Realm Defense Level 20

There are six mount locations in the Under Realm. Some of these areas are in dangerous PvP zones. Five of the six locations spawn two predetermined, level two mounts and a few level one mounts. Three locations spawn epic mounts, and only two of those areas are in PVP zones. Some spawn locations are home to epic enemies and deadly world bosses.

The forces of evil are relentless in their onslaught and it is only a matter of time before they take over the world. It is up to you and your group of heroes to protect the world in Realm Defense. This tower defense game for iOS and Android lets you command heroes and build towers to defend the land from the incoming enemy waves. The hordes of enemy get stronger with each stage. You will need to depend on our Realm Defense strategy guide in order to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed by the endless enemy attacks!

1. Place Towers In Key Points

As soon as you enter the first map, you will see that you can only build towers in certain points. There are multiple points for you to build towers scattered throughout the map and you can choose which points to use. You don’t need to fill all the points with towers, however. It is more effective to place towers in key points. Otherwise you will find yourself scrambling for resources as the enemies just slide across the map.

2. Upgrade Your Towers

Once you have determined which points would make the best spots for building towers, focus on upgrading the towers on those points. Do not waste time and resources adding unnecessary towers. Stronger towers in the right spots are all you need to win each round. Once you have maxed out the towers and you still have time and resources left, then you are free to fill the rest of the map as you wish.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Make Difficult Choices

There will be stages wherein you have already invested in placing towers but realize that enemies are still getting through. During those times you will have to make the difficult decision to tear down the towers you already have in order to replace them with more effective towers. You will have to make this decision quickly as the more time you waste hesitating, the more enemies will be able to get through. Learn to adapt to the situation. Keep in mind that wasting a tower or two is better than wasting your time on a losing stage.

4. Recruit Heroes

Heroes add a bit of spice to this tower defense game. You can place Heroes anywhere on the map and they will protect the area that you assign to them. The down side of using Heroes is that they die if they take too much damage and will not be useable until the end of the stage. You also cannot give direct commands to them so you will have to hope that they will do their job correctly when you assign them to a spot.

5. Aim For A Perfect Rating

At the end of each stage, you will be given a star rating. The highest star rating that you can achieve is a 3-star rating. Always try to get 3 stars in every stage as you will get better bonus rewards for doing so. If you fail to get a perfect rating during your first run, just keep trying the same stage until you master it. Protect your land from evil invaders. Just follow our Realm Defense strategy guide to make sure no enemy is able to get through your defenses!

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