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But, I can't say everything here, so play it for yourself! For a more in-depth intro, read my Destiny of an Emperor II FAQ at Destiny II is basically a remake of Destiny I with the basic same plot (heck, they are based on the same novel), more features, and a longer game.

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Genre: StrategyAdventureRole-Playing
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OverviewDestiny of an Emperor is a strategy role-playing game based roughly on the manga Tenchi o Kurau ('The Devouring of Heaven and Earth') which is set in the Three Kingdoms period, when Western Shu, Northern Wei and Eastern Wu battled to conquer all of China.
Anon rates this game: 4/5

Based on a graphic novel of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Mixes Dragon Quest and Dynasty Warriors. Journey across the vast land of China, go through towns, caves, and tunnels, and fight enemy warlords in open areas, forts, and castles. You can also recruit over 100 generals to your side, through show of force and/or bribery. There's quite a bit to see, do, and even miss out on, so keep your eyes peeled.

Zon Weaver rates this game: 5/5

Destiny of a emperor >> You begin playing the game as a general named Liu Bei following with you is two '2' generals named Guan Yu and Zhang Fei,and while controling these generals you will be in control of a ever so growing army of troops.During game play you will get to defeat different insurgent type groups and defeat mighty generals explore vast landscapes and explore in underground caves also,while doing all of this your main objective is to free your people from war and tyranity the other objective will be to defeat the mightest general named Si Ma Yi ..

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Destiny of an Emperor (USA) Manual (PDF)
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