Inner Chains Cheats

Sorry for any inconvenience, but for this moment we does not have any cheats, hints or tricks for this game. We are doing our best to find any cheating information for Inner Chains.Soon we will get new cheats, hints and easy achievements for this game and add them to this page.We recommend you to use game trainers for Inner Chains we have found. They are programs made to modify memory of a computer game, in order to allow cheating.

The people living in the world of Inner Chains take this situation for granted and focus on using the planet’s resources to their advantage. There is also something that has not changed through the millennia: humans are still subject to basic social issues such as.

For example, they can 'freeze' a memory address disallowing the game from changing the information stored at that address (e.g. Health meter, ammo counter, etc.).

The main advantage of using trainers is that the game does not suspect that you are cheating on it (unlike cheat codes, when the game is aware that you are cheating).

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Amiibo bonusesScan the indicated amiibo while playing the game (not through Uncle amiibo) by holding D-pad Right and placing the amiibo on the Switch to unlock the corresponding bonus. This can be done at any time, usually with no time limits or restrictions.Highlight purple coins on-screen (not on your map): Any Bowser amiibo. Life-up heart: Any Peach amiibo.

Random coins or bonus hearts: Any amiibo or amiibo card. Temporary invincibility (30 seconds): Any Mario amiibo.Completion unlockablesSuccessfully complete the game to unlock the following bonuses:. All kingdoms are expanded and have more moons to collect. Mushroom Kingdom unlocked. Can find and capture Yoshi. Wedding costumes can be purchased at Crazy Cap stores. New NPC challenges and collectible huntsAll kingdoms are expanded.

There are more moons, new areas, new NPCs (with new moon reward missions), and generally more activities to complete. Obstacles that previously blocked Mario from exploring a zone are removed, allowing you to fully play kingdoms. Princess Peach will now be in all kingdoms. Find her to earn bonus moons. The Mushroom Kingdom is unlocked, which is a homage to Super Mario 64, complete with rooms copied almost verbatim from that Nintendo classic. You can capture Yoshi on a rooftop in the Mushroom Kingdom. The previously locked Wedding costumes are available to purchase for a lot of gold coins.

You can also unlock Wedding costumes for free with amiibo. All regular moons unlockablesCollect all 880 regular moons by completely filling the moon lists to change the Odyssey's sail to gold and unlock a new portrait of Bowser in the Wedding Hall. The Wedding Hall is located in the Moon Kingdom. The new portrait is located on the right as you enter, and allows you to fight Bowser again, but the battle will be much more difficult. Defeat Bowser to unlock a postcard. Since Super Mario Sunshine, postcards have been the normal reward for completing everything in the game. 100% completion unlockablesSuccessfully complete the following tasks to reach 100% completion:.

Collect 999 power moons (including all moon lists filled). Collect all captures/moves (including Action Guide filled). Collect all costumes and hats.

Collect all in-game music tracks. Collect all souvenirsReach 100% completion to unlock a star on your save file, and a top hat on Peach's Castle, which includes a new cutscene (as shown in the video below).Finding YoshiFirst, successfully complete the game to unlock Yoshi.

Then, travel to the Mushroom Kingdom, and go around the left side of Peach's castle. Find the scarecrow, and throw Cappy at it. A secret staircase will appear that makes the roof of the castle accessible. Get up the stairs before the timer runs out. Around the central tower on the roof, look for an egg with green spots. Break open the egg for Yoshi to appear.

You cannot ride Yoshi, but you can capture Yoshi with Cappy for Mario to become Yoshi. You can eat apples to earn moons as Yoshi. There are also Yoshi related quests in the Mushroom Kingdom. From the central fountain, go upstream of the flowing water to find a cave. Grab the apple outside the tunnel, and travel inside to locate a large area for Yoshi to explore.

Mushroom KingdomDefeat the final boss in the Moon Kingdom to unlock the Mushroom Kingdom. Dark Side Of The Moon KingdomDefeat the final boss in the Moon Kingdom, and collect 250 total power moons to unlock the Dark Side Of The Moon Kingdom on the world map. Successfully complete the Dark Side Of The Moon Kingdom to unlock the King's Suit and Crown. Darker Side Of The Moon KingdomDefeat the final boss in the Dark Side Of The Moon Kingdom, and collect 500 total power moons to unlock the Darker Side Of The Moon Kingdom on the world map. Successfully complete the Darker Side Of The Moon Kingdom to unlock the Invisibility Hat. Amiibo unlockable costumes and hatsScan the indicated amiibo to unlock the corresponding outfit. Note: All these outfits can also be unlocked without an Amiibo, but they are unlocked instantly by scanning the indicated amiibo.Bowser's Tuxedo and Top Hat: Scan the Bowser (Wedding Outfit) amiibo.

Classic Mario Suit and Hat: Scan the 8-Bit Mario, Smash Bros. Mario, or Mario series Mario amiibo. Diddy Kong Suit and Hat: Scan the Smash Bros. Diddy Kong or Mario series Diddy Kong amiibo. Mario Suit and Headgear: Scan the Smash Bros. Mario amiibo. Gold Mario Suit and Hat: Scan the Gold Mario or Silver Mario amiibo.

Luigi Outfit and Hat: Scan the Smash Bros. Luigi or Mario series Luigi amiibo. Mario's Tuxedo and Top Hat: Scan the Mario (Wedding Outfit) amiibo. Peach's Bridal Gown and Veil: Scan the Peach (Wedding Outfit) amiibo. Waluigi Suit and Hat: Scan the Waluigi amiibo.

Wario Outfit and Hat: Scan the Smash Bros.