Mega Man 3 Password Generator

PASSWORD CRACKS AND GENERATORS. Almost any game with more than two passwords probably uses either a logical or mathematical scheme for deriving those passwords—the programmers aren’t just going to hard code them all in! The Mega Man games are no exception. Although some games have a simple scheme, others must keep track of a large number.

Marked as the best selling title of the beloved Mega Man series, it was no surprise when Mega Man 2 made its way into the lineup of games on the NES Classic Edition. Originally released in 1988, the game went on to sell over 1.5 million copies, making it the best-selling title of the Mega Man series. Today we’re going to take a look at this classic action-platformer and teach you some of its hidden secrets and passwords. How to Avoid Taking DamageIf you want to stay alive longer, you can employ this easy “hack” to make shots pass right through Mega Man, causing no harm to the player character. While playing through the game, pay careful attention to enemy attacks.

When the enemy shot is about to hit Mega Man press the Start button and pause the game. Then, when you unpause the game, the shot will pass through Mega Man completely without causing any harm to him. It’s a bit tedious, but it is a good way to dodge some harmful shots if you’re running low on health. How to Get Infinite Boomerang, Metal Blade, and Bubble LeadWhen playing Mega Man 2, you can actually manage to get unlimited ammunition for your Boomerang, Metal Blade, and Bubble Lead. To do this you’ll just need to follow some simple rules.When using your Boomerang, make sure you only shoot 7 of them off at a time. Then, press Start and select the Boomerang again to reload your ammunition, giving you a virtually unlimited supply of Boomerangs.

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You can also do this trick with the Metal Blade and the Bubble Lead.

Mega Man X3CX4 debug:Hold B on controller two, then power on the Super Nintendo to test the cartridge's CX4 chip.Play as Zero:Pause game play, then press L at the menu. A hidden menu that allows Zero to be selected will appear. Note: You cannot use Zero after you have received his saber. He is also bigger and slower than X and only has one life.X-Saber enhancement:Enter 3317-8353-6772-3824 as a password.Zero's green sword blaster:Enter 1454-3535-6162-7162 as a password. Just charge up and release it.LevelPasswordNeon Tiger3723-1283-1751-1456Gravity Beetle7743-5256-1441-5486Blast Hornet7745-5253-1441-5486Blizzard Buffalo5275-1266-1751-5458Tunnel Rhino5765-1263-1756-5488Volt Catfish5768-1267-4758-5488Toxic Seahorse2376-2163-6258-7841Crush Crawfish8216-4156-6742-3821Dr. Doppler's Lab, stage -6872-3356Dr. Doppler's Lab, stage -6872-3314Dr.

Doppler's Lab, stage -6462-7735Dr. Doppler's Lab passwords:The following passwords have all items and weapons available.