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Comprehensive online curriculum for blended learning settings


Edgenuity offers standards-aligned video-based curriculum for middle and high school blended learning environments. The program allows educators to customize the curriculum for their students, who monitor their own progress while completing lessons, assessments, and interactive activities. Edgenuity operates on a per-student licensing model and costs $350-$1,000 per student.


Edgenuity creates video curriculum for three products:

  • Core Curriculum for traditional and supplemental education
  • MyPath for reading and math intervention
  • Dual Credit for college-preparatory high school programs.

Edgenuity Programs and Features

Core Curriculum

The Edgenuity Core Curriculum program offers primary and supplemental instruction as well as credit recovery. The curriculum aligns with Common Core State Standards, International Association for K-12 Online Learning guidelines and some state standards. The courses integrate with assessments including the Northwest Evaluation Association’s (NWEA) MAP and Scantron’s Performance Series. The NCAA, University of California and College Board's Advancement Placement division have approved select courses for their programs.

Most of Edgenuity’s nearly 200 courses are at the high-school level. In addition to core subjects including math, science and history, their offerings include elective courses in like foreign languages (Mandarin, Spanish, German, etc.,), Career and Technical Education (CTE) and digital arts. The Edgenuity team updates the curriculum at least twice yearly to reflect changes in academic standards and improve the user experience based on customer feedback.


In 2014, Edgenuity launched MyPath for targeted intervention in reading and math for grades six through 12. The program works with students below, at and above grade level to strengthen and scaffold areas of weakness. The program creates an Individualized Learning Path (ILP) for students and offers a pre-quiz for each lesson, so students can place out of lesson topics they have already mastered.

Teachers can customize the program content and format according to individual student needs.

Dual credit

Atlas reactor characters. Also in 2014, Edgenuity partnered with online educational service SOPHIA Learning to offer 13 dual credit courses allowing high school students to earn high school and college credit simultaneously. The courses are eligible for transfer credit at more than 2,000 colleges and universities.

Edgenuity For Students

Students using Edgenuity have access to detailed statistics on their progress, including lesson completion percentage and scores on lessons and tests. The program builds tools into the platform including a graphing calculator, interactive periodic table and notepad to help students complete activities. English Language Learners (ELLs) can translate a text into their own language or select the option to hear it read aloud in their native language.

Students access the curriculum via the internet through their computer or tablet and begin the program with a pre-test followed by lecture-style lessons. Each topic features several versions of the lesson so students can choose the teacher and style that best suits them. The courses use audio, video and text content and different types of assignments including writing assignments, projects and graded tasks to support different learning styles. Edgenuity does not offer entertainment or game-based learning.

Edgenuity For Teachers and Administrators

Schools have the option of adding or removing features to enhance their program. Edgenuity provides teachers to schools for grading assignments, assisting students and communicating with parents or schools can use their own teachers. Features like discussion boards, email, and chat can also be added to supplement the learning experience. Teachers can rearrange, add or remove lessons and assignments based on what has already been covered online. Teachers can also adjust content, time and grading scale for individual students, including those with special needs.

A teacher dashboard includes the ability to email parents progress reports, set alerts for students who are behind or performing poorly on lessons and receive detailed feedback on student progress. Schools and districts can compare performance on lessons and assessments by class, grade, and academic standard.

While highly customizable, altering the content of courses and using in-house teaching staff (in lieu of Edgenuity’s teachers) may render courses ineligible for certain eligibility requirements. For example, in order for the courses to be deemed NCAA-eligible, they must be taught by Edgenuity teachers without customizations. Any customizations would require the school to submit their courses to the NCAA for review.


Curriculum Pricing

Schools purchase individual licenses for students based on the number of students using the course or program. Prices range from $350-$1,200 per student.

Factors including the course type, enrollment and whether or not a school chooses to use Edgenuity teachers determine the price of the program.

Homeschool students can purchase licenses through their local school.

Professional Development Pricing

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Edgenuity offers professional development packages that include on-site or blended learning formats. Training topics include using basic functions of the product and incorporating Edgenuity into an existing environment. Edgenuity also partners with programs in the strategic planning stage to create a new offering. Professional Development training starts at $2,500 per site per day.


Independent research group EdReports conducted a study of Edgenuity’s sixth to eighth-grade math curriculum. The study found that the curriculum “does not meet expectations” for alignment to Common Core State Standards. In their response to the review, Edgenuity cites misunderstanding of their blended learning format as problematic and points out that 10 states have approved their curriculum for online learning.

Product Brief

Edgenuity provides engaging online and blended learning curriculum and services that propel student success, empower teachers to deliver. Edgenuity provides engaging online and blended learning curriculum and services that propel student success, empower teachers to deliver effective instruction, and enable schools and districts to meet their academic goals. Designed to inspire life-long learning, Edgenuity offers a range of core curriculum, AP®, elective, CTE, dual credit, world language, test prep, and credit recovery courses based on the rigor of state, Common Core, and iNACOL standards. Edgenuity also provides implementation consulting, ongoing coaching, and professional development for teachers and administrators and can offer state-certified, highly qualified virtual teachers to serve as the teacher of record. Learn more at or by visiting moreShow less.