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Nintendo Land is a fun and lively virtual theme park filled with attractions based on popular Nintendo game worlds. Each attraction features unique and innovative game-play experiences made possible by the Wii U GamePad controller. Depending on the attraction, players can play solo, compete against other players, or even team up to play cooperatively.

Up to five players can participate in dynamic multiplayer modes in select attractions. The experiences change depending on whether players are using the GamePad, a Wii Remote controller or just watching others play on the TV screen. Nintendo Land features fun-filled theme park attractions based on Nintendo’s greatest game worlds, including Mario Chase, The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest, Pikmin Adventure and more.

There are 12 attractions in all. Different activities take advantage of the second screen of the new Wii U GamePad controller in different ways.

For example, simply slide a finger across the touch screen to seamlessly fire ninja stars in the action-based Takamaru’s Ninja Castle. In Donkey Kong’s Crash Course, tilt the GamePad left and right to safely navigate an elaborate obstacle course. Dynamic multiplayer that offers different experiences in the same game. Even in the same attraction, the player using the GamePad will have a completely different experience than players using the TV: In Luigi’s Ghost Mansion, the player using the GamePad is able to control a ghost invisible to players using the TV. In Metroid Blast, the player with the GamePad controls an aerial gunship versus the ground-based players using the TV.

The attractions are easy to pick up and play, but also contains deeper levels of play that are sure to challenge even the most experienced gamers. Metroid Blast, for example, contains a deep mission mode as well as a competitive surface-air combat mode. Attractions are grouped into three types: ○ Team Attractions like Metroid Blast and The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest that offer depth and challenge for 1 to 5 players. ○ Competitive Attractions like Mario Chase and Animal Crossing: Sweet Day where 2 to 5 players compete against each other.

Nintendoland is a theme park based on Nintendo games, characters, and worlds. There are currently 3 Nintendolands- One in Japan, one in California, and one in Florida. There are also plans to open one in Pennyslyvania and Texas, as well as a rumored Nintendoland in Illinois. If you'd like to.

○ Solo Attractions like Takamaru’s Ninja Castle, Donkey Kong’s Crash Course and Balloon Trip Breeze, that offer simple but fun and engaging play for one player. Each attraction has multiple fun challenges designed to keep visitors coming back for more. Players will receive stamps upon completing special challenges. Includes Miiverse functionality (broadband Internet access required).

Party Rating(s).Nintendo Land is a launch game for the. Described as a 'virtual theme park', the game features twelve amusement park-style mini-games, each based on a different Nintendo franchise.

The game's focus is to introduce players to the different types of experiences and concepts possible with the. Many games are multi-player, and are built around 'asymmetrical gameplay' where the player with the GamePad has a different experience than those playing with.

The host and tutorial character for the game is ‎‎, a female robot. Friendly fire band. In North America, Europe, and Oceania, Nintendo Land comes packed in with the Wii U Deluxe Set.

It is also sold as a stand-alone product where players can buy it if they have the Basic Set. It was removed from the in North America on November 10, 2013, and was readded to it on August 26, 2016.

Based on:'The player holding the Wii U GamePad controls two guards who are in charge of safeguarding a candy orchard from a group of candy-loving animals. Up to four other players, using the Wii Remote controllers to control these animals, must work together to outwit – and outrun – the guards.

The game ends when a combined total of 50 pieces of candy are collected, or when the guards catch any one of the animals three times.' Candy.: Win as an animal with a head full of candy. Tackle Takedown: Tackle down an animal as a gatekeeper. Sneaky Sneaker: Win as an animal without getting caught once. Double Takedown: Tackle down 2 animals at the same time as the gatekeepers. Serve and Protect x10: Win as the gatekeepers 10 times.Balloon Trip BreezeType: Solo.

Based on:Use the stylus on the GamePad to draw gusts of wind to direct your Mii, who is hanging from balloons, through obstacles such as spikes, electric traps, birds and fish. The styles can also be used to knock spikes away. Certain power-ups appear too, including shrinking your Mii to fit through tight gaps.Stamps:. Almost Fish Food: Let the giant fish appear, but don't get eaten.

Special Delivery: Deliver 2 packages in one game. 30 Birds Down: Take down 30 birds.

Island Hopper: Hop on every island. Flawless Flight: Get a perfect game & every balloon without assisted play.Donkey Kong's Crash CourseType: Solo. Based on:'Using the GamePad's motion control, players tilt the controller to guide a fragile rolling cart through an obstacle course that resembles the original Donkey Kong arcade game. This single-player game lets other spectators watch the action on the TV and offer advice about how to pass the next obstacle.' Stamps:. Perfect through Area 2: Beat area 2 without losing a life.

Cutting Corners: Complete a level by skipping a checkpoint entirely. Skip 30 Bananas: Skip 30 bananas - this can normally be done by skipping the checkpoint. Double Damsel Rescue: Complete all 4 courses.

Perfect Run: Beat the course without losing a life.The Legend of Zelda: Battle QuestType: Cooperative/Solo. Angry birds 2 release date uk. Based on:'The player with the GamePad is an archer who can aim and shoot arrows using the screen as a view finder. That player can be joined by up to three others who wield Wii Remote Plus controllers like swords (the swordsman can be alone too).' Quest: 'Players work together to take on a variety of enemies in a world that looks like a cloth version of a game from The Legend of Zelda series.' Time Attack: 'Beat as many enemies as fast as you can as an Archer.' Stamps: Quest.

100 Rupees: Get 100 Rupees total. 1,000 Rupees: Get 1,000 Rupees total. Triforce Collector: Finish the first 9 stages. Quest Master: Finish the 14 stages. Legendary Hero: Master every stage without taking damage.Time Attack. Beginner: Beat Stage 1 within 50 seconds.

Intermediate: Beat Stage 2 within 50 seconds. Advanced: Beat Stage 3 within 50 seconds. Finish All Stages Within 45 Seconds: Beat every stage within 45 seconds. Speed Master: Master each stage by completing them within 40 seconds.Luigi's Ghost MansionType: Competitive. Based on:'The player with the GamePad is a ghost (invisible to others) who is trying to capture up to four humans armed with flashlights. The ghost must sneak around the environment by staying in the shadows and try to catch them one by one.

The humans can work together to revive fallen comrades before the ghost catches everyone. If all four humans are caught before they are revived, the ghost wins. But if they are successful at shining their flashlights on the ghost long enough to reduce its hit points to zero, the humans win.'

Stamps:. Ghostly Good Night X 10: Win as a 10 times. Battery-Free Victory: Win as, or without refilling you battery charge. A Ghastly Comeback: Win as a Ghost with very low health. Magical Win: Win as a Ghost using magic by filling it up with L & R. Untouchable Roof Wrath: Win in Stage 5 without being seen (Ghost) or being sneaked up on (Luigi, Mario, Wario, Waluigi) & and play 20 matches.Mario ChaseType: Competitive.

Based on: seriesIn this competitive attraction, the player with the Wii U GamePad controls their Mii Character dressed in a costume to resemble Mario, and their goal is to stay away from the Wii Remote Players (their Mii Characters dressed like Toads), for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, while the Toads' goal is to tackle down Mario. There are 3 arenas, varying in size depending on how many players there are.

Occasionally, a will appear in the center of the arena, if Mario grabs it (the Toads cannot interact with it in any way), he/she will become invincible, and trip any of the Toads they come in contact with.Stamps:. Starless Getaway: Win as Mario without being. 20-Second Catch: Win as a Toad within 20 seconds after starting. Finish at the Start: Win as Mario while finishing on the starting?

Block. 1 Second on the Clock: Win as a Toad with 1 second spared on the clock. 10-Time Champion: Win as Mario 10 times.Metroid BlastType: Cooperative/Competitive. Based on: &'The player using the gamepad will guide a spaceship while they could play with other players with the wiimote down.' . Assault Missions: 'Players work together or by themselves to defeat enemies.'

. Surface Air Combat: 'The player on the hovercraft fights against the player(s) on the ground.' . Ground Battle: 'Players on the ground fight each other to retrieve coins.' Based on:'Based on an early Famicom game available only in Japan, this single-player game turns the GamePad into a launcher for ninja stars. Players swipe the controller's touch screen to take out an ever-growing army of ninja attackers, earning more points for consecutive hits. Moving the GamePad around at different angles enables the player to take aim in an intuitive fashion.'

Stamps:. 10-Hit Combo: Hit 10 enemies in a row. 10-Star Defense: Deflect 10 throwing stars. First 100 Down: Defeat 100 enemies above and below the bottom ground.

Princess Rescue: Save the princess. Unstoppable: Complete all areas without getting hit.Captain Falcon's Twister RaceType: Solo. Based on:'F-Zero's mini-game in Nintendo Land involves your Mii hopping into the cockpit of a hovercraft racer like Captain Falcon's and doing your best to race toward the finish line while avoiding obstacles on the track like spinning tornado traps, and trying to touch boost panels. In this minigame, you hold the Wii U gamepad straight up and down. Monita quotes this is a 'High-speed, thrilling race.' You must get to the next checkpoint before the timer runs out.' Stamps:.

Hang Time: Make a jump with the ramp. 4-Star Racer: Collect the 4 stars on areas 5-8 in one run. 5-Mistake Limit: Reach the goal with up to 5 mistakes. Checkered Flag: Pass area 12. Racing Perfection: Pass areas 1-12 without crashing or assist play.Yoshi's Fruit CartType: Solo.

Based on:' With the GamePad, you control a cart and you have to draw a path to pick up the fruits. But the fruits only appear on the TV, so you don't know exactly where they are on the GamePad.' Stamps:.

5-Egg Exit: Go into a gate with at least 5 eggs in the tow - Eggs are collected when the gauge at the bottom fills up all the way when eating a fruit. 3 Close Calls: Narrowly avoid 3 obstacles - you can tell by the red!. Triple Bee Buffet: Use chili plates to eat 3 bees.

Gatekeeper: Clear every gate. Gatemaster: Clear 50 gates without any help except for chili plates.