Life Of Black Tiger Free

The story of the game is about a blacktiger, born as a variant and abandoned byhis parents and brothers, fights againsthuman and shows his love to his family.Born as a black tiger, I was abandonedby my parents from the time I was born.I’ve been alone and nobody was at my side.Whatever things I find are all my enemy.I will make all of you scared of me.Upgrading the ability of striking power/defensive power / speed will make it amonster with unlimited power.Supporting multi play PVP.After clearing all missions, black tiger willbe supplied for free in multi play. Spidermonkey206, I love this game! But needs attentionLove the game Guys but u Rlly should do something bout the cyber bullying like having it monitored a lot of people take things to far Rlly too far and the sexting is out of control and threats.Its a great game rlly love it it's Rlly good and at amazing work I love it but Rlly do something bout the bullying.also I have few ideas. 1 u can make the animals all from the same region. 2 customize the animals color. 3 and 'special attacks' from animals (all the carnviores and finishin one for herbivores like tht they survived an attack ) like example the Tigers spring out and bites the throats of animals and holds & crocodiles spring out and snap jaws, and give the prey animals a fighting chance they struggle shaking off a pouncing leopard for example etc etc 4. Them also claw attacks and roars and lays down and even growls also shows playful action, carrys Cubs 5.

And also I don't like how we can pass through other animals have them actually clash.6. And in the multiplayer more maps of land. (Just few ideas to add for lion life I can't wait for it i Rlly hope for hyenas in the next game) im a huge fan of ur games I can't wait to see wat u have in store keep up the good work!!!!

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😎 and also an idea for ur site u Rlly should post date releases for ur games. Lilobrat, AwesomeThis game is so addicting and fun I love it!!!!!!!! Yall totally need to make a part 2 of life of the black tiger free I also have life of the wolf 2014 and plz plz plz im so excited about life of he lion and plz plz I hope yall make a life of the eagle free plz omg I love all ur games but I love life of the - animal games!!!!

And yes that girl with the long list of stuff like a howl button birds flying roaring lying down spitting sleeping all that stuff omg I would literally love u guys and totally never ever ever loose this game ever it's my preciouse! Toontown Fan 101, HateTheEnding+RhinoLevelExplained(SPOILER ALERT) I really liked this game when I got it, and finished it in an hour. But, I never really completed it because I don't want the stupid idiot humans to kill the Black Tiger!

After all that playing as the Black Tiger, I became attached to him. And now I have to KILL him!? I had to kill the female too!

😿 (Wait, didn't she die earlier?) The cub basically disappears, so I have no idea what happened to him/her. Anyway, since I didn't want to kill the Tiger, I just let him kill me immediately.

I'd find it easier if X and O were different colors (e.g. Ultimate tic tac toe boards.

I will never kill my Black Tiger. I won't delete this app because multiplayer is really fun! I mean, people do cuss, but I never really read the bottom anyway. I really want to play as a leopard, but I don't want to spend money, either. (Ok, I've been reading comments, and I see lots of people are having trouble with the rhino level. You kill one by going up to it, swipe your paw, then run back a few feet, repeat until it has enough life to be able to stay In front of it and kill it.

Then, tap the attack button and you will pick up the animal. Carry it to the female and tap the attack button, and you'll drop it.).