Dead Space 3

Does the name Isaac Clarke ring a bell to you? Probably yes! However if I am going to ask you if you know someone by the name of John Carver, will you recognize him? I’m sure you won’t. This is because due to the fact that the second person that I have mentioned is a new character added in the newest Dead Space game, sequel of Dead Space 2: Dead Space 3.It has been almost two years since Visceral Games released Dead Space 2 and to be honest ever since that day that game was released, I had been playing it everyday. I can hardly remember a day which I haven’t done that. With the announcement of Dead Space 3 development last September 2011, I was really excited.

I can’t really imagine waiting this long but I really don’t mind that now since I am able to play Dead Space 3 right now. The hours that I have spent playing this game has been phenomenal. The game has really improved if you will compare it with to its predecessor. The game developer also managed to squeeze a coop mode which I think is very nice feature for a solid game like this. On top of that, the crafting/upgrading system of weapon known has weapons bench has been redesigned and improved giving the opportunity for the players to craft and merge technically all the player can find in the environment.You might be curious, how is it possible knowing that the game is still not yet officially released? The answer to that query is quite simple.

Dead Space 3 is a Third-Person Shooter with Survival-Horror gameplay elements that challenges players to work singly, or with a friend to stop the viral/monster Necromorph outbreak. The game features the return of franchise hero, Isaac Clarke and the necessity of his weapons making abilities and precision skill in using them against in order to defeat enemies. Im going 2 be honest the awakened DLC is the best thing visceral games ever came up with it's sadly 3 hours Short but it's worth every penny bcus this is the true ending of Dead space 3 the co-op mode makes the story even more unique with John Carver I like how they separate U from the other player & you'll start hallucinating just like DS1.

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Isaac Clarke, no longer suffering from hallucinations or the effects from the previous games, is awoken by Captain Robert Norton and Sergeant John Carver of the Earth Defense Force explaining that they require Isaac's help to find Ellie Langford, the pilot from Dead Space 2, who has gone missing with her team. The trio is soon attacked by Unitologist soldiers led by Jacob Danik, leader of the Unitology cult movement, but escape. Once in orbit around the frozen planet of Tau Volantis their ship breaks apart due to the countless mines left in orbit around the planet. Isaac and Carver team up with Ellie, Jennifer Santos, and Austin Buckell as they attempt to end the Necromorph threat once and for all by turning off the machine. Danik, using the Codex, turns off the Machine himself, rather than destroy the machine it causes the Convergence Event to resume. As the incomplete Necromorph Moon, free of the Machine's control, descends towards Tau Volantis collecting the up markers, Isaac.

Quotes: 'Chapter 2: On Your Own' - as the Eudora is caught in a swarm of mines; Isaac and Carver find Cpt. Norton trying to free Rosen and Locke from a roomIsaac! Goddammit, gimme a hand here! Isaac breaks a welding tool from a wall cabinet: handing the tool to NortonHere! Grab some of that paneling, and seal up that doorway!:Since when're you givin' the orders?: the ship shakes from another mineSince nobody else has a fuckin' plan! Look, I'll explain as I go!: turns to CarverCarver!.».

Ratcat - Reviewing your games for Performance in 3D! To start a game and be fully hooked within ten minutes is an aspiration many game developers would aim for and Dead Space 3 does it in spades. This review includes information for those wanting to know if this game is playable in 3D.

First off the 3D was not great but playable. NVidia rate it as 'Fair' which is correct because the developers (lets call them 'Gods' at this point') despite creating a fabulous sojourn have obviously not put the added work in to make this game great in 3D.

The problems are your normal smoke, shadows, light etc on the 2D plane making it difficult to work out where you are at. No problem ladies and Germs, the great and wonderful Helix has come to the rescue (again) with his 3D fix download.

Once the 3D fix has been installed this game is absolutely brilliant in 3D. Isaacs head will come out of your screen at you to the centre of the keyboard at one stage if you have convergence and strength up high. You cant go all the way with convergence because you will just go cross-eyed! Now for the formal review. If you haven't played 1 or 2 for a long time then expect at least 20 minutes or more to become re-acquainted with the controls but if this is your first time playing Dead Space expect a bit of a learning curve although once that is all out of the way Dead Space 3 is fun and action! Intricate puzzles and objectives designed to keep you on the move and a decent story line keep you all the more captivated. This time there is a marked change of scenery but you do have the gradual upgrade to your armour, stasis and weapons as before.

As with all my game reviews there is no need to go into great detail because they are rated on sheer enjoyment. If you are playing simply to say you have clocked a game you may play it all the way through just for the hell of it but in the case of Dead Space 3 well. Its enjoyable all the way. Along with the side missions there are many hours of gameplay which is a refreshing change from the usual 6 - 8 hour bullet storm. Playing in full 3D is totally different from normal plane (plain) 2D and this release of the franchise is simply breathtaking. Don your spacesuit and go out into space and you really feel the vacuum and distance to objects and debris floating past your head.

The development team deserve every cent they make for every scene has such detailed graphics. Of course graphics means something different for everyone so to expand on that well textures, object definition, physics. Just about everything has been mastered.

With excellent game dynamics and totally perfectly rendered environments one would have to assume that the people behind this awesome feat are highly intellectual - lets say University degree graphics designers, Engineers and Physics majors just for a start so its no surprise that the idea behind the tool construction bench is a little daunting only because for these highly creative minds they assume the average person can easily construct a weapon with a multitude of options - unfortunately this is not the case. Complaints have been noted and hopefully the next Dead Space in the franchise will be toned down just a tad.

As a side note, enjoyment for some is different for others. If you play all the same genre of game IE: 3rd person shooters and nothing else you may find yourself a little tired of all the same thing so switch to a 1st person or point and click once in a while. You will find yourself pleasantly surprised and when you go back to your preferred game style you will be all the more happier. The majority of reviewers here are basing their decisions on previous instalments of the game but you would be well advised to leave at least a few months between play. How well do you remember Die hard 1?

Die hard 2 was a totally different experience due to the amount of time that has passed. The average FPS gamer may find this game a little daunting with such an array of controls and puzzles to work out let alone the suit upgrade terminals so if you are at least a general PC user with a little tech knowledge you should find it a breeze. My hat goes off to the hard working team that has brought this masterpiece to the unforgiving public.

9 out of 10 rubber chickens. Spend your money on this game - that's an order soldier!

If you want to know how well a game works in 3D send me an email at and I will review the title.