Digimon Masters Online

Digimon Masters(디지몬 마스터즈), (English Version, 2011-2016)SDKLatest versionOpenRelease date(s)( KR OBT:),( NA Pre-CBT:),( NA OBT:),Mode(s)Platform(s)MediaSystem requirements400 MHz+256MB9.0c8MB2GB+Input,Digimon Masters (디지몬 마스터즈 Dijimon Maseuteojeu ), also known as Digimon Masters Online, is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game by Digitalic for the PC. It was originally going to be released in English by WeMade in December 2010 but was delayed until early 2011. It was then announced in July 2011 that JoyMax would be hosting the game.

To restore order, the World Council is formed. Divine gate aoto.


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In February 20, 2012 launched its own server, Seraphimon. When moving the English version over to, MOVEGAMES took over the publishing rights. Contents Game BasicsThe game is based on the anime series, with supporting NPCs drawn from other anime series as well. The player begins by choosing between, and as the appearance of the character and then choosing one of four partner Digimon. The player then completes quests and levels both the character and the Digimon, as well as collecting new Digimon.

New Digimon are acquired through a 'mercenary system' involving either the hatching of partner eggs or the usage of a serial code found on select Korean Digimon cards.CharactersThere are four selectable Tamers and four starter Digimon.

DIGIMON MASTERS ONLINE is the original Digimon storyline come to life in an online world. Players select a partner Digimon and grow and evolve it by battling enemy Digimon. Like other monster collection games, another primary goal is to collect as many other Digimons - known as Mecernary Digimons - as possible. As players and their Digimon level up, the Digimons acquire new abilities and forms. Players can also participate in player-formed groups known as guilds where kids with good leadership skills can shine.

Kids who enjoy the Digimon story, world, and games will likely love playing in an online world where they can meet and talk with other kids who are Digimon fans. The premise is simple enough - use your Digimon to battle others, grow them, and collect Digimon eggs to hatch other Digimon. The game can be 'grindy' as kids may have to do a lot to get the materials to hatch these eggs, and the process may fail, resulting in a loss of materials and the egg.The good thing about this online world is that developers have been responsive to player feedback and the rates of drops and success have already been increased since launch. It is also ever changing, with new content added as well as various holiday events that keep the game fresh.