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[[Reflexive Entertainment]][[Category:Reflexive Entertainment]]
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Ricochet Infinity is the fourth installment in the Ricochetvideo game series by Reflexive Entertainment. Similar to the best selling titles before it (Ricochet Xtreme, Ricochet Lost Worlds and Ricochet Lost Worlds: Recharged it is another brick busting adventure. Similar toAtari'sBreakout game, the purpose of each level is to destroy all of the bricks on the screen. All of the Reflexive Ricochet games have been far more stylized than Breakout. Unlike the other series, it has a Level Downloader to download created levels.

I've been trying to run Reflexive's Ricochet Infinity game on my computer, it worked find once before, but now avast is marking it as a Trojan. Forums.bigfishgames.com/faqs/list.pageRemoved by Moderatora copy it to your Ricochet Infinity folder named 'Rounds'.

Another aspect of the game is to collect as many of the Golden Rings as you can. There are a maximum of five rings per level, and some can be a challenge. Some are well-hidden, and others are in plain view but may be difficult to access.

As new level sets appear each week, there is an 'infinite' amount of gameplay available here.

Around the 7th of December 2017, the official website that hosted all user-made levels and the forums for both the Ricochet and the Big Kahuna series were permanently shut down because they were no longer sustainable to run.[1]

Powerups[editedit source]

Weapon/ PowerupPower-up icon appearanceUse
Safety BumperYellow curved Laser-like line

This powerup with a yellow laser-like appearance keeps Ion Spheres fromgoing out-of-bounds. It doesn't last long when you have a Laser ball,so you've got a choice to make!

Extra Ion SphereGreen Arrow pointing upGives one extra life or the Ion Sphere (the ball used in breaking the bricks)
Slow2 counterclockwise yellow arrowsMakes the movement of the Ion Sphere slower or decreases its speed.
Fast2 counterclockwise red arrowsMakes the movement of the Ion Sphere faster or increases its speed.
Laser Blaster GunGray Gun Icon with Green BackgroundConnects Laser Blasters to both sides of the ship. Unless you get another laser gun powerup, you may only shoot from one side at a time.
EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse)4 Yellow Lights surrounding Center of power-up and with Green Background

EMP Generator (Ion Sphere); EMP Charger (Ship); If the player pressesthe left mouse button, it will discharge the EMP and destroy all thebricks in the vicinity of the ball. However, the ion sphere will thenlose its charge and must hit the ship's shield to recharge.

Acid BallGreen Acidic Ball IconMakes the Ion Sphere be in an acidic form that melts even indestructible bricks.
Fire BallYellow-brown Fire Ball iconTurns the Ion Sphere into a ball of fire that could destroy any brick and the bricks around that brick, even if it is a multi-hit or indestructible one.
Rail BallBlack ball with blue lightning-shaped lineTurns the Ion Sphere into a blue-white ball that destroys almost every brick in its path, including multi-hit or indestructible bricks, without speeding up or slowing down.
Normal ShipRed Ship IconRestores the ship into its normal functions. Also removing any kind of weapon accepted by the ship.
FreezeBlue ship on a red backgroundFreezes your ship for 2.5 seconds. If you survive the freezing process, a survival bonus is added.
Shield ShrinkerRed diamond with arrows going towards the centerShrinks and shortens the ship's shield.
Shield ExpanderBlue diamond with arrows going outward towards the sidesExpands and lengthens the ship's shield.
Small BallRed circle moving inwardsShrinks the Ion Sphere.
Normal BallIon Sphere IconRestores the original Ion Sphere appearance
Nuclear BeamYellow-black Nuke icon on a green backgroundWhen the left mouse button is clicked, this powerup will destroy almost all bricks in its path.
Ball Generating Ball or Ball GeneratorFour trapped Balls Surrounding center of power-up and with Green Background

Makes the ball generate a 'trapped ball' anytime it destroys a brick orcollects a coin. Touch the trapped balls at the ship's deflector, itwill become a normal ball.

Laser BallDark Grey Ball with Violet Dots and lasers coming out of it on Green Background

Converts your Ion Sphere into a self-minded trigger-happy drone, thatshoots purple laser beams at nearby bricks. The more laser ballpowerups you get, the more rapidly the ion sphere shoots.

BlossomWhite-blue blossom on black backgroundCharges the Ion Sphere with destructive plasma that can be discharged in every direction from the ball when clicked. Also attaches a plasma charger to the ship. When the Ion Sphere is returned to the ship, the destructive plasma is recharged to the ball.
Stinger Missile Launcher2 Missiles with green Background

Enables the ship to shoot missiles that home in on nearby bricks. Likethe laser gun, you can only shoot from one side at a time until you getanother stinger missile powerup. Thereafter, more stinger missilepowerups means that you may shoot multiple missiles from one side, orthat the stinger missiles become more powerful.

Meg-O Blaster Gun1 Bazooka ammo charge with green backgroundEnables the ship to shoot explosive bazooka charges that destroy a group of bricks. Like the laser gun or the Stinger Missile launcher, you can only shoot from one side at a time until you catch another Meg-O blaster powerup. Therefore, more of these powerups means that mutiple bazooka charges may be shot from one side, or the bazooka charges become more powerful.
Ball CatcherBlue Lightning-like catcher on Black Background

Enables the ball to stick to the ship's deflector. The player mustclick the left mouse button to re-launch the ball. But if the playerwishes to avoid catching the ball, the player can hold down the leftmouse button. As long as the button is held down, the ball will bouncenormally and not caught.

3 Way Ball SplitNumber 3 with 3 rotating cyan dots around itOne Ion Sphere multiplies itself by 3.
8 Way Ball SplitNumber 8 with 8 rotating cyan dots around itOne Ion sphere multiplies itself by 8.
Sight LaserGreen laser with black backgroundThe ball projects a harmless laser that shows exactly where it is going to go.
Ship HelperBlack ship icon with yellow lines on the sides with a green backgroundAdds bumpers to the sides of the ship. Unlike the Safety Bumper, these bumpers move along with the ship and can be hit a lot of times.
Ship SpecialtyBlack ship with yellow star on a light blue backgroundActivates a ship's specialty. Every ship has its own specialty, which can be read about in the main menu of the game. This power up changes what it does depending on what ship you are using when you pick it up.
Lightning BallYellow lightning symbol on green backgroundMakes the Ion Sphere become a ball of the electricity, which discharges at the brick closest to it. Catch up to five of those powerups and the distance of the electrical zap increases.
ProbePurple-pink oval with white dotAttaches a Probe charger to your ship and a probe to every ship you have. When clicked, the probe is released from the ball towards your ship, destroying almost every brick in between.
BombBlack bomb with red lineIf caught, destroys your entire ship, losing a life. If destroyed by a ball or a gun, awards 500 to 1,000 points.

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