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Hello All:Does anyone else play this great game(Galactic Phantasy)??I need some help with it. I am currently defending at space station Mothine, onto the third wave of attack now. I can't get pass this. Yes, I can beat 3 destroyer with my 3 destroyer, however, after that, it comes 2 destroyer + 1 Cruiser.

Galaxy High (ギャラクシー・ハイスクール) is an American-Japanese science fiction animated series that premiered on September 13, 1986 on CBS and ran for 13 episodes until December 6, 1986. The series was created by Chris Columbus and featured music and a theme song composed by Don Felder. Dec 11, 2017  BGM for the game Phantasy Star Online 2 including tracks from Episode 1 to 3. Most of the videos in this playlist are recorded in-game, using the appropriate music discs in.

My other ships gets destroyed and my shield doesn't last too long against the Cruiser. And I could find any place to buy a Cruiser myself, at least not the space station I have visited.Any help would be great! Has anyone taken the time to make a list or thread of the Buy/Sell - Goods and Prices, Ships and Weapons/parts perplanet.?I have some routes that will offer reasonable profits. Remember a transport ship(s)(from Jupity) is a must for max profits.key $= 1 multiplier of profit.GR=Golden RouteNow.(Trade route 1)Go to Wistrain,Buy(full cargo capacity): Tourists = $$ or Sunlight Simulators= $$$Then travel to Nerrus(adjacent planet).

And sell the lot.!(Trade route 2-GR)Go to Aerek(same S.System as Wistrain and Nerrus) then Buy (full Cap.)Mirco Nuclear Batteries = $$$$.5.Then Travel to Tartrin and sell the lot. Also this route is a golden route(I discovered it b4 the story tells you)(Trade Route 3-GR) Travel to Freeport(starting S.System).Buy Cigarettes(Full Cap.)then travel to Nerrus (TradeRoute1 S.System) and sell the lot.My Advice Starting off.Milk the trade routes above ASAP and buy the best available ships(for me ATM Destroyers from Quelonel same S.Sytem as Aerek & ) including weapons and partRead.actually read what each type of parts actually do. Scribblenauts showdown pc. And don't go in loaded mainly offensive.shield n armor come in handy VS destroyers and above, the bigger the ship. The bigger the Hit!Last thing remember to RECRUIT crew members from the planets as you go. Don't be too picky as most of the time you'll end up going back to get them.and doesn't matter if you don't have a ship for them later you will.(I've got roughly 12 ships with 4 fully crewed.5/12 are active fleet((Combat fleet/Trade Fleet)).

Couldn't be bothered typing anymore if you need help ill try to help out hope this is useful to one and not a wasted time n thread. Oh and please don't hack the game what's the point money is so easily obtained.:thumbs. Thanks for the new routes.I was looking for a short route with max. Profit.Here is mine: Buy tourists from Pakenlord and take them to Lovacold in the same system.Gives a nice profit.To get blueprints for transporters you will have to attack those.Unfortunatly all i got is a little one but i am hoping to get an Ogre on day!Crew is very important. Only buy the most talented people. You need to assign them to a piece of hardware to make the hardware work.With a crewmember of +230 points on parts you will get approx.

Galaxy phantasy prelude youtube videos

+30% additional SP to an armor piece - that helps a lot.Try to have three well equipped ships and the game can be finished. Skyforge release date.