Overload Definition

Related topics: Electricity, Electricityoverloado‧ver‧load /ˌəʊvəˈləʊd $ ˌoʊvərˈloʊd/ verb (past participle overloaded or overladen /-ˈleɪdn/) [transitive]

Description. Function overloading (also method overloading) is a programming concept that allows programmers to define two or more functions with the same name and in the same scope. Each function has a unique signature (or header), which is derived from: function/procedure name; number of. To load to excess; overburden: Don't overload the raft or it will sink. An excessive load.

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1TOO/TOO MUCHCARRYto put too many things or people on or into somethingBe careful not to overload the washing machine.be/become overloaded with somethingThe bus was overloaded with tourists and their luggage.Overload Definition2TPETOO/TOO MUCHto put too much electricity through an electrical system or piece of equipmentDon’t overload the lighting circuit.3WORK HARDto give someone too much work or information to deal withbe/become overloaded with somethingAll the staff are overloaded with work.overload /ˈəʊvələʊd $ ˈoʊvərloʊd/ noun [countable, uncountable]the modern day information overloadan overload of urgent daily business