Motorstorm Arctic Edge Psp

With a passion for speed, becoming a professional racer is a dream from the childhood of Lunatics. He spent his youth practicing his racing skills. Along with his natural talent, Lunatics has quickly won many first-class racing awards, gradually becoming a notorious racer known to everyone. Not stopping there, he wanted to upgrade his racer, he decided to go to Alaska on the edge of the Arctic Circle to continue to participate in races in more complex terrain and harsh conditions.Set in the harsh climate of Alaska at the edge of the Arctic Circle, the game will be a series of difficult races.Complex terrain is the key to the game, so choosing the right vehicle among 24 vehicles from 6 different brands (adding two new vehicles, Snow Cat and Snow Machine, to better accommodate the profile) provided is quite important.

Motorstorm Arctic Edge - Making Of. Festival card(s) Edit After the sweltering heat of the Pacific, MotorStorm sets sail for the Alaskan frontier to cool off.Taking on the peaks and valleys of mountains and ice sheets of the glaciers under the beauty of the northern lights, this festival took 'winter break' to a whole new level.

In this case however it’s a very long while; the game was launched all the way back in November 2012, well before the western release of the first game.For those who have played the first Tales, there are plenty of familiar faces and places. Tales 2 is set one year after the events of the original and all the characters from the first game return for another adventure. Tales of xillia 2 alliance arms. The best thing about this is it’s mostly optional, so if you didn’t play Tales of Xillia you won’t be missing out on too much.

Vehicles have a variety of colors, acceleration, different steering. In addition, the difficulty of terrain such as avalanches is always suppressing players, requiring them to concentrate or ice bridges can also collapse when moving through if you use heavy vehicles.Festival mode is still the core mode of MotorStorm – Arctic Edge. With Festival, you can play for free like in other classic modes in which most racing venues, cornering,. God of wonders beyond our galaxy hillsong. If you do not want to follow the ancient score mode, you can participate in the speed test mode Time – Attack, in which three competitors compete with each other, scoring points by reducing time in their bends and overthrowing the opponent’s car.Compared to previous versions, MotorStorm – Arctic Edge has many differences.

Along with that, the multiplayer mode is opened when there are up to six people who can take part in local battles with each other, you can chat and exchange experiences with you in the same match with you. Graphics of the game are much more carefully invested, colors have gradually become harmonious, images are designed meticulously and invested extremely. Next, the sound becomes more vivid than before. And the last word, I believe that MotorStorm – Arctic Edge certainly not only satisfies the speed enthusiasts but also can satisfy all players who have experienced this game.


The most brutal offroad racing festival returns, with players taking part in the latest off-beat and secret site to join the wild and alternative MotorStorm festival. This time around, the location moves to the unpredictable Alaskan terrain, where players will race through multi-route tracks, harsh terrain, and sub-zero conditions to try and become festival champ.

Staying true to the signature MotorStorm style, players will throw traditional offroad driving and caution to the wind where the ultimate goal in the festival is to not only win, but survive. Players will take on a variety of brutal artificial intelligence (AI) racers and negotiate the dangerous arctic conditions, including sudden avalanches, broken ice bridges, and three different racing altitudes.

In addition to the six vehicle classes from the original MotorStorm, new snow-specific vehicle classes as well as all-new track designs are introduced to MotorStorm Arctic Edge.