Fortune Summoners Gameplay

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Fortune Summoners is an adventure in which several genres, such as role-playing, platform, and action, are combined into one. In it, the main characters are a couple of little anime girls who love going on adventures,. Killing enemy creatures.Gameplay, once you've left the small town in which the little girls live and where you can buy objects and talk to other characters, is actually very similar to any other 2D 'action RPG' you've ever played before. When you control Arche, who is the expert in melee weapons, you can pull out combos and destroy enemies at short range; when controlling her friend, meanwhile, you're limited to using magic over longer distances.The game is quite long, with over a dozen dungeons to explore and pillage and a story that can carry on for over twenty hours from beginning to end.The game's art design, as can be seen in the images, emulates 16-bit games. Scenes and characters are recreated pixel by pixel with great care as can be seen in the detail of the characters, whose anime look will definitely appeal to more than one.Fortune Summoners is a very good game that will prove especially interesting to fans of action RPGs, and anime in general. Plus, it does not require a very powerful computer to work smoothly.