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If you enjoy the most popular PC multiplayer games in the world, League of Legends and Defence of the Ancients 2, then Gameloft’s Heroes of Order & Chaos will be your next favorite mobile game. Heroes of Order & Chaos is a MOBA – a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena that pits ten heroes from the world of Heridan in a large map where you must achieve your goal of destroying the enemies base through killing enemies, leveling up faster than the other team, and pushing waves of minions back to their core. Featuring over 50 unique Heroes, each with a specific role to fill in the team, you can engage in 3v3 or 5v5 solo play or online multiplayer action as you utilize your Hero’s four unique abilities to their maximum potential to wreak havoc on your enemies. Office battle royale movie.

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Rated 4.5/5 on the App Store, Heroes of Order & Chaos is a fun and very addictive game for both. The gameplay involves a level of strategy rarely seen on mobile, it sports a full orchestral soundtrack, and the graphics look stunning on any device.Heroes of Order & Chaos has three main game modes, 3v3, 5v5 or the 5v5 steampunk map. If you log in through Facebook or Game Centre, you can queue up for games with a friend on the same team. When a match is found, you and your four teammates decide on which Heroes you will each use this time in battle. There are over 50 unique Heroes to play, and picking the right team of Heroes could mean you have a huge advantage over the other team right from the start.

When the game starts you and your teammates are safe inside your base at one side of the map. Located in your base is the Core, and your team’s goal is to destroy the other team’s Core all the way on the other side of the map. Right at the start, players are given twenty seconds to buy items from the in game shop. These items help you in battle through effects like increasing your attack damage, making your Hero tougher with armour, or using a potion to heal you on the battlefield. After players have bought their equipment, three waves of friendly minions are spawned from your core and travel down three paths to meet the enemies’ minions. It’s your role to help your minions push back the enemies waves right to their core, where you can do enough damage to destroy it and win the game. Killing minions rewards players with experience points, and gold to use for the in game shop.

Earning enough experience points will make your Hero level up, and with each level gained comes an ability point, which can be used to unlock and upgrade your Hero’s abilities as the game goes on.If you’re beginning a new account in Heroes of Order & Chaos, be prepared to play a few games against the CPU, as you need a level 5 account to play against a human team. Luckily, Gameloft give each new player who logs in a free revival rune (which instantly revives you after death on the battlefield), great fortune potion (increases the amount of Emblems earned per game for 24 hours), a Seeker’s Insight (increases the amount of XP earner per game for 24 hours) and a Puissant Talent Rune (gives the max level of talent points for 24 hours). Beginners will also only have access to a free pool of six Heroes. The pool is changed weekly, which gives new players a chance to explore different Heroes before buying any.

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If you want a Hero unlocked permanently you can purchase them from the store with Emblems earned through playing games, or use your own money to speed up the process.Outside of the game, playing matches levels up your player account. With each new level comes talent points, which can be used to increase your Hero’s effectiveness in four separate categories – Fighter, Mage, Guardians and Supports. Although some of these talents may seem small, like increasing your critical attack rate by 0.6%, every little bit counts in this game where the player with the better stats has the advantage.Heroes of Order & Chaos ReviewI have to say, I wasn’t expecting much when downloading Heroes of Order & Chaos. The MOBA genre has been tried before on mobile and has failed spectacularly. But where others have fallen, Heroes of Order & Chaos keeps its head held high. The control system is what makes this game work, players have a choice of using either a joystick type setup using the left side of their device, or an RTS type setup where players tap onto where they want their Hero to go.

The joystick setup for me worked a treat, the movement felt very responsive, and in a game where a half a second late response could snowball into a win or loss, it’s much appreciated.Even though Heroes of Order & Chaos does a good job of explaining how battles work, MOBAs are still very unique games, and I feel like a lot of new players who aren’t coming from a League or DOTA2 background would have problems understanding some concepts. As I come from both games, I didn’t’ experience this problemThe main menu UI seems very clunky at first, but after navigating it a few times it becomes less of a chore and navigating becomes more intuitive. I’d still put it down as a negative, though.As this is a free game, the ads are annoying. They pop up every so often out of game, but they don’t show up in game which is rather welcome. For me personally, I’m fine with ads as long as they don’t interrupt gameplay, and that’s how they’ve been implemented here.

The developer makes money, players still get to play for free without being interrupted, it’s a win-win.Overall, I found Heroes of Order & Chaos to be a great example of fun, competitive mobile games, and the developer have filled it with all the bells and whistles that PC gamers still don’t have in their League of Legends or DOTA2 games. Heroes of Order & Chaos has given me some of the most intense gaming sessions I’ve ever had on a mobile device, and if it’s player base is anything to go by, it’s going to be around for a long time to come. Gameplay Ratings:Artwork: I give Heroes of Order & Chaos a 6/10 for Artwork. Although the art is nice, it’s mostly fantasy artwork that we’ve all seen before. Maybe some more inspiring Heroes and variation in loading screens would be nice additions.Music & SFX: I give Heroes of Order & Chaos a 9/10 for Music & SFX.

The orchestral main menu music is burned into my brain after hearing it so much, but in a good way. The music’s great, and the amount of in game sound effects surprised me with how detailed they were.Story & Originality: I give Heroes of Order & Chaos a 7/10 for Story & Originality. The game does a good job of putting the story of Heridan forward, but the cut scene before every match seems like a bit much. Sure, the fantasy setting is the most original, but it’s done very well.General Gameplay: I give Heroes of Order & Chaos an 8/10 for General Gameplay. MOBA games are always dominated by their gameplay, and Heroes of Order & Chaos excels in that category.

Another good point to add is that this is one of few multiplayer games where the games are purely decided by player skill and not random elements, but above all else, it’s fun to play.Addictiveness: I give Heroes of Order & Chaos an 8/10 for Addictiveness. If you get a couple friends hooked on this with you, it’s easy to lose entire days endlessly queuing up games. Playing online is still fun, but the experience becomes much more addictive when you have friends messaging you to get online.Overall I give Heroes of Order & Chaos an 8/10.

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