Spirit Tales From The West

Spirit Tales is a free-to-play MMORPG from X-Legend and KoramGame that takes players on a magical journey through an earth-like fantasy realm full of action, adventure, and quality RPG play. Spirit - Tales From The Westside Randy California and stepdad in the scuffling years Until his untimely death in 1997, Randy California was Spirit – at least as long as stepfather Ed Cassidy was behind the drums.

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Spirit Tales is a fantasy MMORPG by KoramGame where players embody a variety of chibi-style characters from different nations (and races). Each race has its own set of classes, and each class has its own “spirit transformation” power which transforms them into their associated animal (Fox, Dragon, Kirin), while giving a variety of bonuses.

One of the game’s selling points is its chibi, casual style, and it shows. Spirit Tales offers players a well polished product, a lot of pretty things to look at, and a variety of interesting features on the side, including achievements and pets. On the other hand, the gameplay will not please everyone as it includes a great deal of repetition, and is ultimately similar to many other games out there. The classes are:Fighter – The fighter is Spirit Tales’ close range damage dealer, wield a variety of elemental powers, while lacking the Warrior’s armor. A solid balanced class.Shaman – This is the main support class, focusing on healing and buffing, though nonetheless having some minor combat abilities.Archer – The archer is a long range, lightly armored damage dealer, playing a role similar to the sorcerer.Warrior – The close-combat defensive class, meant for tanking damage and then dishing it back out.


They wear the heaviest armor obtainable.Sorcerer – Spirit Tales’ only dedicated magical damage, long range class with a focus on the elements.Assassin – While it lacks the general capabilities of the Fighter, the Assassin excels at focused close combat damage dealing, but is restricted to light armor.