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When I started playing this game (Engineer career), I wasn't really sure if I had to meet all the bonus challenges in one go or not. So, I started building the tracks trying to meet all the commendations AND all the bonus challenges as well.- You will find here some clips I made, showing you step by step which track part I used and eventually what direction I bended or how many degrees it got twisted. I don't expect you to copy-paste exactly the 'blueprints' I made. It's more to help you guide through it.- For the commendations, you might notice that changing minor parts on the track can have a great impact on the outcome. If 'Nausea' goes into the red zone, try for example to put brakes right before when the drivers get into the red Nausea zone.- Key is to keep Screams, Intensity, and Nausea in the green zone from beginning to the end to get the maximum score.- As for the scoring system, I don't know how the mechanics work in this game. When testing a track, you will see you get an overall score. Oddly enough, if you launch the same track over again without changing anything, you will notice that the overall end score will be different.

Don't ask me why.- As for the vids, I decided mid-way in the career to start recording them to share them with others to help out. I also recorded the more challenging ones. The others are much easier to do.- If you made a vid of your own that is missing in this solution and which you'd like to share with others, please send me the link on YT and I'll update this solution giving you the credits of course.And now, onto the vids!Series 1: The Populous LabsLevel 1: BehemothNo vid!Level 2: Changing TackNo vid!Level 3: Recursive LoopNo vid!Level 4: Substation.

There aren’t enough theme park games on modern consoles. When I was young, theme park management and roller coaster construction games were a dime a dozen, but now you’ll be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t charge you $0.99 to restore your energy.That’s why was such a pleasant surprise. It’s basically the LittleBigPlanet of roller coaster games, giving the community a huge selection of tools to build their own rides.In this video, I explain the basics of the single-player campaign and then jump straight into the custom levels. The community is the lifeblood of ScreamRide, and there are already some great levels in each of the three modes: ScreamRider, Demolition Expert and Engineer.

Microsoft is bringing Frontier Developments Screamride to Xbox One with a lot of carnage. Check out the.

Plantera theme remix. In Plantera you build your own garden and watch it grow with new plants, bushes, trees and animals.As you play and expand your garden you will attract helpers, round blue creatures that will help you pick up things and harvest your plants.If you want you can pluck trees and harvest plants yourself, or let your helpers do the work for you while you watch or build and invest in new plants. Hunt them out yourself or invest in a guard dog to keep the order.Go up in level to unlock new plants, bushes, trees and animals and continue to expand and improve your garden! The helpers will even continue to work while you are not playing the game, and some new gold should always be waiting for you on your return!It is good to keep your eyes open though as sometimes some mean critters will invade your garden.