Era Of Celestials Warrior Guide

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Era of Celestials looks like the little cousin of Lineage II and offers a casual ARPG experience. And as always, you can play the game better on BlueStacks. Era of Celestials Review And Beginner Guide. Feb 18, 2019 Game Guides. So pick this class after you learned the game with the warrior.

Last Updated on August 10, 2018 Era Of Celestials is a brand new 3D MMORPG for Android by GTarcade. Check out our Era Of Celestials guide, tips, cheats & strategy to master the gameGTarcade’s latest 3D MMORPG, Era Of Celestials is now available for all the players worldwide and challenges you to become the best warrior, mage or archer in the world of demons and sprites. Era Of Celestials game features plenty of game modes; PvP, Boss Hunts, daily hunt, adventure mode, and much more. And today, in this post, we are going to share the Era Of Celestials guide and Era Of Celestials tips, cheats & tricks to master the game. So, let’s get started: – Quick Navigation: –.Basics – How To Play Era Of Celestials Game?In the Era Of Celestials game, your main objective is to build the character; warrior, mage or archer(you can create all these characters and play separately). The game features an automated system; all you need to do is tap the quests to instruct the character to complete the task.

Similarly, in the battle, the character attacks the enemies automatically. However, in the battle, you can disable the auto mode. The real game starts when you reach the level 130; at this level, new features such as PvP arena, smelting, and more gets unlocked. Here’s how to play Era Of Celestials game: –We would recommend you to go through. If you want to play manually, then tap the event option on the top-right corner of the main screen.

From there you can select the game modes; daily events include; EXP Instance, Arena, Automation, Boss Hunt, and more. You can play these modes daily for a limited number of times.Group Events; Abyssal, Tower, and more modes are included in this event. You can earn runes, equipment, materials by playing these game modes. Limited Time Events include game modes such as Slayer, PvP(Showdown), Contest, and more. Or if you want to kill the demons, then tap the mini-map - select the demon - go. So we can say that the Era Of Celestials game features a variety of game modes.

Now, let’s talk about the objectives; basically, you have to build the hero; increase the BR(Battle Power), defense, attack, HP, and other attributes. Most of the features or game modes are locked when you start the game; as you level up, new game modes will be unlocked. So this is the basic of Era Of Celestials game. Now, let’s check out our Era Of Celestials guide and after it, head to the Era Of Celestials tips, cheats & tricks to master the game.

Era Of Celestials Warrior Guide

Also, see – Era Of Celestials Guide: –In this part, we will learn about the character, skill, smelting, crafting, game modes, and much more. Make sure to read everything. Roles; Warrior, Archer or Mage? Who Is Best?Well, it completely depends on your game style. We would recommend you to go with the warrior or archer. You can create a new character with a different role at any time. Just restart the game and on the character selection screen, you can create a new character.

You can switch to the previous one at any time. Character GuideIn Era Of Celestials game, the primary objective is to increase the attributes of the character such as BR, HP, Attack, Defense, and more. There are a number of ways to increase these attributes. Here’s how: –. Defeat the demons and obtain equipment. Obtain the costume(As a reward, by completing achievements, events or from the store). Activate Title Bonus(Achievements, Contests, Events, As A Reward).

Upgrade Artifact(Arena Shop; soul stone). Upgrade Honorific(Use Bronze Medal). Level UpOn the main screen, at the top-right corner, you can check the HP, mana, and BR points of the character. Tap the character icon to get access to the above-mentioned features. Apart from these ways, there are many more ways to increase the power of character; such as Gallery Entry Bonus, enhancing the weapon, refining, using the socket set, and more. Let’s learn about all. Also, see –.

Elysian GuideThese are the angels who can destroy any type of demon. Your character can transform into the angel for a certain amount of time by tapping the angel button(near the combat controls & skills). The rage meter should be full in order to transform. To refill it, you need rage points. You get these points gradually.How to unlock new Elysian? To unlock the new one, you need to upgrade the grade of the angel that is already unlocked.

For example; Stellaris is the first angel character you get in Era Of Celestials game. To unlock new one(Mortalis), upgrade the Stellaris to grade 6.

Basic Essence is an item that is required to upgrade the Elysian. Complete the storyline missions, quests, events to obtain this item.

(Path - Main Screen - tap the menu(arrow option, at the bottom-left side) - Elysian). Also, see –. Forge GuideThe player can increase the attack HP, ATK power of the character by enhancing the weapons or armor in forge facility. Basic Enhance Stone is the item that is used in upgrading these items. You can acquire this item by completing the game’s quests or from the store. After enhancing a certain number of pieces of equipment, the enhancement effect bonus will get unlocked. Also, see –.

Socket Set GuideOn the same menu(forge), tap the socket option from the side menu. There you can insert or put gems and activate small buffs such as HP, ATK, and more. You can obtain these gems from crafting. CraftingIn Era Of Celestials game, you can craft these items: –. Gem; Health Or Attack – Requires GEM(Crafting Material). Forge Material; Enhance Stones(To enhance high-tier equipment).

Training Material; Mount Fruit, Elysian Essense; to upgrade the grade of angels. Reputation Medal; Silver or Gold(Requires Bronze Medal)Path: – Tap the arrow icon and choose the craft option. There you can craft these items. Play the game and obtain material for crafting. Skill GuideThere are two types of skill your character have; active and passive. You can unlock active skills by leveling up and upgrade them using the gold. And passive skills can be unlocked by completing the quests.

Path - Tap the arrow icon - choose skill.Skill Runes: – After a certain level, rune system gets unlocked. Activating these additional buffs helps you a lot. You can upgrade the skill rune level using runes. Play the endless tower mode to obtain it.

To unlock the endless tower mode, you need to complete the 4 promotion quest. If you are a beginner, then ignore this as it will take a lot of time.

Completing the quests is one of the best ways to progress fast and unlock new features. Also, see –. MountIn Era Of Celestials game, you can mount the horse and visit long-distance location fast. There are a number of benefits of upgrading the mount; increases the BR, HP, ATK, and more attributes. Fruit is required in upgrading the mount(craft in crafting facility).Mount Morph/Morph List; tiger, a Chinese dragon, Titan, raptor, Divine Sapphire, and Magam Dragon are additional pets you can unlock; all are premium.Mount Skill: – By promoting or upgrading the mount, you can unlock these skill effects and enjoy passive buffs in the battle.Path: Tap the arrow icon - choose the mount option. MetallurgyHere you can smelt equipment and gain refining materials.

As per our details, this is how it works; you smelt the equipment and earn crystallite points. Then go to the refine tab - and use those points to level up the Metallurgy.