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Disc golf is an exciting sport. When you realize that there are 1000s of different golf discs, choosing the best disc golf set becomes challenging. Well, to be honest, there goes a lot into deciding which disc golf set suits your needs. There is no need to worry. I am here to tell you everything about disc golfs.If you have grown a keen interest towards this sport and want to play it for leisure, fun, or professionally, I will be laying out the critical points that you shouldn’t miss at any cost.In this post, I will be explaining to you about what goes into choosing the best disc golf set, followed by a personalized product review. I hope that you will find this post educational.Let’s get started.Products Comparison Table.

Contents.Best Disc Golf Set ReviewedLet us start with some best products currently on the market. I have prepared a list of some of the best disc golf set kits that you must look into if you are planning on to pursue the sport for leisure or professionally.The following 7 products have been tried and tested personally by me; hence, it is an honest review. There may be other products in the same price range, but I found these the most appealing.So, without wasting any time, let’s get started with my review. Innova Golf Disc Starter Set. For a beginner set that includes a carrying bag and a variety of discs, there is this Innova Starter Kit.You can have this starter kit for three discs at good price on Amazon. The Innova Disc Golf Set incorporates an approach disc, the Aviar putter, the Cobra mid-range disc golf, and the beat driver.I was intrigued to use these discs on my very first test runs.

Jump to Driven Disc Golf Starter Kit - You can have this starter kit for three discs at good price on Amazon. The Innova Disc Golf Set incorporates an.

Each of these beginner discs (don’t forget – inexpensive) weigh around 160-180 grams for hassle-free flinging.The best part about this Disc Golf Starter Set from Innova is that each disc is designed keeping in mind both the beginners and advanced users.The Beast driver, in particular, is designed for both experts and beginners. The design allows it to fly far and straight regardless of the thrower. Cavernous definition medical. For an average individual like me, who doesn’t have a great throwing arm, I was able to throw it pretty much far away.What I like the most about this disc set is its Aviar putter. It is probably among the best in the world. I wasn’t surprised when I got to know thatInnova’s Aviar putter has been used continuously in competition across the states. It allows you to throw short-range with sheer accuracy. The Cobra, on the other hand, is an excellent all-round disc, which can help you fling straight down the fairway and approach the basket with precision.What makes the Innova Starter Kit the Best Disc Golf Starter Set is the inclusion of a mini disc that you can use a ball marker.These discs have been designed keeping in mind the beginners and are balanced in such a way that they are easy to throw.You need to practice to upgrade your game of golf disc throw.

These excellent discs will help you get started – throw reliable approaches, keep your drivers in the fairway, and make those certain chain putts more often. If you are a seasoned player, you will appreciate the intensity that the Innova Champion Disc Golf Set brings into your game.This disc golf set features mid-range and long options suitable for every course and wind condition.Innova is a renowned name in the world of disc golf. This is one of their high-end sets and for a good reason. I found that the weight of the discs in the set is ideal for striking that ultimate balance of precision, speed, and power. You will love this bundle from Driven Disc Golf as it is all top quality and will cater to your disc golfing needs. This sophisticated starter kit is created by veteran disc golfers and is everything you need to get out and play disc golf.If you are a beginner, then the Driven Disc Golf Starter Kit is for you.

What makes me say that is the fact that this set includes super comfy Innova discs.The set incorporates three Innova discs – the Valkyrie, which is a great distance driver for novices, the Roc, which is a straight-flying mid-range disc, and the Aviar putter, which is considered the #1 putter in disc golf.These discs are popular for their excellent features and will help you improve your game of disc golf. They are designed to ease your work and play the game effortlessly.What I found most intrigued about this disc set is that it can be used either independently or as add-ons to your existing sets. Either way, these discs are designed to keep you competitive on the course and different wind conditions.What really distinguishes the Driven Disc Golf Starter Set from others is the speed you will be able to get from the throws. You can easily engage in some high-velocity golf disc games with this set.It also incorporates a mini disc, which you can use as a marker, and there is a Disc Flight Reference Card also added.Those who want to improve their putt can get benefits from the 1025 Scoresheets. 1025 is a specially designed golf game to help players improve their putts.

You can challenge yourself with this fun game, improve your skills, and increase your confidence.Both beginners and advanced players can enjoy the game using the Driven Disc Golf Starter Set. You can buy this disc golf set with utmost confidence as it includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set is a beginner-friendly disc golf set that will help you get your game start in style. The set includes two drivers, one putter, one mid-range, and a Discraft Weeekender disc golf bag.Discraft is a renowned disc golf manufacturer known for manufacturing quality golf discs for both beginners and advanced players.

The Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set is an excellent bundle for those who are new to the sport.The discs included are all Professional Disc Golf Association approved, and the best part is that it comes at a low price.If you find the game of golf disc intriguing and want to get your feet wet with disc golf, but not want to make any sizable financial commitment, I recommend you should go with this bundle.This is an excellent starter kit that will last for a while. The discs are composed of high-quality Discraft plastic that can easily tolerate the wear and tear the game of disc golf brings.The drivers are designed in such high-quality that I experienced great distance from both the drivers. You don’t need to throw the disc with high power to reach the basket.The design helps the disc glide comfortably towards the basket. Moreover, the putter has some excellent stability, which makes approaching a short distance quite easy.The mid-range, on the other hand, is designed keeping in mind the beginners.

It is lightweight and fits comfortably in my hand. Although the grip is a little slippery, if you get the grasp of it, it becomes easy to throw. Hence, you can use this bundle for practice sessions and for friendly matches, but not for competitive games.It comes with a Discraft Weeekender disc golf bag that you can carry anywhere you want with all your discs in it. The next bundle in my list offers high quality at a price that you would have a hard time beating. The Kestrel Sports Disc Golf Beginner Set Bundle work for players of any level, but the quality is particularly appreciated by those who have little to no experience in disc golf.The bindle contains three discs – a putter, a mid-range, and a fairway driver. The discs are composed of a special Flexi plastic blend that not only provides durability but also help push your throws to greater distances for tighter approach shots as well as longer drives.All the three discs are approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association, and the quality of plastic used gives you the distance, control, and turn required in the game.

Each disc weighs 172 grams with perfect molds for flexibility, precision, and range. As a beginner, you will surely be able to develop your game using these discs.Both beginners and advanced users can equally enjoy their game using the Kestrel Sports Disc Golf Beginner Set Bundle. Compared to Innova and Discraft, Kestrel Sports is a much cheaper brand but offers quality golf disc sets.Most importantly, this starter set is kid-friendly, making it perfect for children to enjoy the fantastic outdoor game. As the game is rising in immense popularity, with children getting away from smartphones and computers and enjoying outdoor play, this game is excellent to boost their physical and mental strength. And when considering playing this game, there is no better starter kit to have than Kestrel Sports Disc Golf Beginner Set Bundle.The best part is that this bundle is that it is disc golf set with bag in which you can put all the discs and travel hassle-free.

Trademark Innovations Disc Golf Set with Disc Golf Bag is a solid family package for those who want to enjoy the game of disc golf with their family.This bundle incorporates nine discs: three drivers, three mid-range discs, and three putters. The putters, mid-range discs, and drivers are distinguished by colors, thus it is easy to identify which is which.If you are a beginner and looking for a large bundle at a low price, then Trademark Innovations Disc Golf Set fits perfectly in your scenario. If you are looking for a challenging, fun game with your friends or loved ones for your next vacation, barbecue, or get-together, then Franklin Sports Disc Golf Set with Disc Golf Target is your answer.Disc golf is easy to learn yet challenging game, and it requires you to have a complete set to know the full potential of the game.

This is why Franklin has introduced a complete set that includes a target basket as well.The umbrella-style disc golf target is all you need to practice this fun and challenging game.It was easy for me to set up the whole kit – all you have to do is place the target wherever you want and start hitting it with the discs. The bundle is easy to carry. You can bring it to the tailgates, beach, and cookouts as a fun way to play disc golf anywhere.The complete set includes three golf discs and an easy-to-setup sturdy disc golf target. Its sturdy frame makes setup easy and quick nearly on any surface. It is easy to store and carry thanks to the umbrella-style foldable design.One thing I want to point out is the bright golf discs.

Unlike other golf discs that boast a fade-like color pattern, Franklin discs are bright-colored, which allows you to play from dawn to dusk. What else, it comes with a carry bag for easy transport.Hence, this makes it a perfect starter set for those who want to master the game without requiring to join any academy. This is because you have your own disc golf target to practice with.

You can do it at the comfort of your home as well.This golf disc starter kit is guaranteed to give loads of fun for all ages. What to Look For When Buying Disc Golf SetDifferent disc golf sets have different qualities and features. From the disc golf types to the color, weight, and the material used, there are a lot of considerations when it comes to choosing a disc golf set.On the other hand, their qualities may vary based on the brand/manufacturer. Hence, it is important that you do your research before buying any disc golf set.In this section, I will be reflecting on the main points that you should adhere if you want to ensure that you have put your money in the right place.

Discs included in a disc golf set (number/type)There are basically three included in a disc golf set.They include: The Driver, The Mid-Range Disc, The PutterYou are advised not to buy a disc golf set that doesn’t include the three primary discs. These discs have different roles to play in the game of disc golf.The driver is designed to achieve maximum flight, while the mid-range disc is designed to approach tee shots, and the putter is designed for short-range tosses.Disc golf sets are preferably meant for beginners. Will help you learn to use them in different circumstances and will gain a better understanding of their flight paths and behavior.If you were just getting started with disc golf, you would want to have a complete kit. A complete kit is critical in getting the basics right.So a disc golf set must include all the three following discs:1. DriversDrivers are meant mostly for distance and speed, and this is the type of disc that you will use for tee shots.

By profile, drivers are the flattest disc types with wide rims. This is the reason they differ in flight characteristics.Choosing a decent disc golf set requires good knowledge of the drivers. Most importantly, there are two types of disc golf driver that you should know.Control Drivers:Control drivers are also known as fairway drivers.

They are easy to control, hence, the name.The control drivers have smaller rims that give them slow speed potential, ensuring that they don’t go crazy in the wind. You can easily throw a control driver for anything over 290 feet and below 350 feet.These drivers are best suitable for both inexperienced and experienced players and are an excellent choice for short drives, straight flights, and tight lines.A control driver in a disc golf set must be comfortable to grab and match your style of playing.Maximum Distance Drivers:Distance drivers, unlike control drivers, are designed to travel the longest distance. Due to their inherent flight features, they are able to fly at the highest speeds.

This makes the distance drivers the most preferred type for experienced players.Distance drivers have wider rims and sharpers noses. You can easily throw a distance driver in excess of 400 ft. The type of driver included in your disc golf set will depend on the brand and your level of expertise. If you choose a disc golf set meant for beginners, you will probably get a control driver. However, there are disc golf sets that include both the drivers but can be expensive.2.

Mid-RangeMid-range golf discs are best used for tee shots or for shots close to the basket. This type of disc is known for its glide and accuracy.Mid-range discs have the ability to stay in the air or maintain a loft. This is the reason why this type is recommended mostly to the beginners. They give greater accuracy and maximum control without sailing past the target.3. PutterPutters are short-range discs meant to travel short distances with sheer accuracy.

Putters can be used to sink the disc into the basket for hole completion or for making very short approach shots.These are the slowest flying golf discs of the three types. They are easy to control, have a short flight range, and they constantly fly straight.Color of Discs in SetBelieve it or not, the color of the golf disc plays a critical role in enhancing your performance as a golf disc thrower. These discs come in a variety of color options.You need to choose a disc golf set that incorporates differently colored discs. The discs need to be brightly colored for easy visibility and clearly marked so that you can tell which is which (driver, mid-range, putter).Professional and experienced disc golf players choose disc colors based on the area where they are playing.Pro Tip: Light-colored golf discs are suitable for playing on green grass courses, but not great for rocky terrain or dead grass courses. So, choose accordingly!Hence, if you want to explore the sport by playing on different courses, you can have a variety of different color golf discs in your kit. Disc Golf Weight in SetWhen it comes to the weight of the golf disc, there is no predefined weight.

They come in a variety of different weights, especially when they are bought in sets.Although most golf discs weigh between 165-172 grams, it can get lower or higher based on the manufacturer and the needs of the player. However, the weight of the golf disc is determined by the diameter of the disc, and it is regulated by the Professional Disc Golf Association. That is, the association decides how heavy a disc can be.For instance, midrange golf discs come with a slightly wider diameter; hence, they are likely to weigh more than 175 grams. On the other hand, putters and drivers cannot exceed above 175 grams as approved by PGDA.Heavier golf discs are less likely to turn over and are going to be more over-stable, whereas lightweight golf discs are more likely to turn over and are more under-stable.If you are a beginner, newly starting the game, or have slower arm speeds, you are advised to go with disc golf set with disc golfs weighing between 160-170 grams. Lighter discs will help you get to know the control, which is an essential aspect of disc throwing. However, it will not give you the speed you want. Heavy discs, on the other hand, offers incredible speed but lacks in control.As you develop experience as a player, you will be able to clasp the different disc weights and know what they are used for.

But it is really about finding a disc golf set that you feel comfortable with. Plastic Type of DiscThe type of plastic you choose influence greatly on the way the disc fly. Moreover, plastic has the tendency to degrade over time, which can impact the flight performance of your disc. Also, the type of plastic material used influence the feel of the grip, which ultimately affects how you throw the disc.However, disc golfs composed of high-quality plastic material are expensive in comparison to golf discs composed of low-quality plastic material. But, the greater the quality of the plastic, the greater will be the performance of the disc golf.The following are the plastic types of disc golfs used by the manufacturers.Basic Plastics: Retro Line, Prime, D-Line, Pro D, and DX.These plastics get scratched and nicked easily. Hence, this makes the discs made from basic plastics less reliable as they become less stable over time.What’s worse is the fact that if the disc contacts any hurdle, it can leave a significant flight altering impact.I recommend the basic plastic type for mid-range discs and putters rather than drivers.

Discs that aren’t thrown much around with ultimate force fits well under this plastic category.Middle Grade Plastics: Sure Grip, Biofuzion, P-Line plasticsThat are more durable than the basic plastics but can get easily damaged when thrown into a brick wall or a tree limb.Ultra Durable Plastics: KC-Pro, Jawbreaker/Rubber Blend, BT Hard, 350G, Elite Z, and C-Line are the ultra-durable plastics that give the golf discs the potential to tolerate wear and tear.The ultra-durable plastic is clear, smooth, and very hard. Their flight path remains incredibly steady, and the discs can take the abuse of rough courses. Innova. Discraft. Driven Disc Golf. Kestrel Sports. Trademark Innovations.

Franklin Sports. Latitude 64. Axiom Discs. MVP Disc SportsIt is extremely important that you choose a renowned brand because you would want your disc golf playing experience as a beginner to be more than pleasant.For starters, top brands offer complete beginner disc golf starter kit. The discs are of top quality (approved by PDGA), and even if you find trouble with your disc of starter kit, their customer service is always there to help.Accessories and Other Things that Come with a Disc Golf SetMost of the disc golf sets offered by brands come with three disc golfs and a carry bag.A carry bag is important as it allows you to take the discs wherever you go – from family outings to the beaches, park, and to the tournaments. The carry bag contains extra compartments for storing playing accessories like gloves and holding items like snacks and drinks.Each disc golf set comes with a guide to help users and new players get started with.Moreover, some of the brands offer a complete kit that includes the target basket and throwing gloves. Brands like Driven Disc Golf even offer scoresheets as well.Depending on the purpose, you can buy accessories additionally other than the kit like the target basket, gloves, and additional discs if you want to have complete family fun.Once you get started understanding the game, you would want to up the ante up investing in disc golf discs used by the professionals.

The professional disc golfs may cost a little bit more than your beginner discs. Frequently Asked QuestionsThe following are the frequently asked questions related to disc golf set. How Many Discs Do You Need to Play Disc Golf?There are primarily three types of discs used in Disc Golf, namely Drivers, Mid-range Discs,. So, the answer to the questions is you will need three discs to play the sport. But I think you should carry at least 6 discs as a backup (2 of each type).However, the numbers may vary depending on the player and his/her playing style.So, the best answer I can give you on this question is that carry as many golf discs as you want.

If you just start with disc golf, you can carry 3 essential discs (1 Driver, 1 Mid-rage, 1 Putter) or 2 discs (1 putter and 1 mid-rage) because driver disc is not easy to control for a newbie. But if you want to go farther with this game you should at least carry 6 discs – two putters, two mid-range, and two drivers.You do not wish to be disqualified in case you damaged your disc during a competition. So, carrying extra discs is an intelligent move. Where Can I Buy a Disc Golf Set?You have plenty of options on where to buy a disc golf set. Your best bet is There, you can find golf discs of almost any brand. But before you go online disc shopping, I recommend that you should do your research first. It is extremely important that you do your research because not buying is much more better than buying wrong.So, if there is any local sports store in your area that offers quality and branded disc golf sets, you should pay that store a visit.

You need to physically feel the disc so that you can get to know about its grip and handling.Once you have done your research, you can buy any model you want. Why am I recommending you to buy online is because you will save a lot of money.ConclusionThat’s it! This is my complete buying guide for finding the best disc golf set. I hope you have understood what goes into buying disc golf.

The reason I included these seven products is that I have personally tested them, and based on my experience, I am recommending them to you.You are free to consider other options as long as it provides the value and serves the purpose. If you have any queries regarding the buying guide or want to know, feel free to contact me.

Disc golf is an inexpensive sport that’s easy to get into, and a disc golf set is often all you need to start playing. Most sets include at least the three primary types of disc: one driver, one mid-range, and one putter.Taking a single disc onto the course will put you in tricky situations and likely leave you frustrated. Each disc is designed for a specific range, flight pattern, and amount of power. Your driver should cover a long distance and put you in a good spot to approach the basket. A mid-range disc is versatile and capable of short or long throws, making it the right disc for the fairway or driving on short holes.

Your putter is the disc you take out when it’s time to make your (hopefully) final stroke.When choosing a disc golf set, you don’t get to choose individual discs; you must find a set whose discs meet your needs. There are a few popular brands that provide a wide selection of disc golf sets. Our buying guide can help you find the right set for you, and our recommendations can get you out and playing in no time.Driver: The disc that you begin each hole with is the driver. That isn’t to say it’s the most important, but it certainly plays a large role in determining how the rest of your strokes go and what angle you’ll approach from.Drivers have the highest speed ratings and must be thrown with the most power.

When you throw a driver, you typically make several steps before your throw so that the power comes not only from your arm and wrist but also from your hips, legs, and torso.The two primary types of drivers are distance drivers and fairway drivers.Distance: As the name implies, distance drivers are designed to have the longest flights possible and are a popular choice among experienced players.Fairway: These drivers offer less distance but improved control, making them the best choice for beginners. A reliable fairway driver allows you to gain confidence in your drives and your aim.

In addition, a fairway driver can be used for driving or approaching.Mid-range: Mid-range discs are typically used for approaching the basket, but they can also be used for drives on shorter holes. If you had to bring just one disc with you, it would be a mid-range disc. (But you don’t have to. That’s what your disc golf set is for!) Like any disc type, mid-range discs behave differently and have varying flight paths, weights, and turns.With mid-range discs, the emphasis is on control. You should use your mid-range disc when you’re too far from the basket to use a putter, but you think you have a chance of sinking the shot.

You should use a mid-range disc when you need to throw a backhand anhyzer (a throw that curves in the opposite direction of a normal backhand throw). You can even use your mid-range disc to putt in the right situation.Putter: For the most part, putters are designed to fly straight and drop quickly. Your putter should be the most dependable and predictable disc you carry. While some putters are designed for mid-range throws or even short drives, most beginners should consider typical putters that are easy to throw in a straight shot that drops right into the basket. Because most beginner putters (and therefore most putters included in disc golf sets) are designed for the same purpose, there aren’t as many variations to consider. Finding the right putter for you means finding one whose weight, feel, and flight you prefer.

Mini: Mini discs are small discs typically made of a highly visible plastic. Some sets include mini discs, and they’re great to have, not for throwing short distances but for marking your place, as in traditional golf.

Sword of mana rom. Flight ratings describe the way a disc behaves when thrown at a certain speed, usually listed on the front or back of the discs. This information can be useful, but most brands have their own flight rating systems, so it can be difficult to compare discs between brands. Fortunately, all disc golf sets contain discs of the same brand, so the flight ratings can give you a general idea of how a disc will behave in the air.Speed ratings refer to the speed at which a disc should be thrown. If it’s thrown with more or less power than its speed, it might be difficult to control.

As a result, most beginner discs have low speed ratings.Glide ratings tell you whether a disc floats in the air for a long time or drops off at the end of its flight. Many drivers and fairway drivers have high glide ratings for longer throws.Turn ratings indicate the type of turn a disc makes at the end of its path. Most discs specify whether the disc is expected to turn left or right and how sharp the turn is. Fade ratings describe how much a disc curves in the direction opposite its flight path. A disc with a high fade first arcs one direction then arcs back the other way later in its flight.

Most disc golf sets include three discs, one each of the three types. Some sets might include additional discs of different molds, giving you more options as you play. While extra discs are often included at a good value, we recommend sticking with a basic three-disc set unless you’re shopping for a set for multiple players. Using only a few discs when you start out will help you learn to use your discs in different situations and gain a better understanding of their behavior and flight paths. Then you can purchase individual discs separately once you know your preferences and needs better. There are many different plastic blends that result in softer, firmer, heavier, or lighter discs.

What materials are used, and what blends are best? Thanks to the secrecy of disc manufacturers, it’s a mystery. That doesn’t mean you can’t research the feel, weight, and performance of different discs.Most brands have a few different types of plastic that may be used in the same mold.

This allows a company to produce different versions of the same disc — the mold and shape of the disc is the same, but its material causes it to feel and behave differently.If you think you’d prefer more control, opt for a grippy plastic or rubber. If you have good upper-body strength and want to throw discs fast and far, try a heavy plastic that won’t be easily buffeted by gusts of wind. Many beginners find a lighter, more flexible plastic to be the most comfortable. Inexpensive: Low-priced disc golf sets that cost $10 to $20 usually include three discs: a driver, a mid-range disc, and a putter. In most cases, a is not included. Even in this price range, many companies offer a reliable set of discs that you can use for years to come.Mid-range: In the $20 to $40 range are disc golf sets that include anywhere from three to nine or more discs of different types.

Some sets at this price may include accessories like a carrying bag or mini discs.Expensive: High-end disc golf sets that cost $40 to $60 typically include six or more discs of different types and often come with a carrying bag. If you’re looking for discs for several people or you just want a wide selection to start out, consider a set in this range.

If you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about, there is a vast and colorful lexicon of disc golf terms you can use. Here are some of the basics:.Backhand: A throw with the back of you hand facing forward so that the disc crosses your body before being released.Forehand: A throw with your palm facing forward or upward.


A flicking motion is used to propel the disc. This throw may be used for driving, mid-range throws, or putting.Hyzer: A throw where the outside edge of the disc is angled downward. In a right-handed backhand throw, this results in an arc that moves to the right then crosses to the left.Anhyzer: This is the opposite of a hyzer. The outside edge of the disc is angled upward. In a right-hand backhand throw.

This results in an arc that moves to the left then crosses to the right.Overstable: How likely a disc is to curve to the left in a right-hand backhand hyzer throw.Understable: How likely a disc is to curve to the right, in a right-hand backhand hyzer throw. Stable: How likely a disc is to fly straight and level. While we think our top recommendations represent the best disc golf sets available, there are a couple of other sets worth mentioning. For a beginner set that includes a variety of discs and a carrying bag, there’s the. It includes the company’s most popular putter, the Aviar, and the fan-favorite mid-range Teebird disc. In addition, the slingshot bag is comfortable and capable of holding up to six discs. For a set that lets you practice just about anywhere, the includes not only three discs but also a practice basket.

The portable basket is perfect for honing your putting and approach skills, though the included discs aren’t as good quality as some other beginner sets. How long do the discs typically last?A. While a disc can easily last for years with regular use, its most likely fate is not becoming damaged but being lost in the bushes. You can combat the chances of losing a disc by having other players spot your throws and by putting your name and number on your discs.Q. Should I stick to one brand when buying discs?A. While a disc golf set will include only discs of one brand, there’s no reason to limit yourself to one company. Each brand has its own strengths and weaknesses, and some brands may have gaps in their line of discs that can only be filled by the right disc from another brand.Q.

What’s the right number of discs to bring on the course?A. Three is all you need: a driver for driving, a mid-range disc for fairway shots and difficult situations, and a putter to hit the links. Bringing more discs gives you added flexibility, but beginners are best off with three reliable discs that they trust to fly true.