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For game talk, bugs or help, visit the FISHAO Forums. Herb is the character in the first picture on the right. He is a sailor which asks you to catch certain amount of.

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How can I get more fishcoins?
Try the fishcoins guide.

Or you can buy them ingame by clicking the plus sign at the fishcoins on the top of your screen.

How do I level up fast?
I suggest the following:

My first piece of advice is to use an Experience booster x2 or x4 potion. Then depending on your level there are some different areas that I recommend:

All levels:
If you have a friend that has lots of 3-5 star fish in his/hers backyard, then it might be a good idea to do some fishing there.
Low to medium levels: A really efficient way is to go to the trout farm in Laketown. Use only dough as bait since it’s free. You can use a bamboo rod, but the larger fish grow to just over one meter in length. There are two 5-star fish there which are possible to catch with only bamboo rod.

Medium to high levels: If you have the coins/rod/bait for it, you might want to try renting a boat in Seagull Harbor, using Luck Potion 2 and fish as bait. With this method I went from level 100 – 120 in three days and at the same time I caught between 13-15 5-star fish. (

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Where/how do I catch 5-star fish?

The most efficient way to catch one is to get Luck Potion 2 from the shop/store and then have a look at the 5-star table to choose the right bait and place.
The most economical way is to catch the ones that require only bamboo rod and dough and no entry fees for turnaments, areas etc. Two examples would be Mandarinfish at Pinheira Beach or a smaller Gold Carp in Laketown.

When is the fish market open?

All days except sundays.

Where is Herb today?

Check HERE

How do I get referrals and how does it work?
For every person that you refer you get 100 fishbucks per level above 15 that they reach. You find the referral section if you click your profile and then go down to referrals. There you have a personal link that you can give to other people and hopefully earn some coins from.

Tap tap revenge

In Thombani Town, how do I fish inside the enclosure?
With teamwork =)
There are two plates on the ground, one player needs to stand on each of those, then the enclosure opens =)

How do I change my ingame language?
Like this:

Someone in Fishao is acting inappropriately/harassing me or others. What do I do?
The best thing you can do is to report them. Click on their profile and then click the Report-button.

How do I change my password?

Go here:聽

Who is “Steeve”? And where is he?
He seems to be an NPC in Marshville but nobody knows how to find him. He is a mystery.

I can’t find all the fishbones for my daily quest…
Fishbones are always close to water. Follow the shore/beach in all the areas you have unlocked and you will find them eventually. Make sure you are really checking all the areas that you have unlocked.

I have an idea/suggestion for Fishao, where do I put it?

The Fishao forum is a good place for that.

How are Home Points calculated?

They’re calculated based on the “worth” of the items that are located in your personal home. If a chair is worth 2.000 fishbucks you add 2.000 home points.

When it comes to fish that you breed it works like this:聽Price of breeding / Percentage of succceeding * 100.

So if a fish has 10% chance to succeed and breeding costs 3.000 Fishbucks. Home points worth will be 30.000 on聽successful breeding.

How does the fishing line work?

Just as in real fishing, you are dependant on both the strengt of your line and your rod. They both influence how big fish your equipment is good for. It is decided by a very simple formula: Rod聽strength + Line Strength /2

Rod: 200 cm
Line: 80 cm
200 + 80 / 2 = 140.
So in this case your equipment is good for fish up tp 140 cm.

How does the money tree work?

Fishao Herb

The money tree drops a certain ammount of fishbucks and fishcoins every 24 hours. You can upgrade your tree, and the more you upgrade it the more money you will be able to collect from it each time. It is located in your home backyard at your house in Rio Tropical.