Prize Fighters Cody Cross

Question: Prize fighters. Answer: Boxers. Information about the game CodyCross: Crossword. CodyCross: Crossword is an ingenious puzzle.

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A match fought between professional boxers for money.
prize′fight′ing n.


(ˈpraɪzˌfaɪt) n
(Boxing) a boxing match for a prize or purse, esp one of the fights popular in the 18th and 19th centuries


or prize′ fight`,

Noun1.prizefight - a boxing match between professional boxers for a cash prize
boxing match - a match between boxers; usually held in a boxing ring
Verb1.prizefight - box for a prize or money
athletics, sport - an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition

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CodyCross, Crossword Puzzles is first released in March 2017. In the same year CodyCross won the “Best of 2017 Google Play store”. I just opened the Google Play Link of this game and found that until now (April 2019) this game has more than 10.000.000 installations. This is huge and this game can break every record. CodyCross is developed by Fanatee, Inc and can be played in 6 languages: Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Italiano and Portugues. We have posted here the solutions of English version and soon will start solving other language puzzles.

The game consists on solving crosswords while exploring different sceneries. Solving every clue and completing the puzzle will reveal the secret word. In more simple words you can have fun while testing your knowledge in different fields.

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So here we have solved and posted the solution of: Prize Fighters from Puzzle 4 Group 224 from Medieval Times CodyCross.