Silent Scope Gba

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All classes apart from Psion at the moment feature further class advancements when players reach level 15. It is a highly anime stylized game with fast paced combat and vibrant bright colours.Starting out players get to choose between five starter classes, the Warrior, the Rogue, the Gunmage, the Reaper and the relatively new Psion. Kritika online steam.

About Genre Shooter, Action Rating Rated 'M' for Animated Blood, Animated Violence Summary Get out your sniper rifles, folks, because SILENT SCOPE for the Dreamcast is here. Your job is simple: protect the President and his family from the many terrorists trying to take them out. All you're equipped with is a sniper rifle, so you've got to constantly monitor the situation, using your scope to track down the bad guys and eliminate the threat. There are three gameplay options: Arcade, Training, and Ranking, and each will put your sniping skills to the test. As you protect the First Family, you'll scope out enemies in places like the city, a train, and many more exotic locations.

Dead rising 4 platinum difficulty. As you progress, you can upgrade to different types of sniper bullets, as well as killer guns. Featuring stealthy graphics, sneaky sound, and smooth gameplay, SILENT SCOPE is one game you should scope out.