I get to the era 6 part and it crashes. I lost 2 games doing this. Two different times. Now My account can’t be found and I wasted time and energy and money buying crystals to help me and both my games are gone.

Sorry but I Will not play any more. Unless something can be done. I spent money and every time it crashes.

The game now Tells me it cannot find my account and I lose everything. Era 6 seems to be the issue.

Once I reach that level agin twice it has completely lost my game and account. What can u do to remedy this problem please. MOMMABEAR007 Developer Response,Hello 👋 We're sorry you're experiencing issues with our game 😢 We'd very much like to fix that, though 💪 Please be so kind as to contact our support team at so we can help you personally 💡.