Sengoku 3 Neo Geo

Sengoku 3

:sengoku3:00000000:108457:00000063:FFFFFFFF:Infinite Time
:sengoku3:00000000:1083C6:00000009:FFFFFFFF:Infinite Select Time
:sengoku3:00000000:105904:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Destroy All Enemy with 1 Shot
:sengoku3:00010000:105905:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Destroy All Enemy with 1 Shot (02/12)
:sengoku3:00010000:1059FE:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Destroy All Enemy with 1 Shot (03/12)
:sengoku3:00010000:1059FF:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Destroy All Enemy with 1 Shot (04/12)
:sengoku3:00010000:105AF9:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Destroy All Enemy with 1 Shot (05/12)
:sengoku3:00010000:105BF3:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Destroy All Enemy with 1 Shot (06/12)
:sengoku3:00010000:105CEC:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Destroy All Enemy with 1 Shot (07/12)
:sengoku3:00010000:105CED:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Destroy All Enemy with 1 Shot (08/12)
:sengoku3:00010000:105DE7:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Destroy All Enemy with 1 Shot (09/12)
:sengoku3:00010000:105EE1:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Destroy All Enemy with 1 Shot (10/12)
:sengoku3:00010000:105FDB:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Destroy All Enemy with 1 Shot (11/12)
:sengoku3:00010000:1060D5:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Destroy All Enemy with 1 Shot (12/12)
:sengoku3:00000000:103DAD:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Crash All 0bject with 1 Shot
:sengoku3:00010000:103EA7:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Crash All 0bject with 1 Shot (2/3)
:sengoku3:00010000:103FA1:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Crash All 0bject with 1 Shot (3/3)
:sengoku3:00000000:102C19:00000060:FFFFFFFF:Infinite Energy PL1
:sengoku3:00000000:1083EB:00000009:FFFFFFFF:Infinite Throwing Stars PL1
:sengoku3:00000000:1083E3:00000038:FFFFFFFF:Infinite Magic PL1
:sengoku3:00000000:102C5D:00000032:FFFFFFFF:Invincibility PL1
:sengoku3:00000000:1083DB:00000040:FFFFFFFF:Infinite Combo Time PL1
:sengoku3:00000000:1083EA:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Always Syuriken PL1
:sengoku3:00000000:1083EA:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Always Kunai PL1
:sengoku3:00000000:1083EA:00000002:FFFFFFFF:Always Bomb PL1
:sengoku3:00000000:1083EA:00000003:FFFFFFFF:Always Saucer PL1
:sengoku3:00000000:1083CA:00000005:FFFFFFFF:Play as Okuni PL1
:sengoku3:00000000:1083CA:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Play as Byacci PL1
:sengoku3:00000000:102D13:00000060:FFFFFFFF:Infinite Energy PL2
:sengoku3:00000000:108409:00000009:FFFFFFFF:Infinite Throwing Stars PL2
:sengoku3:00000000:108401:00000038:FFFFFFFF:Infinite Magic PL2
:sengoku3:00000000:102D57:00000032:FFFFFFFF:Invincibility PL2
:sengoku3:00000000:1083F9:00000040:FFFFFFFF:Infinite Combo Time PL2
:sengoku3:00000000:108408:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Always Syuriken PL2
:sengoku3:00000000:108408:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Always Kunai PL2
:sengoku3:00000000:108408:00000002:FFFFFFFF:Always Bomb PL2
:sengoku3:00000000:108408:00000003:FFFFFFFF:Always Saucer PL2
:sengoku3:00000000:1083CC:00000005:FFFFFFFF:Play as Okuni PL2
:sengoku3:00000000:1083CC:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Play as Byacci PL2
:sengoku3:62000000:000000:00000000:00000000:Select Cartridge/NeoGeo Type:Use in conjuction with the 'Skip RAM/ROM Checks' cheat for the best effect, then enable it and reset. The Home (NEOGEO) setting may open up other aspects of the game or it may even make the game unplayable.
:sengoku3:00010000:10FD82:00000080:FFFFFFFF:Arcade (MVS)
:sengoku3:00010000:10FD82:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Home (NEOGEO)
:sengoku3:A0B80000:C1315C:6000EB08:51CFFFF2:Skip RAM/ROM Checks:Also allows a quicker start-up without the green screens. It's better to use together with Pre-Enable.:Euro + Japan-S2 BIOSs
:sengoku3:A0B90000:C1314E:6000EB16:51CFFFF2:Skip RAM/ROM Checks (2/6):Euro-S1 + Japan-S1 BIOSs
:sengoku3:A0B90000:C131E8:6000EA52:51CFFFF2:Skip RAM/ROM Checks (3/6):US BIOS
:sengoku3:A0B90000:C13184:6000EAB6:51CFFFF2:Skip RAM/ROM Checks (4/6):US-E BIOS
:sengoku3:A0B90000:C1212E:6000EB36:51CFFFF2:Skip RAM/ROM Checks (5/6):Asia BIOS
:sengoku3:A0B90000:C134FA:6000E892:51CFFFF2:Skip RAM/ROM Checks (6/6):Japan BIOS

Sengoku 3 is feudal fun!Sengoku 3 is the final entry in the Sengoku series, a series of beat ‘em ups that featured a pair of heroes battling through modern cityscapes, as well as the heavens while battling a variety of demonic samurai from feudal japan. While the first three titles in the series were developed by ADK and released early in the Neo Geo’s life, Sengoku Legends 2001 was released eight years after its predecessor by Noise Factory. While Noise Factory could have cashed in on reviving an old franchise and did the bare minimum, Noise Factory decided to completely overhaul the franchise, resulting in a game that not only looks and plays better than any other game in the series, it stands out as the best beat ‘em up on the Neo. The GraphicsThe first thing you’ll notice when playing Sengoku 3 is the graphics. Huge, well animated sprites fill the screen.

For Sengoku 3 on the Neo Geo, GameFAQs has 4 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs). Sengoku 3 (戦国伝承2001, Sengoku Denshō 2001) is a side-scrolling beat up game developed by Noise Factory and published by SNK. The game is the third and final title of the Sengoku series. It was released in arcades on October 25, 2001.

The four main characters you can choose from are all extremely detailed and feature flashy combos and special attacks. The stages are equally as interesting, with multiple backgrounds per stage, vibrant colors, and lots of enemies on screen.Oftentimes you’ll be fighting four or five enemies at once, and slowdown and flickering are uncommon in even the most chaotic brawl. Kurenai unleashes a whirlwind of blades on some female assassinsSound and MusicAnother area where Sengoku 3 shines is in the audio department. Sounds are crisp, impacts are full of bass, and the stereo effects are very impressive. Every hit sounds like it counts, and the voice and sound effects are all clear and distinct. The music is also very impressive, with tunes that are largely Japanese inspired, and fit the action quite nicely.

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The tracks are epic and memorable, setting the tone for the battles and generally fitting the mood of the stages very well. When Kongoh is up to bat undead samurai get knocked out of the parkGame PlayWhile the original games in the series were traditional beat ‘em ups with a very limited moveset and linear stage progression, Sengoku 3 mixes things up by adding a deep combo system, four playable characters (plus two bonus characters who you unlock after defeating them), and the ability to choose the path you wish to take to complete the stages. The amount of variety is really unlike any other beat ‘em up on the Neo Geo, and the game is all the better for it. Being able to choose which order to tackle the stages determines when you can unlock some of the best characters in the game, which can potentially be a great help in clearing some of the earlier stages.My only real gripe about the game play comes from even the most basic enemies having a bit too much health, and it can make it feel like the stage progression is a bit slow, but this is forgivable due to the fact that the combo system would be much less interesting if enemies took less hits to bring down. Stringing together long and devastating combos is the key to quickly clearing a screen, and it’s damn fun. Another issue is that the final boss is a but of a quarter muncher. He is completely devastating, but this is a bit of a norm for the genre.

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Final ThoughtsWhile beat ‘em ups aren’t necessarily in short supply on the Neo Geo, Sengoku 3 is certainly the finest one on the system. Great graphics, excellent sound, and depth of fighting mechanics make Sengoku 3 the brawler to beat for the Neo. The game is a lengthy adventure, and great fun with a friend.

If you’re looking for a brawler with some meat on its bones, Sengoku 3 is definitely worth your time. Final Verdict: 4/5Available on: Neo Geo (Reviewed); Publisher: SNK; Developer: SNK; Players: 1; Release Date: February 12, 1991.