Skyrama 2

We received lots of e-mails and we were asked to try to focus more on. We will try to please you, as always, so today we release v2.35 for you guys! This offers great opportunities that will definitely improve your gaming experience.With over 11 million active accounts, Skyrama will give you tons of fun right into your browser. So go and set up your own airport in the and take control of the skies! Manage your plane flights and drop by your friends airports.

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Skyrama 2

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SkyRama Planes and Helicopters List by creedPlanesHere you will find all current aircraft models from the game with this all important data, sorted on the required level + sign declarations.Rama-XS-Quickie. Required Level: 0. Cost: 150 Aircoins. Bring each flight: 2 Exp, 1 BP, 125 Aircoins.

Costs per flight: 0:06 h, 6 passengers, 100 Aircoins1930 Racer Red Lion. Required Level: 1.

Cost: 18 Aircash. Bring each flight: 15 Exp, 1 BP, 0 Aircoins. Costs per flight: 12:00 pm, a passenger, 0 Aircoins1930 Racer – Mr.