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Galaxy Invaders: Alien ShooterIn the far future, humanity has expanded and prosper over the galaxy. One day, a mysterious alien army from a different dimension appear and attack the border planets. The fight for mankind survival begins. As a veteran pilot, you have been called to defend the galaxy against invader enemies!Galaxy Invader: Alien Shooter is a combination of classic shoot ‘em up game feels and modernized mechanics. Featuring:- A broad range of enemies: From the lowly common soldier aliens, to the powerful Elites, and the humongous Bosses. Each has a different looks and behaviors.- Campaign mode: experience the mounting difficulty with unique challenges on the way. Continuously updated with new contents.- Upgrade & evolve your spaceship to new form and gain new power- Wide array of spaceships to collect, each with unique skill and playstyle.Choose your spaceship, destroy the alien invaders and protect the galaxy.

Show them what you’re capable of!As an extended version of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, this version has much better graphic designs. We also changed something in core game mechanic like weapon skills, item skill, ship part & evolution types. With various types of spaceship, you could build a strong air force and join the galaxy wars.

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Space Invaders for the Atari 2600 was the first home license of a coin-op video game. Three different PAL versions of this game exist. They all differ in color and one version contains two-player.

The old style of shoot ‘em up game is now modernized with a fantasy theme. We keep using retro shooting game mechanic like level with waves, bullet hell bosses but added more interesting content. You can see the same feeling like Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter as the other retro shooting game. But, this one could be a brand new one. Let’s try and enjoy it - Galaxy Invader: Alien Shooter!We has created a FB group for you to discuss about this game, you could join in the link below:to Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter. Build your strong air force, and enjoy the game!Thank you for playing our game!ABI Game Studio. By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments.

Anodyne surgical. AFinitDataCallback(key: 'ds:17', isError: false, hash: '25', data:functionreturn 'gp:AOqpTOHBE8F2Jy9R-jlkdfj39WqiRSPN3bM5YlAjJ42s40rZljy70s559UZ13yVYYwACU0bbQTe-LJn3eL5M0','Jake Jones',null,2,null,null,null,'at first. Then the ads take over. I like the idea of watching ads to get a revive or double the gold at the end of a level and it works until you get invested. Then they stop working. The ads play but no bonus. Sometimes they play on their own, sometimes they play back to back to back to back with no reward. If you try to interrupt it will freeze and you have to restart the game.

Try a different game. There are tons that are similar. This one will hook you and then become an ad machine.'

,594000000,13,null,null,'8','Jake Jones',null,null,2,null,null,null,'B',null,2,null,null,null,'game is purely designed for in app purchases in a blatant manner. I am fine with ads for rewards but this game makes you watch ads and then does not give the rewards! Big middle finger is all you get.

Space Invaders Download

A lot of the time the games will 'lock up' when viewing ad to revive player. Sound also stops at random levels. Don't waste your time on this one.' ,396000000,29,null,null,'7','Greg B',null,null,2,null,null,null,'Behera',null,2,null,null,null,'really liked this game but there are a couple of reasons post which I feel like uninstalling it now. You get the option of buying coins by spending your diamonds but not the other way around. Sometimes when you are actually winning a boss game, the game automatically stops 3. With the latest update, 'watch video' options is not working, therefore I cannot get diamonds at all.'

,911000000,152,null,null,'8','Pallavi Behera',null,null,2,null,null,null,'game was great. I have spent around $25 for upgrades because I was enjoying it. The last few days the ads to upgrade button doesn't work as it did. It either doesn't play ad, so no upgrade, or it plays a 5 second or more ad and doesn't offer upgrade and pressing upgrade button again plays an ad again. At this time I cannot get upgrades by watching ads.

An ad will play with no upgrade being offered.' ,137000000,55,null,null,'2','Fred',null,null,2,null,null,null,'Monde',null,2,null,null,null,'been enjoying this game for about a year or do now, but lately the ads have not been playable for those free items.

Even the ones that are considered in-app ads appear corrupted. I figured maybe the app just needs to be updated, but no, it is a bug that needs to be fixed ASAP. I hope the developers look into this sooner than later. You don't want to lose gameplay to other apps during the quarantine period.'

,82000000,79,null,null,'8','Le Monde',null,null,2,null,null,null,'Toboh',null,2,null,null,null,'update is still buggy. And it's all in the area of ads. After rejecting certain ads to choose a different one, or after watching others, the app froze MANY times and progress gets lost, or the rewarded gems didn't update in the total gems area. At least, coins update appear to have been fixed (2 ud83cudf1f/5 for that). What happened to create this bug from the stable app 2 versions ago?:(',253000000,33,'ONESOFT','Thank you for your feedback.

We are aware of this issue, and it will be fixed in the next update.' ,211000000,null,'3','Benjamin Toboh',null,null,2,null,null,null,'Sears',null,2,null,null,null,'I like this game but the last update was buggy. Most of the purple watch video buttons don't.

If one works and happens to start a video, it won't give the payout after video. After one video plays, no more will ever play. I have restarted the phone, forced the software to stop and cleared the stores data. Nothing seems to work. Once, during the last 5 days I did get the rewards from the videos; it seemed like a fluke.' ,78000000,37,null,null,'2','Jim Sears',null,null,2,null,null,null,'Corona',null,2,null,null,null,'11/19/19 Got a hold of costumer support and they sort of resolved the issue. But still not satisfied.

But I love this game so I can't leave it at 1 star. I had this rated at 5 stars but I decided to spend real money and the item I bought has not given me what it says I would receive from the purchase.

I still have not been able to get a hold of customer support Edit 3/28/20 Now they make you watch ads continually.' ,898000000,24,null,null,'9','Joseph Corona',null,null,2,null,null,null,'Malani',null,2,null,null,null,'app but comes with many problems. If you watch ad for reward and if ad is of around 7 seconds, then you will not get reward plus you will not be able to access any other ad for rewards or for life during play. Also levels are very hard and you can not upgrade your vehiclea too after certain limit so it becomes nearly impossible to pass a level.' ,783000000,25,null,null,'7','Sandesh Malani',null,null,2,null,null,null,'Woods',null,2,null,null,null,'anti flow game. Most of the levels are just long enough to power your ship up then ends and you lose all of your power ups. Way too many meteor shower waves.

The infinite mode doesn't let you start at the first wave every time. The graphics and mechanics are good, it's just been ruined by money grab formulas.thanks for the response but it doesn't really address what I am talking about. The game is designed.