Jelly Jumper Game

Jelly It is a game where a human being leaps up to the goal on the keyboard of Logitech. Although it is simple, the level is up to 50, and the.

Welcome to Jelly Jump!Boy, those jellies are springy! Guess that’s the upside to no skeleton – they’re lightweight and very bouncy, making them perfect for this Jelly Jump game. All you have to do is jump from a low platform to a higher one. Each successful jump counts as a point. You can get stars, too, to unlock special bonuses later. It sounds easy, right?

Jelly Jumper Game

Here’s the catch: you don’t have a ton of room for error. As soon as you jump, the platform you jump from disappears, which means you only have one chance. Too low, and you fall to your doom! Too high and, well, see those spikes up there?Timing, Timing, TimingNot all jumps are created equal in Jelly Jump the game. The longer you hold the button down, the higher you jump. Since each new platform is set up at a different height, you’ll have to have perfect timing on every single jump so that you don’t go too high or too low. It sounds easy, but it’s actually really hard for your jelly jumper to get this right every time.

Here’s our pro tip: when you hold the button, a rhythmic sound effect plays. You can use that sound to help time each jump. Give it a try. Unlock an Entire Crew of Jovial Jelly JumpersIf you can make it to a fifteen-jump record, you will earn yourself a brand new character in this Jelly Jumper game! Cubelands. Ultimate fox simulator download for free. In fact, the more stars you find and jump records you break, the more characters you will earn. There’s a whole team of Jelly Jumpers just waiting to meet you, and they all bring something different to the table.

The better you get at timing the perfect jump, the faster you will unlock everyone, so get to practicing! Think you have the skills to champion our? Then head over there and put your fingers to the test.