Jersey Devil House

Mar 02, 2016  Along with their first West Coast project, the Hill House (1979) in La Honda, California, the Jersey Devils began attracting press attention, which, along with word-of-mouth, helped bring new jobs.

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Subscriptions ›. Back To Main Menu. And so the Jersey Devil was bornIt was 1735, deep in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, when Jane 'Mother' Leeds discovered she was pregnant with her thirteenth child. 'Let this one be the devil,' she allegedly cursed.

While there are many versions of the Jersey Devil’s lore, the most popular is this: When Leeds' thirteenth child was born, it grew wings, horns, hooves, and a tail. The monster flew up the chimney and out into the night. With Halloween upon us, we decided to take a closer look at thirteen of the most convincing Jersey Devil sightings and stories. — Kelly Roncace. Lunaria story gameplay. A Times story on a string of Jersey Devil sightings in January 1909. (File photo)Kelly Roncace For NJ.comDevil craze of 1909The Jersey Devil's fame solidified itself in January of 1909 when nearly 1,000 reports came in from eyewitnesses throughout South Jersey. While testing cannon balls at Hanover Mills Works in the Pine Barrens, Navy Commander Stephen Decatur reportedly saw the creature and shot it.

(Talk about target practice.) The cannon ball blew a hole in the Devil, but it wasn't fazed by the projectile. Strange tracks were found in fields, but bloodhounds allegedly refused to follow the tracks. The kids were fine with it all, though, because schools in the Pine Barrens were closed.

After Jersey Devil sightings were reported in 1960, wealthy merchants offered a $250,000 reward for the capture of the beast. (File photo)File photoWanted: Rewards offered for the DevilIn 1960, several residents of heard horrifying screams in the night. There was no explanation for the noises and people began to panic. Police hung flyers assuring residents that the Jersey Devil was a hoax, but a circus owner countered the appeal by offering a $100,000 reward for anyone who could capture the creature.

No one received said reward. A family walks along Green Bank toward the bridge over the spillway in in Wharton State Forest. (Photo provided by by David Bergeland)David BergelandMysterious deathsForest rangers are experts in on the wildlife that inhabits the woods they patrol. But in 1980, Chief Ranger Alan MacFarlane saw something that both grossed him out and stumped his wild animal knowledge: a brutal scene on a South Jersey farm where a pack of pigs had been killed. He reported that the backs of their heads were eaten and their bodies were scratched and torn.


However, there were no tracks surrounding the bodies and no blood on the ground. Could the Jersey Devil have been hankering for some bacon? Lee Bradley gets ready to take the stage in demonic guise, dancing with musicians and fans during the annual Legend of the Jersey Devil concert at the Albert Music Hall in.

(Lisa Rose NJ Advance Media for RoseAsbury Park Press reports sightingIn 1988, an Press reporter told the story of a resident who claimed to have encountered the Jersey Devil seven years prior. This eye witness must have been up close and personal with ol' JD because he described the beast right down to his large teeth. This image is from an early episode of the 'X-Files' television series. It was set in New Jersey and focused on the story of the Jersey Devil. (File photo)File photoDirt bikes and the DevilIn the late 1980’s, a group of friends went camping and riding dirt bikes in the Pine Barrens.

While riding down a trail about 100 yards from camp, the bikes all stalled. One said it could have had to do with terrain or the nearby power plant. However, as suddenly as the bikes quit running, the men heard a piercing, inhuman scream coming from the woods.

When they returned to camp, those who stayed behind said they also heard the screams. That evening, one of the men went into a local bar and told the bartender about the screams in the woods. The man informed the visitor that he had most likely had an encounter with the Jersey Devil. View from the dock outside Mullica River Crab Co.

(Pete Genovese For Genovese10 feet tall and stopping trafficWhile traveling on Route 9 in, three cars were forced to slam on their breaks when — according to one witness — a ten-foot-tall, Jersey Devil figure with a long head and short flat ears ran across the road. One witness reported that the creature emerged from a wooded area near a mini-mall and galloped out in front of traffic, disappearing into the woods on the other side of the street. Maybe the beast had just gotten a devil of a deal at his favorite boutique. Reader Dave Black of Little Egg Harbor captured this photo in Galloway Township. He believes it could be the Jersey Devil. (Photo provided by Dave Black)Photo provided by Dave BlackLlama or Devil?One of the occurred in in October of 2015. Resident David Black said he was driving along Route 9 near a golf course when he saw what he thought was a llama walking in and out of the tree line on the side of the road.

Suddenly, the creature spread its wings and flew away. He captured the beast's image with his cell phone and the photo went viral.