Faily Skater Download

Faily Skater is the latest game in the Faily series. It’s just landed for iOS and Android, and it’s an awful lot of fun. But, it’s also a pretty tricky game – the word fail is in its name, so you know it’s going to be trying to trip you up as often as it can.

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Don’t worry though, because we’ve played the game and we’re here to help out with some hints and tips that are going to ensure that your darts down Faily Skater’s obstacle-littered hills are going to go as successfully as they possibly can.

Got your own tips and tricks? Then feel free to chuck them in the comments section to help out your fellow players. And if there’s anything in the game you’re stuck on, do let us know – we’re here to help, it’s literally our job. Oh, and if you want to download Faily Skater, which is free, then click here to get the game for iOS, or alternatively click here to pick it up for Android.

Be Gentle

The first thing you’re going to have to do if you want to succeed in Faily Skater is stop pressing the screen so hard. Siralim 3. Steer too far in one direction and as you try to correct the veer you’re going to end up weaving from side to side with no control at all. Drunk or dead woman on ridiculousness. When the aim of the game is avoiding things, that’s not ideal.

A gentle tap of the side of the screen is more than enough to avoid most things. If you’re about to plough into something massive then by all means be a little more aggressive, but for the most part pushing too hard on the screen is going to end your run before you’ve had a chance to shine.

Learn To Jump

Where in other skating games you can hold down the jump button to power up your leap, that’s not the case here. As soon as you push a digit on either side of the screen, your skater is going to leap. It takes a while to get the timing right, but it’s important that you do.

You want to be jumping just before the lip of any ramp in order to get the most air. And trust us, getting air is very important, as we’ll explain in the next section. It might take you a few runs to feel comfortable with the jumping, but stick with it because the game gets much better when you do.

Tricking’s a Treat

The key to success in Faily Skater is tricks. You perform these by pushing two fingers on the screen while you’re airborne. The longer you hold the press down, the longer you’ll perform the trick. Make sure you release before you hit the ground though, or it’s the end of your run.

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Except, it might not be. The thing with tricks is that the more you do, the more hearts you have – and those hearts are retries. So you’ll want to be performing tricks whenever you get the chance. That doesn’t just mean hitting the ramps though.

You’ll see yellow circles as you skate – passing through one of them will perform a special trick, so it’s a good idea to try and nail as many of them as you can. There are also rails to grind – all you need to do is jump onto them. Some of the biggest trick combos come from rails – keep an eye out for the train station, you can grind in there for a solid minute.

Finish Your Challenges

You’ll be given regular challenges to complete. Doing so gets you coins that you can spend on cosmetics like new outfits and boards. You can check out what you need to do on the main menu, and the game’s a lot more enjoyable when you’re skating with a purpose.

Some of the challenges are based on obstacles that don’t appear very often, so knowing what you’re supposed to be looking for is really going to help.