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Find the reviews on the Best Ping Pong Paddles Reviews in this article, and get our ratings for different products right here, by performance, efficiency, and user reviews.

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If you want to buy the Top Recommended system among all the listed options, then opt for the STIGA Evolution Ping PongPaddles. This paddle makes use of ITTF approved rubber in the making of it and includes SDT(Shock Dispersion Technology).

For others who have got budget issues, they can opt for the MAPOL 4-Star Ping Pong Paddle. You will get a great Spin and Control feature on this product. This includes two paddles in one package, thus making it worthy of the money invested.

The Winners: Best Ping Pong Paddles Reviews

Ping Pong PaddlesRatings
#1 Our Recommendation: STIGA Evolution9.9 Stars
#2 STIGA Pro Carbon9.7 Stars
#3 STIGA Pure Color Advance9.5 Stars
#4 Killerspin JETSET 29.3 Stars
#5 STIGA Classic Paddle Set9 Stars
#6 Slyspin Rapture8.7 Stars
#7 MAPOL 4 Star Advanced8.7 Stars
#8 Caleson Ping Pong Paddle8.5 Stars
#9 Killerspin JETBlack Ping Pong Paddle8.3 Stars
#10 Champion Sports 5-Ply Sand Face8 Stars
Playing any sport is considered to be one of the best exercises. This helps in maintaining good health, as well as keeps your mind at peace. We have been getting more queries regarding the Best models in this Fun Ping Pong Paddles department. And there you go, we are here with the Top Recommendations for you.


  • #10 Champion Sports 5-Ply Sand Face
    • Best Killerspin Ping Pong Paddles

#1 Our Recommendation: STIGA Evolution Ping Pong Paddle

The first Ping Pong Paddle which tops the list is the STIGA Evolution Racket, and we will check out detailed information about it. You will find many levels included for each racket, and this comes from the Performance Level type.

We will understand more about the product in the coming section.


It can be used for tournament matches since the product is found to be of that quality. The rubber used here is approved by the ITTF one, which is one of the major Quality Standards. It has got SDT in it, and SDT means Shock Dispersion Technology.

The Performance Ratings given for this Ping Pong Paddle is given as- For speed, the score is 96. The spin and control feature scores are given as 94 and 90 respectively.

Product Specs

The dimensions of the Ping Pong Paddle is given as 10 inches for the length, and the width is around 5.75 inches on this. We found that the weight is around 170 grams for this Table Tennis Racket. Talking about the grip here, the handle present here is mainly designed keeping in mind the shake hand grip.

Here you will find some decrease in the blade weight, and this helps in improving the rate of recovery in this. Also, the product includes Nano Composite Technology which keeps the bonds tighter within the product. This helps in increasing the spin quality of the racket and ultimately improving your game!

  • It is seen all worth of the money invested in getting this Ping Pong Paddle
  • Customer Service team is reportedly great of this product
  • The quality of the Racket is found to be good, with good build quality
  • One extra quality of spin is present with this Paddle set
  • Some complaints related to the quality of the Ping Pong Paddle was reported

This product has been used by many of the users, and most of them have liked it. Checking the cost factor, you could get this at a pretty good rate, and we will call it a reasonable rate. Almost all the buyers can afford this, and get the best experience while playing Table Tennis.

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#2 STIGA Pro Carbon Ping Pong Paddle

The next product is also offered by STIGA, and this is also one performance level Paddle. From the name itself you could guess something that it includes something related to the Carbon. Yes, you will find Carbon Technology which provides the right speed and power in the required amount.We will check out more about this Table Tennis Racket in the next section.


We got a brief intro on the Ping Pong Paddle; we will now get into some more details here. The rubber used in this product is ITTF approved, similar to the previous Table Tennis Paddle option.

The Performance scores given for factors like Speed, Spin, and Control are 99, 100, and 80 respectively. From this, you could know that the factor of Spin is a bit weak found here.

Product Specs

The dimensions of the product are given as 2 x 6.2 x 21.5 in inches. And the weight factor is almost 159 grams for this Ping Pong paddle.

There are many technologies used in this product, and some of them include Carbon Tech, ACS, WRB (for weight balance), Balsa wood used for increasing the speed time here. Other than these, this paddle also makes use of ITTF approved rubber only.

  • Properties of Spin and Speed is found to be exceptionally great for this
  • The materials used in the making of the Ping Pong Paddle is of high quality. Thus you will get good quality product
  • You can easily handle it, and the serve is found to be great in this
  • Good deal for the bucks paid for this Table Tennis Racket
  • The main drawback present here is related to the control, that is one experienced player will handle the racket better than a newbie player
  • Some issues with the condition of the Ping Pong Paddle were found here

Again, this product has been used and reviewed by a good number of Amazon users. More than half of the users have given complete stars rating for this Ping Pong Paddle. Also, this racket comes at an economical rate.

#3 STIGA Pure Color Advance

The next product on the list is STIGA Pure Color Advance, and this comes with an added flare of it. Some of the key features included here are ACS technology, increase in speed with the crystal technology. This same feature helps in providing you with hard blades on it.

The rubber used in this are of 3 stars, and the handle used in this are concave in shape. This includes 1.5mm sponge material on it and a 5-ply blade in it. Checking out the performance ratings of this product, it has got speed, spin and control with 75, 65, and 65 points respectively.


We will begin with the technologies adopted by this set of Ping Pong paddles here. One of them is the ACS technology, and in this technique, a large number of air capsules are placed within a rubber material. This helps with providing elasticity, and also adds the quality of speed into the object.

And, the next key feature is the Crystal Technology. This feature tries to harden the surface of the blades here. The final product will be high with the speed quality in it.

Product Specs

The dimensions of this Ping Pong paddle is given as 7.8 x 12.3 x 2 in inches. This bat has been called as an offensive choice you could make, with the perfect color shades in it.

  • Great price and you will be surprised with the quality of this Ping Pong paddle.
  • Find the ACS technology used here, and this helps in improving the control feature here
  • This is the best choice of Ping Pong Paddle, for all the beginner players out there
  • The product comes along with an added flare with it
  • This is not much good regarding performance like the STIGA Pro Carbon. But it is pretty good deal for the price
  • Some durability issues were reported against this

Checking out the price details, anyone can easily afford this product. It has received many positive reviews by the Amazon users, and more than half of them have given complete stars.

#4 Killerspin JETSET 2 Ping Pong Paddle

Next paddle on the list is the Killerspin JETSET 2, and here you will receive the paddles and also the balls along with it. For the sake of providing control, and the spin features in it, This has got 1.5mm rubber material include with this.

The thickness of the blade here is 5.6mm, and it also includes wood blade of 5-ply quality. If you are ordering the set from Amazon, you will be getting 2 Ping Pong Paddles, and 3 table tennis balls with it.


The main categories regarding scoring are given as Power, Spin, and finally, Control. If you are considering the scores out of 10, the product scores 6 in Power, 7 in Spin, and 9 in Control.

After checking out the control level provided here, you can understand the level of precision provided here. And you will find the trademark red and black rubbers on the Ping Pong Paddles here.

Product Specs

Dimensions are given as 7 x 11 x 2 in inches. The product weighs around 13.6 ounces here, and the firm we are talking about is into manufacturing premium quality products. Also, you could get tables for the table tennis for the home environment, as well as for the professional game.

  • You could get to use quality paddles with less money investment
  • Quality of the product is decent, and here you will get good control over the Ping Pong paddle
  • It has been reportedly better compared to other high-priced Table Tennis rackets
  • The paddles found here have got some quality issues with it
  • Some defected units didn’t have the control feature in it. This proves to be hard for the beginners.

This is one of the best affordable options you can make. If you wish to buy a cheap and a good quality Ping Pong paddle, then this could be a good choice you could make. Also, many users have given a thumbs up for this product on Amazon.

#5 STIGA Classic Ping Pong Paddle Set

Find the best recreational quality product for your family here. The components included in one Package here include four rackets and three balls with 1 star printed on it. We will check on the product quality.

Talking about the rackets, they are straight handled one, 5-Ply blade, and comes with a fine surface here. The scores in terms of Speed, Spin, and Control are given as 24, 28 and 48 respectively.


We already mentioned that the product has got four rackets in them, and so you could easily play doubles game using this. Also, it best suits for the users who are at the beginner’s level, as it is easy to handle.

You will find classic, hard rackets in this, and the balls provided come with a 1 star printed on it. This set of Good Ping Pong Paddles has been approved by the USA Table Tennis organization. It suits the best with the STIGA Table Tennis Table very well.

Product Specs

Dimensions of the product are 18 x 12 x 3 in inches, and it weighs around 1.3 pounds. The balls which come along with this Nice Ping Pong Paddles here, are of the table tennis regulation size only. The size is found to be 40mm here and has got 1 star printed on it.

  • The paddles are thin in shape, and also are high in quality too
  • You can easily move the paddles because of the thin shape, and the spin is also found to be great
  • This product comes at a reasonable rate, and so it is affordable for all
  • It gives you a professional feel while playing with it.
  • The paddles require a tiring maintenance since many users have complaint regarding the same
  • Another issue reported for this is that holding this paddle is found to be difficult for some

You could get easy access to this STIGA Paddle with a low investment here. Many users have used this product, by ordering it via Amazon. Many users have recommended this product for the users. At this price, you won’t get any better Ping Pong Paddle.

#6 Slyspin Rapture Ping Pong Paddle

Next on the list is the Slyspin Rapture Ping Pong Paddle, and it uses carbon technology for the making of it. The handles are made of high-quality wood, and the rubber used in this are of the premium quality standards.

We will check out more about the product in the section below.


The main features which determine the quality of the Ping Pong Paddles are Spin, Speed, and Control.

On the scale of 1-10, these three factors are marked with the scores like 8 points for the Spin, 8 for the Speed, and finally 8 for the Control aspect.

Product Specs

This Ping Pong Paddle is specifically designed for the intermediate players. If you wish to brush up or sharpen your Ping Pong game skills, then this paddle will help you in the best way!

This Paddle weighs around 8.8 ounces.

Also, the paddle includes a unique feature of high-bounce sponge here. These sponges will help you in giving high-speed shots to the opponent, and leave them in wonder!

  • The product is found to be all worth the price paid for getting it
  • It has got speed and control features, at the best level
  • You could outstanding games using this Ping Pong Paddle, with the right grip found here
  • Also, you could easily try out different spins on this paddle
  • Issues with the spinning has been found in this
  • It is recommended to you the product carefully since they are less like the casual ones.

Here, you won’t be provided with any grip on the handle. The only wooden handle is present on this.

This paddle has not been much reviewed by users, and you will find one plastic cover in which the paddle is delivered. Till now, a high majority of the users have given complete ratings for the object. Cost is comparatively higher than the previous model, but still, it comes in the reasonable category only.

#7 MAPOL 4 Star Ping Pong Paddle Advanced

MAPOL Ping Pong Paddle has got good control and spin feature in it. The wood blade used in this is the 7-ply one and is found to be a bit heavier weighted, compared to the other paddles discussed so far.

Specially selected rubber is used in the making of the paddle, and it also includes sponge of 2mm size. Handles are found to be comfortable ones here, and it includes two paddles in one package here. These paddles come along in a carry bag, which helps in carrying the paddles easily by you.


The Ping Pong Paddles which we are checking out here are of the advanced level. This product is not much suitable for the children.

The main deciding factor of this product remains the Weight. Some people enjoy the heavy nature, whereas some may prefer the lighter ones. The weight is a bit on a higher side here, so there are some users who may not prefer this feature.

Whereas for the beginners, this feature may be more suiting one. Since they will learn how to deal with heavy weighted systems in the beginning, and then move to the lighter Ping Pong Paddles.

Product Specs

This Paddle weighs around 1.2 pounds and is a bit heavy weighted as mentioned before. Also, the rubber present on both the sides is thick in nature.

If you are a pro in Table Tennis, then the heaviness may not suit well for you.

  • Cost is affordable, and thus many users can get access to the product
  • Some people have mentioned that the product is more worth the price
  • The build quality of the paddle is found to be good here
  • The feature of durability is bit questionable, by some user reviews
  • It is found to be heavy according to some users

You could buy these Ping Pong Paddles at a good price on Amazon. This product has not been tried by many users yet. But more than half of the buyers have loved this system! Worth considering.

#8 Caleson Ping Pong Paddle

The next Ping Pong Paddle is by the Caleson brand. This paddle is of the performance level brand, and the rubber used in this is approved by the ITTF. This kind of rubber is used in the making of tournament playing products.

This makes use of Carbon Technology, which provides Power and Speed. You will also find Ergo Grip technique used in the making of the Ping Pong Paddle.


It is a high-tech paddle which is made of Carbon Fibre. This fiber provides the feature of speed and spins in the racket. Checking the Performance ratings for this product, this comes with the score of 85, 90, and 82 regarding Speed, Spin, and Control.

The properties of Speed and Spin are found to be great in this all-wood racket. Comparing all the wooden Ping Pong Paddles, this product has got the best spin and speed in it.

Product Specs

The dimensions of the product are given as 10.2 x 5.9 x 0.9 in inches. It weighs around 7 ounces. The increase in the speed is because of the presence of Carbon Fibre in it. It includes ranges of common wood builds with 5 and seven plywood.

It can be used for the beginner player, as it also comes at an affordable price. There is no reason to hate this product.

  • The product is heavy comparatively, but it provides the right kind of speed while playing
  • Spin feature is also rightly present in this. Thus you could play your shots during the game
  • Professionals have also loved this product, and it is said to provide correct control
  • The factor of Speed is bit lacking on this Ping Pong Paddle
  • Some people found the weight of the product high in this

This product comes at a reasonable price, and thus anyone can afford it for best game. Also, there are not many people who have used this product; overall ratings are found to be great here.

#9 Killerspin JETBlack Ping Pong Paddle

The name of the brand itself says Killerspin so, you could get the idea of the level of the Spin feature present in this. Yes, if you are looking out for Ping Pong Paddle with the best spinning feature, then consider this product and try it out for yourself.

We will understand more about the product in the section below.


You will get the chance to use quality Ping Pong paddle here, which provides you with great control feature. Also, you will get to see that the paddle gives the best precision, with the functional features of the racket.

We will now check the Performance scores for this paddle here. The decision-making factors include Speed, Control, and finally Spin. On the scale of 10, Speed, Control, and Spin are rated as 6.8, 9, and 8.2 respectively.

Product Specs

The weight of the Ping Pong Paddle is given as 10.4 ounces. The material used in the making includes 5-ply wood here and provides you with the light-weighted product.

In one package of the Killerspin JETBlack Ping Pong, you will get one JET Black racket and one black case here. This case is capable of carrying two rackets and 4 Ping Pong balls.

In this product, five layers of wood are present, and the jet black provides the best quality and comfort for the players.

  • The Spinning feature is one of the main highlights in this Ping Pong Paddle
  • Good quality racket, which comes at an economical price
  • If you wish to take the Ping Pong game to the next level from Beginner’s, then this is the right choice for you
  • The rubber coating comes off within six months of use, and this is because it has not been rightly glued
  • It is found to be a bit heavy for some of the users

The average Amazon ratings of this Ping Pong Paddles are found to be great. Checking out the cost, it is a bit higher in cost compared to the previous model, but still, it comes under the affordable by all category.

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#10 Champion Sports 5-Ply Sand Face

And now we have reached at the final product here, and this is brought to you by Champion Sports. This paddle is now available at a great discounted price on Amazon. So you can check it out on the Amazon website if you are willing to buy this Ping Pong Paddle.

We will check out more about the product in the following section.


This paddle makes use of 5-ply wood, and here the Sand design of the paddle is used. The ratings by Spin Speed and Control is given as 1, 5, and 8. The shape of the racket is straight, and the handle here is wooden as well as laminated.

There is a small warning with the use here, and that is you need to make sure that it is not used by three-year-olds. Here you will find Choking Hazard with this Ping Pong Paddle

Product Specs

The dimensions for this 5-Ply Sand Face racket is given as 10 x 6 x 1 in inches. And the weight is found to be 5.3 ounces.

Also, this paddle can be used by both beginners as well as a professional player. And this is because that the product is designed in such a way that almost any player can easily use it.

  • This includes Sandpaper design, which provides good amount of grip in the paddle
  • Also, you will find some decent spin as well as bounce property with this racket
  • The product comes at a very low price, and within one pack you will find only one racket
  • Here the quality of the paddles is bit questionable
  • And the sandpaper quality of the paddle could be improved more, as per some user’s reviews

The color we are checking out here is the Tan one. If you wish to get different colors of paddle here, then you could order them separately from the dealers. It can be used by both experienced as well as a newbie easily.

The price of the product is highly affordable, and till now the ratings of the product is found to be great. So if you are looking for cheap yet quality Ping Pong Paddle, then you could consider this option.

Best Brand-Wise Ping Pong Paddle Reviews

Best Sportscraft Ping Pong Paddles

There are not many Sportscraft TT Paddles available. Still, the one which is in demand is found to be the Contender model of the Sportscraft product. Even an amateur player could easily handle this racket.

The weight of this paddle is found to be 11.2 ounces. Therefore it can be handled well by almost all age group people. The ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is given as B003KIDFG0 for this Ping Pong Paddle.

The Performance Ratings of the product regarding Control, Speed, and Spin is given as 25, 21, 18 respectively. Here the paddle is made using 5-ply wood, and here you will find sponge backing. It also has got protective side tape which comes along with the Ping Pong Paddle.

You will find high-quality coating on this Table Tennis racket, and the handle found here is firm in nature. This firm grip provides the player to have the best experience with the spin and control feature.

Best Butterfly Ping Pong Paddles

This product is manufactured by the Butterfly, and the rubber used in this is quality one. This helps in providing the right kind of spin while playing the game.

Here the Top Recommendation remains the Butterfly 401 Shakehand Ping Pong Paddle.

It includes 2.1-millimeter sponge layer in it. Because of this layer, you will feel a springy feeling while using the racket. The surface is an inverted here. Thus the end product will be a durable one.

You will get one cover for carrying Paddle along with the product. Checking the Performance scores, in terms of Speed, Spin, and Control – and they are 8, 8, and 8.5 respectively.

This racket comes along with Butterfly Yuki rubber on both the sides. This rubber is pretty tacky in nature, and thus you could get good spin quality in this Ping Pong Paddle.

The Butterfly brand is into providing Sports Equipments for World Championship Tournaments. Therefore, you could never go wrong with the quality factor here.

Best Halex Ping Pong Paddles

Halex products have been liked by many users nowadays. They have been in the Sports business lately, and people have loved their products. The hardwood blade used here is 5-ply and 6mm in measurement.

The Recommended unit in the Halex systems is the Halex Velocity 1.0 Ping Pong Paddle.

The handle present here is a straight one, and it comes with protective tape on edge. Here you will find 1.5mm pipe-out rubber surface on this Ping Pong Paddle.

Dimensions are given as 0.9 x 7 x 11.5 in inches, and the weight is around 4.8 ounces for this racket. This can be easily used small children since it has got protective tape over the edge of the paddle. This is provided by Halex, and they come with a classic handle.

Best Stiga Ping Pong Paddles

It’s time for the most popular brands of all time, and that is Stiga. There are many Stiga products which have been recommended by us in the Top Recommended lists, discussed in the first section.

Another Best product among all the Stiga models is the Stiga Performance 4-Player Ping Pong Paddle Set. In the package, you will get 4 Paddles, along with six 3-star balls! The balls which come along with the package are approved by the ITTF standards.

You will also 90-days product return Warranty, for any manufacturing defects here.

The rubber found in the Ping Pong Paddle is kept in the inverted form, and this helps in providing the Control and Spin. This product is approved by the USATT standards.

Now, it’s to check the Performance scores of this Stiga Paddle here. The scores are based on Speed, Spin, and Control – and this product scores 38, 39, and 53 respectively.

Best Franklin Ping Pong Paddles

The Franklin is into making Professional TT paddle for competitive play. It has got rubber face, 5-ply hardwood blade, and a laminated wooden handle. The company says that the Ping Pong paddle offers the best results for the spin, control, and speed.

The Top Recommended here is the Franklin Sports Performance product.

Whether you are preparing for a competition, or you have challenged your friends/family, this will do wonders for you. The dimensions are given as 11.6 x 5.9 x 0.9 in inches, and the weight is given as 3.2 ounces.

If you are opting for the Amazon website, then you will get the product via the Add-on Program. This program is not available for a single product purchase on the website. Instead, you have to shop over some fixed amount, and then only this paddle will be available for purchase for you.

Best Killerspin Ping Pong Paddles

Killerspin is known for the innovative works done on a Ping Pong Paddle. They try their best to bring innovation and youth together, by designing a great product for Ping Pong game.

The model Killerspin JET200 is the top recommended one from our side.

This product is the best example for precision and control over the Table Tennis game. The wood used is 5-ply one, the extra-light blade is used here, and the handles come with flare.

The ratings for the Speed, Spin, and Control on the scale of 10 is given as 6, 7, and 8.5 respectively. Checking the warranty of the product, it comes with a 30-days warranty.

Another factor of this product is the durability, and it can be used by your family as well as your professional player of the TT.

Where to Buy Ping Pong Paddles?

There are two options you have got here, one is the online way, and the other one is the offline way. For offline shopping, you could visit different Sports Stores, and check out the availability of the Ping Pong Paddle that you are looking out for.

And the next way is the online way, which includes shopping for your favorite TT racket on various websites. The Top Recommended website here is Amazon, and you can also check out on Walmart platform too.

Types of Ping Pong Paddles

If you are a recreational TT player, then you might not look out for any particular Ping Pong paddle. As long as you have got a less torn racket and it is hitting the ball rightly, you will be at peace.

Here the categories of the Ping Pong Paddle can be made by the hitting style you are looking out for.

The two types of the paddles available include one of the defensive game and another for attacking game. In the Defensive type, you won’t be able to put your kind of spin on the paddle. Instead, it will reverse the spin which is placed on it by the opponent.

Whereas in the Attacking kind of Ping Pong paddle, you will get two kinds of paddles in this category. One with the pips formation on the outer side, and one with the pips inward. Both the types offer speed and spin feature in the best way.

The Cool Ping Pong Paddles

If you are looking out for the Top Coolest Ping Pong Paddle, then we would recommend the Best Pick Product only. The answer is STIGA Evolution TT Racket.

This product is a Performance Level Racket, and the rubber used in this is ITTF approved one. It makes use of SDT that means Shock Dispersion Technology.

We have checked the Performance Ratings for this Ping Pong Paddle and found the scores like 96, 94, and 90 regarding Speed, Spin, and Control. The rubber used in the making is of the premium quality, and it also includes 2mm of the sponge in this.

It has received many positive responses from the users, and worth of the tag COOL for all the TT lovers out there!

Our Pick for Gold Ping Pong Paddles

If you are specifically looking out for a gold colored Table Tennis Racket, then go for the STIGA Pure Color Advance.

We have already discussed the product in the Best Ping Pong Paddles Reviews section. You can refer to that, and know more about this product.

Top Sandpaper Ping Pong Paddles

Looking out for a Sandpaper kind of Ping Pong Paddle, then the best choice will be GameCraft’s Economy Sandpaper Face Paddle. The design used in this is the 5-ply one. This one is the apt choice for any Ping Pong game action.

You could get access to these Paddles at the most affordable prices. The dimension of the racket is given as 10 x 6 x 0.4, and it weighs around 3.2 ounces. The paddle is light in weight and also easy to handle one. Therefore, any user can play with this paddle without many efforts.

The best product you could get in the price range!

Awesome Plastic Ping Pong Paddles

For those who are searching out for Plastic Ping Pong Paddles, we have brought the best deal you could make in this category.

There are many benefits of buying plastic rackets. Among them, the most important one is that the paddles are unbreakable in nature. The product that we recommend here is the 6 Paddles set brought to you by Coast Athletic brand.

All the paddles have got a standard size here, and are light weighted too. The colors included in this are Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, and finally Purple. The one-piece designing done on this prevents the condition of the layer getting peeled off.

Best Sports Authority Ping Pong Paddles

In this category, you will get to know the best available Professional TT Rackets. We like to recommend the Hurricane-I by the DHS brand. This Ping Pong Paddle is available in two color shades, rubber with Red/Black shades.

When you order this product through Amazon, you will receive one Racket and two standard sized balls with it. The materials used in the making here is Quality Wood and Rubber. This product is an all-round one, and Blade Ply used is of the Professional Type.

This Ping Pong Paddle weighs around 2.8 pounds, The surface which hits the ball is wider in nature, compared to other models. This helps you with controlling the paddle easily.

Wooden Ping Pong Paddles

Next category on the list is the Wooden Ping-Pong paddle, and in this we would seriously recommend the Ebony material paddle. This paddle is brought to you by Caleson, and it is named as Professional Ebony Wood Paddle.

Checking out the basic features of the paddle, surface is made of Ebony wood. The paddle we are discussing here has got long handles, and core used here is Ayous. The thickness found here is almost 6mm.

The dimension of the paddle is given as 10.3 x 5.9 x 0.9 in inches, and the product weighs about 3.2 ounces. This makes use of Carbon fiber in it, which increases the speed factor of the paddle.

Best Ping Pong Paddles for Spin

We cannot recommend any other Paddle other than Sport Game Pro for the Spin category. The main feature of this product is the Cool Design, High-Quality rubber. Other than this, you could easily twist the ball in the way you want, using this Ping Pong Paddle.

Technical scores are given on the basis of Speed, Spin, and Control. The scores for Speed, Spin, and Control are given as 82, 91, and 79 respectively. Here 5-Ply wood is used for the handle part.

The other add-on benefits of this product include 30-days usage warranty, amazing price-performance ratio, and the design of the paddle is a stylish one.

Best NFL Ping Pong Paddles

This category of paddles are hard to find, but we have managed to provide you with the Best Recommended Racket in this category. If you are a sports lover, then you must get this Ping Pong Paddle for you.

5-ply wood is used in this racket making, and it comes with the official NFL team logo and their colors on it. Also, you could get the possession of the Team Licensed TT balls, which are also offered by the Franklin Sports.

Along with this, you will get to see laminated tampered handle here. It is a single paddle included product, which has got 5-ply blade with Pips in rubber facing.

Hope you all liked reading through this article on Top 10 Best Ping Pong Paddles Reviews of 2020. We also believe that you got the best assistance in making the decision of choosing the Right TT racket for you. Who were the samurai. For more interesting updates related to the sports world, follow our page PingPongTable.