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Download Free Idle Balls App APK for Android. Scratch your multi-tasking itch! Play Idle Balls in front of your favorite show, in a boring class or meeting - without missing the importa.

Idle Shopping Mall Empire: Time Management & Money

Welcome to Idle Shopping Mall Empire, the game that every lover of time management, money and business games will enjoy. Are you ready to be the tycoon of the best shopping mall? Become a shopping mag..


Shopping Mall - Idle Business Factory Tycoon is a simulation game mix with clicker games.In the Idle Business Tycoon, you become a capitalist tycoon, building Tower blocks of your own, managing idle B..


In Tap Tap Plaza, you'll take on the role of a mall magnate on track to becoming the greatest in the world! The godfather quotes tom hagen. Or even the universe, considering the astronomic profits you'll be making! Open a slew of tr..

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Idle City Supermarket Tycoon : Shopping Game

Are you ready to manage Grocery store for creating your own supermarket myth? If Yes! Then Play the best SuperMarket Grocery shop Games with many exciting levels. Roll up your sleeves, and start you..

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