Forza Motorsport 5 Release Date

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A lot of gameplay aspects in the Forza Horizon series are similar to professional track-based racing series Forza Motorsport since the former was.


Submitted on 8/11/2016 Review title of z80 Cowboywhat happened to simulation?this game has no feel of speed, your doing 120mph and it looks and feels like 40, but the tires dont stick like its 40. Something is wrong with the way the game handles. The drivatar difficulty system is an absolute joke. Im bot the best driver on a console, but at the lowest difficulty i should be able to blow by every drivatar on the track. Thats not the case, in fact nothing much changes when you change the drivatar difficulty. Tried bumping the diff up and down the whole range and besides the speed sense sucking, nothing actually changed with the drivatars and the way they drive.

Ive got 5 other forza games under my belt and to be honest the current gen forzas all have really sucky difficulty settings and the ai cars will slam into you all the time in the worst possible spots. Submitted on 9/2/2017 Review title of SIR NAPSAL0TIt was pretty?Sounds and looks good, but thats about it. As a driving game, it simulates the experience poorly. Not terrible, but not good. Game starts you on full handicap which messes with steering and acceleration if you dont drive the way it thinks you should. Playing on pro settings made it better, but the observed speed doesnt match the slickness of handling and its incredibly easy to get spun out on even simple turns. I didnt have an issue with the bots beyond the fact that the game insists they are not bots.

They didnt seem to change much between the 5 difficulties I played. The menu design is annoying and controls are unintuitive for someone playing for the first time (me). I could find no configuration menu or button layout in game. Id give it a 2/10 for a semi-decent racing game with poor racing and a 6/10 for a pretty car in a room simulator. And Im not even sure it deserves that 6, with its limited cars and features. Just glad xbox gave it free, so I didnt waste any money.

Submitted on 8/27/2017 Review title of UncleSkywalker1Cant Sell Cars! Multiplayer is bumper cars.Payouts are low.

'Beginner' lobby shows ppl in the 1,000's of Lvls crashing ppl out for ez wins. War selection mac os. Vote Kick doesnt do anything. Invested 300k in a car that has incurable bad tendecies & cant sell it. Id rather play any other forza. 4 was better.

Even Horizon is better. Next gen step back. Plus as a car guy; almost every car i do want in the game is DLC. Those are also almost ALL of the new cars since #4.

In other words every car not DLC was in 4 or 4's DLC.