So, I finally called Hover to try to resolve my issues. I had been trying to work through email, with little success.What a difference when I finally spoke to someone! They were very professional, listened to my issues and amazingly resolved them!

The person I spoke with didnt have to check with anyone, or get back to me.he processed the credits and sent me confirmation immediately. It was a very positive experience and while I am still not going to turn on the 'auto renew' function any time soon, I no longer feel the need to change my domain registrar. I got dumped onto Hover by eNom. I have no idea why they did this, but nothing has worked since the transfer. I tried to update a simple TXT record and nothing happened. When I contacted support, they took 5 days to respond, and when I replied, the case was closed.

Then I tried through chat support and the guy had no idea why the TXT record wasn't showing up and told me to redirect my name servers to hover as a solution. After that chat, I transferred my domain immediately. Hover is an absolute joke.

Nobody should be using them. As many here probably know, network solutions (in my experience) is horrible, so we switched our many (15+) domains to hover. The process was as painless as it could be, live people pick up the phone, they are very helpful and knowledgeable. They have a valet service - for free where they will transfer your domains for you.Thier web site is easy to use, they dont try to upsell you every 5 seconds, While I cant speak for the other people that had problems with them. That has not been my experience at all - quite the opposite.

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I uploaded all my ID docs when I setup my domain. 4months in they suspended my domain causing my website to be taken down by Google.On their request I then tried to re-upload my ID docs only for their system to keep producing an error message. Spent over 3hrs on live chat with them where they still couldn't fix the issue. Why is it so hard for them to receive a document.

Email, live chat and their website could be an option but yet this isnt the case, my ecommerce website is still donw, useless.Go with another provider they have terrible reviews all round. I was a user when the company still called itself NetIdentity.com.

Actually since before that when it was called Mailbank.com. The original service plan was 9.95 for 1 real POP email account, which was advertised as for life.Since then, company names changed probably with different owners and management. After a few price hikes I've left feeling disappointed by the new pricing and service plans.From a support standpoint, the company was responsive and responsible and reliable.For users that want a easy one-stop provider of high-demand custom domains Hover may be for you.I would suggest however puchasing your own.com/.net/.org domain and buying a hosting service instead for more flexibility. $35/year for a single email may be OK.

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But I'm certain you can get much more paying just a little more. Hover bought Bulkregister and we were notified by Bulkregister about it. We noticed that we did not get any emails from Hover or were contacted at all since the buyout. Couple months later we called them to gain access to our account. By then, they let multiple domains expire without ever contacting us.

These were domains that we owned for many years. The value is over $10,000. They did not have a credit card on file.

Well, we never were there customer and had access to a account!!!! This is not just horrific business practice but completely unacceptable.

Worst Experience Thus Far! Howlingly inept. Hover.com is part of the Tucows group. Founded in 1993.

Now a public company. Ostensibly more inclined to deal with 'investor relations' than with domain registrations. 'As of March 2019, Tucows is the third-largest accredited registrar in the world' says Wikipedia. Considering how their system works, that is frightening. Could not handle a simple domain transfer. The system barfed twice, authorized a Paypal charge twice, before barfing a third time.

'Online chat' was unavailable for 30 minutes. Email received a rapid reply but once a 'cancel order' request was made, there was no follow-up.

No 'we're sorry' or 'can you give us a chance to look into this?' Crap on a potential customer at your own risk.

So, I finally called Hover to try to resolve my issues. I had been trying to work through email, with little success.What a difference when I finally spoke to someone! They were very professional, listened to my issues and amazingly resolved them! The person I spoke with didnt have to check with anyone, or get back to me.he processed the credits and sent me confirmation immediately. It was a very positive experience and while I am still not going to turn on the 'auto renew' function any time soon, I no longer feel the need to change my domain registrar.

I had trouble with Hover(TUCOW) from the beginning with seeking and registering domains, but I was so busy trying to get my new business going. I should have moved my stuff but didnt.Last year I registered 10 domains with them. Everything was ok until the beginning of this year when a lot of charges started showing up.

After review, I discovered they had renewed many of my domains prior to the 12 month mark; From 1 week early (ok), to 1 month early (maybe ok) to 6 months early (absolutely not ok!). There was no method to it, no consistency to the timing, it was absolutely random.Further; I found I had been double billed (charged two months in a row) for the same domains and was double billed for a small mail box 6 months after signing up for the 12 month service!So I called them. They have a call back service and 45 mins later I did receive a call back; A robo call which said Im sorry no one is available to take your call' - then it immediately disconnected!

WHAT??I wrote a very detailed email and send it to.@hover.com. 3 days later I received a response to my email, extremely disappointed.They neither credited me for the 6 month premature billing of one of the domains nor the several double billings which occured. In fact, here is an excerpt from the email I received:When it comes to renewals, once the registry has accepted the payment we cannot reverse the order as they have already added the additional time to the domain name.

Im having trouble understanding why their error results in me absorbing the cost? NET NET: If you have Auto Renew on your account- I would HIGHLY recommend turning it off so you control when your domains get updated and ensure you dont get double billed.

I can't access my domains anymore just because I moved and changed my number. They demand I meet a notary! Which would take hours of my time and probably cost hundreds of dollars! This is insane! I've changed my phone number with my banks, passport, health care, cra, Apple ID, Amazon, etc et NOBODY ELSE asked for an insane request like that.

I will do everything I can to move all my things out of there asap. I really thought they were a good, different company, I so regret I recommended them to others. So so angry right now! My credit card had been compromised so I had to cancel it and apply for a replacement. My annual fee for the email address I had registered with Hover was due and I soon got an email that Hover had attempted to charge my credit card and failed.


I emailed.@hover.com to ask for either a deferment of the payment or if there was another way I could pay. They didn't get back to me and just cancelled my email address. I had the email address with them for over twenty years and I had also been registering domains with them for nearly as long.

Loyalty and a long history of making payments on time are obviously not important considerations to them.So now I was minus a credit card and minus my email address which I use for work - I'm a contract software engineer. I couldn't see if any other automated charges to my credit card were failing as the notifications would have gone to that email address. Hover did absolutely nothing until I was finally able to get a replacement credit card, which took more than a week, enter the new card's details in my Hover account and renew the registration of my email address.The excuse from Hover was that their emails requesting assistance were backed up.

Unfortunately, their automated processes, eg the one that cancels registrations, weren't backed up so Hover is obviously keener to get rid of customers than to assist them in making payments. Not a particularly smart strategy I would have thought.Just as a comparison. My monthly payment to my Internet provider was also rejected. However I was able to rectify this by going into my account, bringing up the failed transaction, and clicking on a button saying 'defer payment for 14 days'. Now THAT is a smart company that is keen to keep its customers. Hover cancelled some mailboxes that were not being used by a customer, even though that customer had ordered these and paid for them (and planned to use them in the future). They reallocated the space from the cancelled emails to those emails that were not being used, but that is not what the customer wanted or needed.

Unbelievable that a company would just do this, as though they could read minds. They did reverse the move after the complaint, but a company is supposed to have your back, not make you have to watch your back. I registered a domain name for my company under my real company and personal details using my prepaid debit card and got everything set up as well as my site and email. After 2 days I suddenly received an email from Hover telling me my domain was unregistered and my service cancelled - (original email body).They have provided NO REASON on the cancellation and HAVEN'T NOTIFIED me before the domain removal.Dear Hover.com representatives, don't offer domain registrations and fully quit the industry if you don't feel comfortable with people that register domains using your registrar!

Hover is absolutely fantastic!!!I am totally against SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act. The bottom line is, Go Daddy supported it. Until they got grilled by the Internet for doing so. GoDaddy's SOPA support lost them a ton of customers apparently, myself and my friends included, not to mention Wikipedia. This negative response led Go Daddy to eventually take its hat out of the ring, so to speak, choose a position of neutrality, and then do a total reversal. Now, GoDaddy claims they no longer support SOPA.

Hover, on the other hand, never supported SOPA and came out against it before it was cool to do so. Hover is built on OpenSRS and owned by Tucows. Sure, they offer great service at an affordable price. However, what perhaps matters most is they are trustworthy! Even though there are cheaper alternatives out there, you definitely get your money's worth with Hover.Their DNS management interface is really sweet. Basically, you can edit multiple domains in bulk, or only certain types of entries. Domain privacy is included.

Their surname email service is the bomb.Highly recommend this company and I'm not sure what the negative reviews are about.A!!!! Hover had url forwarding issues which began 11/24 at 8 pm and its currently 11/25 8:45 am and the issue still has not being resolved. There was no notification via email that the issue occurred. I was actually notified thru a customer.

I sent two emails and there was no response until after I called them back in the morning. When I contacted Hover there was no automated greeting, just a guy who pick up the phone casually sounding like if he were in his boxers.

He was very insensitive and told me there would be no compensation for my losses. STAY AWAY FROM THIS THOROUGHLY INCOMPETENT, UNPROFESSIONAL, INSENSITIVE NONCHALANT, BULL$#.! Initially, I had a great idea for a business name and website: let's just call it something.com.Anyway, I did a whois search (i can't remember where but I usually use whois.net, which prominently displays the 'HOVER' icon on their page). If memory serves me, this time I did a GoDaddy whois search instead.

GoDaddy listed the domain as available and I registered it, and set it to private. It turns out that I got so busy I never checked for my emailed receipt and after further research, my credit card didn't go through because I hadn't updated my billing address. My attempt at registration was on or around. I just did a whois and my site has been taken by someone else with quite a few domains registered already.

From the WHOIS information, it looks like the site was registered by that 'someone else' on the same day!I tried to request that he sell me the domain, but Hover wants $199 just to talk to him!It could be that all whois.net traffic is monitored by Hover.com and somebody uses that data to quickly grab sites that people search for. I have no idea. Just a wild theory.