Forever Lost 2

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Download Forever Lost: Episode 2 HD and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎“iOS adventuring at its best” - TouchArcade 'Over a million downloads of the Forever Lost series, that many players can't be wrong!' - Glitch Games Congratulations! You managed to escape from that what was it? Saints row 2. This is the full soundtrack for the 2nd game in the Forever Lost trilogy. It includes all 8 tracks composed by Richard J. Forever Lost: Episode 2 is available today on Itch. By purchasing it you will get the following tracks in both mp3 and flac formats.

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'Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.' Creepy music? Concrete walls? Perspicacious quotes? Yes, your adventures in the asylum are nowhere near over in Glitch Games' latest adventure, Forever Lost: Episode 2. Last year's breakout point-and-clickescape hit is back to continue the story, featuring more twists, chills, and lots of classic adventuring fun.

Forever Lost Episode 2 picks up right where episode one left off. After discovering that the Hawthorne Asylum you spent the previous game breaking out of was actually some sort of strange underground experiment, you emerge into the open air, ready to get out of this creepy place. Unfortunately you are a bit tired, so it might behoove you to catch a few Zs before traveling on. Refreshed, you can continue the adventure in and around Hawthorne Manor. Hey, wait, Hawthorne Manor? Is this place real or are we in yet another simulation? Hmmm..

Point and click, or, rather, tap and drag your way around the scenery, picking up useful items and solving a myriad of puzzles and mini-games on your way to finding..well, more questions than answers, really. An all new batch of puzzles and brain teasers await the adventurer as they continue their escape. Once again Glitch Games brings the amusement in a game that keeps the adventure genre fresh and fun with its mix of tricky puzzles, gorgeous (if decaying) scenery, and atmospheric music, with a scattering of in-jokes and puns throughout to lighten the mood.

As with all really well done adventure games the point is not the destination but the journey, and Glitch Games has once again provided a top-notch expedition into the unknown. The hallmark of an excellent adventure game is not how quickly (or slowly) you can complete it, but if you want to keep going back to check out certain things that you missed the first time around, which Forever Lost: Episode 2 delivers in spades. Do you want to go back to admire the scenery, have fun in the My First Adventure tablet game, or just see if you can find the Arrested Development gag? Either way, Forever Lost: Episode 2 is the way to go.