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And make the invasion prizes a bit higher because it takes a lot of time to get a gold tier general. World conqueror 2 midway islands Please add more generals and please make a section in which we can create our own levels.

Probing Platypus Evolution February 6, 2009—National Geographic researchers are trying to collect DNA samples from these odd duck-billed mammals to determine whether there are separate subspecies. Given the similarities between monotremes and marsupials, it may likewise be logical to propose animals such as the duck-billed platypus have evolved from another placental mammal. Evolution is not driven by random genetic changes as the atheistic scientific community would have us believe. Instead genetic recombination is responsible for the.

Platypus Evolution is Cow Evolution with a fresh coat of paint. You merge platypuses together and turn them from small ones, to adults, to mutants, and then to even crazier and crazier versions of the platypus, with more eyes, more heads, and most importantly, more duckbills! Of course, you can gain all kinds of coins and diamonds in the process. Read on for some tips and tricks for Platypus Evolution!Keep the boxes coming and merge platypuses together to increase your coin earnings and unlock new forms. Purchase the tractor in order to keep the coins coming after you shut off or minimize the game.

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Surprisingly, not only will the coins keep coming, but this is also the only way to keep the boxes coming while you are still offline.If you want to collect your tractor earnings right away, then set the time ahead by however long the limit of the tractor is, or less. If you do this, though, then do not set the time back to normal without going to sleep or some other long time away from the game because if you do, the game will penalize you by taking away the tractor for an entire day.After you unlock the planetary view, the alien will come around and start asking you for different platypuses. Give him what he wants and you will get rubies that you can spend on Mars. You’ll unlock a whole subset of platypuses here, too, although they will earn you rubies a whole lot more slowly than the ones on earth will earn you coins.You can watch a free ad video in order to get a platypus from the store at times, instead of having to spend coins.

In addition, you can get free diamonds for sharing the game on Facebook or Twitter. You can get a whole lot more of them just by merging and tapping your platypuses, though.Go to the highest unlocked view and you can tap over and over to make your platypus poop again and again. Each poop earns coins, and high value poops can earn a ton of coins. If you set your phone down, leave it on the high view so that the huge mutants make valuable poops.