Deuterium Wars 4

Oct 11, 2019  Deuterium Wars is a rapid MMO 2D shooter. Create your own aircraft and plunge into heated battle with other players. What awaits you: an extensive role-playing system, craft, trading, and much more on a single server for all platforms. Steam Community:: Deuterium Wars. Deuterium Wars.

Deuterium Wars is (or Was) a free-to-play multiplayer cross-platform (other systems in the works) breakneck-paced 2D shooter by Disquire, that combines high dynamic fights with an extensive role-playing system. Work your way up from rookie in a “rust bucket” to experienced pilot in a high-tech combat aircraft that’s equipped with lots of deadly gadgets. With a variety of combat modes, futuristic arenas, multi-level craft, developed trading, and a social eco-system, you’ll never have time to be bored.Game FeaturesBATTLE FIERCELY LIKE NEVER BEFOREHigh dynamic fights keep the player engaged throughout the battle. In order to win, reaction and tactical thinking are equally important, as well as team play and the right priorities, depending on the battle mode. A fierce soundtrack and special effects reinforce the sensation of being fully immersed in battle.BECOME THE MAKER OF A REAL DEATH MACHINECombat vehicles are made from components that the player acquires in various ways.

A trustworthy machine gun, a powerful cannon, or an experimental beam gun: the choice is yours. The same goes for armor, engine, and hundreds of additional gadgets and their modifiers.BE A CRAFTSMAN OR A TRADERAs usual in this genre, you can outfit your ship before flight. The system of craft and trading allows you to even convert junk into a valuable part that can be sold for profit!

Players will enjoy all the possibilities for customization; ship parts can be painted or patterned and decorative elements can be added.BATTLE ON DIFFERENT PLATFORMSApart from the PC version, a version for mobile platforms and consoles are still in development. At home, on the road, or at work: the game will always be with you.WELCOME TO ALTANARThirty years ago, a massive asteroid almost destroyed Altanar. A high-tech Dome absorbed most of the strike and now keeps the planet from total destruction. Although part of Altanar is a post-apocalyptic desert, some areas still have megalopolises, military bases, and even wilderness.

Now, a serious battle for power and control of rare deuterium resources has begun. Deuterium lies at the heart of most technologies, including fueling the Dome.Deuterium Wars Screenshots.

There is more information available on this subject at on the.Deuterium is an isotope of the chemical element (chemical symbol H). The nucleus of protium (the most common form of Hydrogen) contains only the single proton, deuterium's nucleus contains one neutron in addition to the proton, and 's contains one proton and two neutrons. Deuterium nuclei produce a great deal of energy when into helium nuclei.

This is the fusion reaction that occurs in the sun and all other stars. Deuterium, along with tritium, is a primary fuel source for and the 's, including those used to power starships'.Deuterium has a natural abundance on planet surfaces, such as on. The Covenant build refineries to refine this material for use in their ships. It is also used in UNSC ships and stations to power the onboard reactors and, should the need arise, facilitate self-destruction by flooding the reserve tanks into the reaction chamber.

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