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The following are the types of groups in Urban Dead. Survivor Groups - Groups of Survivor players Zombie Groups - Groups of Zombie players antiPKer Groups - Groups of PKer killers GKer Groups - Groups of Generator killers antiGKer Groups - Groups of GKer killers PKer Groups - Groups of Player killers RKer Groups - Groups of Radio killers. From The Urban Dead Wiki Jump to: navigation, search Due to the great number of pro-survivor groups, the list beyond those presented here are reached by clicking the link below labeled 'next 200' or 'previous 200', as appropriate. Urban dead groups.

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It's not hyperbole to say Dungeons & Dragons is probably the best and most celebrated fantasy game ever created, influencing untold millions of people to create, play, and have fun together. And in its 40-year history, it's never been more popular than it is now. But a few things about the game do feel particularly stuck in the 70s, the big one being its reliance on big, heavy books. That's why Wizards of the Coast created the D&D Reader, an app and digital marketplace for all things Dungeons & Dragons, so you can finally leave the books on the shelf and just tote an iPad instead.Don't get me wrong: Dungeons & Dragons is still a pen and paper game, but the D&D Reader gives players and DMs alike the option to buy entire books in hyperlinked, searchable, digital form or just particular sections for much cheaper. No more fumbling with the index during the heat of battle to find out exactly how much damage that spell does.Since D&D's basic rules are free, this also lets you pick up just the non-free rules you need, instead of the whole book. Playing an Elven Bard?

No need to spend $30 bucks on the book when the only part that's not free is the 'Bard' section, and you can snag that by itself for a cool $3. Mu classic.