Rogue Ninja Boruto

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In Boruto, does Boruto have Sasuke's headband (from the original Naruto series)? If so, why does Boruto have Sasuke's headband? Or will Boruto abandon Konoha sometime in the future, and put a missing-nin slash on his headband?This question was inspired by the above image. Also, what does the extra scar (which matches with Boruto's eye scar) mean? If that is Sasuke's headband, why would Boruto wear it instead of his own? Also wasn't Sasuke's headband blue, not black?I would appreciate any canon references that explain this. In the Boruto movie (which was released way before the Boruto manga/anime), after Boruto cheats on the chuunin examination, Naruto disqualifies him and takes his bandana from him.

Rogue Ninja Boruto

Later on, after Naruto is abducted, when Boruto shows determination to rescue his father, Sasuke is shown to give him 'something', the scene cuts without showing what it is but in the next scene, just before they go through the portal Sasuke made, Boruto puts on a 'scarred' bandana so it's implied it IS Sasuke's rogue ninja bandana. Later on he's shown with a normal bandana though, no clue whatsoever wether it was returned or not.The bandana shown in that pic is one that you have to tie in the back, while the bandanas shown in the current series are mostly elastic ones (including Boruto's), which prompts me to believe that it's not Boruto's own bandana but an older ninja's, it very well may be Sasuke's given Boruto's attachment and admiration for him.

Danzo attempted to extract the Nine Tails from Naruto, but he failed. Wizard101 test realm 2019. Yet he managed to fill Naruto's head with lies. Having no choice but to flee Konoha, Naruto disappears for the next 3 years. He chooses to live with one purpose in life, destroy the Akatsuki.

Boruto becoming a Rogue Ninja Evidence and Counter Evidence from Anime and Manga. EVIDENCE-At the beginning of the anime, Boruto is represented without his headband (it was in this back pocket), implying he has disassociated himself with Konoha, like Sasuke did.

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