Steno Arcade

Steno Arcade is a suite of four arcade games designed to teach and drill steno and keyboarding fundamentals in an immersive, addictive, responsive, and interactive way. Steno Arcade is 100% free and open source and works with any steno machine or keyboard.The Early Access build of Steno Arcade includes one of the four games in the suite, Steno Hero!

Not very many ads, great time passer and amazing graphics.' Jelly jumper game.

Apr 13, 2017  The demonstration was done using Steno Arcade. You can see the speed and comfort of stenography keyboard over QWERTY keyboard in terms of overall hand movement as well as accuracy and typo-correction. February 15, 2017. How Stenography Works. February 15, 2017.

Imagine your favorite rhythm games, but instead of pressing buttons that vaguely emulate the original instruments, you're hitting steno chords or keyboard keys to precisely and accurately produce the lyrics to your favorite music! It's like singing karaoke with your fingers! Steno Hero launches with four songs, with more to be added over time:'I'm Your Moon' by Jonathan Coulton'Mandelbrot Set' by Jonathan Coulton'That Spells DNA' by Jonathan Coulton'I Feel Fantastic' by Jonathan CoultonWhile Steno Arcade is designed to be played with a steno machine, it can also be looked at as a traditional typing game that can be played with any standard keyboard.

You only need an NKRO (N-key rollover) keyboard if you intend to learn stenography and want to play the game using steno.